Why One Piece Scan 1047 Delayed? One Piece Scan: Gear 5 Awakening

Luffy caught lightning in both hands and the whole fan base went crazy. The One Piece Scan 1047 raw scans and spoilers will show more of his awakening.

It’s nice to have a chapter that finally slows things down. After Gear 5’s intense action scenes, we get some dialogue and it gives us an idea of ​​what’s about to happen.

In the One Piece Scan 1047 raw, we are excited to see what Luffy does with lightning!

A new One Piece spin-off is coming! One Piece Gakuen, created by Sohei Kouji, will be released on the ShonenJump+ app. This is clearly a school setting, as the name suggests. The cover shows a tense Nami scolding a relaxed Luffy!

The new volume of the manga is already out. In just a few days, it sold over 300,000 copies. He was on top this week and we’re pretty sure he’ll top the charts next week.

One Piece Chapter 1047

This volume covers many interesting chapters and you should definitely grab one for yourself. Although for the month of March, it ranks 10th in sales.

From April 2021 to March 2022, One Piece holds the record for the most initial impressions in Shueisha. It has about 3 million impressions, which is well above the second position.

We’re getting so close to the One Piece: Red movie. Hopefully it will reach international theaters and be a bigger hit than One Piece Stampede.

In fact, after the quality of work presented by the predecessor, Red has big shoes to fill. However, Oda-san is confident in his ability to move people.

Raizo had his best character moment in this chapter. We expect the fire to be put out in One Piece Manga 1047 spoilers.

Raizo’s determination came to fruition and he saved everyone from imminent death. We hope to see some great moments from other characters as we move forward.

According to the latest news from Toei, One Piece Episode 1014 will return this week after a hiatus and will continue the Wano arc in the anime.

One Piece 1047 Raw Scan Release Date:

Unfortunately, the One Piece manga scan is on hiatus this week. So the first spoilers from Reddit will be delayed a bit.

The next chapter, One Piece Scan 1047 raw, is scheduled for release on April 20, 2022. These will feature in the next issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump. And you can also rent them from the shonenjumpplus website.

From the magazine, the raw scans will be scanned and leaked. Scanlators will work on it for about two days. And they will present us with the fan translations in vf, among other languages.

One Piece 1047 Release Date

The release date will be around April 22, 2022. You can find them on google.

However, we recommend you to wait a few days and read the official English translations of One Piece Chapter 1047 on April 24, 2022. You can easily find these official scans on the viz website, mangaplus website and app shonen jump.

One Piece 1047 Spoilers

Due to this week’s hiatus, spoilers will be delayed a bit. We expect the leaks next week, from which the confirmed Reddit spoilers of One Piece scan 1047 will become available.

However, there are also risks of early spoilers, albeit small.

We are doing our best to collect the latest chapter spoilers for you. But you need to be patient as it will take some time before the raw scans are available. Until then, please check out the various other items we have.

One Piece Chapter 1047 Theories:

Who are the two silhouettes of Whole Cake Island? We have two guesses. It may be Yonju and Ichiji, who arrived to rescue their captive brothers. Without Big Mom’s presence, it will be easier to break free from the book.

The second guess is that the Blackbeard Pirates have come. Blackbeard was starting to act. And with the absence of mom herself, her island becomes an easy target.

Reddit’s One Piece scan 1047 spoilers could reveal who these two people really are. But clearly, they are dangerous enough to scare people off.

What is the dichotomy present on the roof?

Baffled by Luffy’s abilities, Kaido asks who he is. This white form of Gear 5 is something completely new. And at first glance, Kaido is someone who knows quite a bit about the real world lore, the real Joyboy, etc.

Luffy responds as he always does. He declares his name and his wish to be the Pirate King – literally his catchphrase. Luffy doesn’t know he’s Joyboy, he doesn’t know about the Liberation Drums. And more importantly, he doesn’t really care about that stuff.

On the other hand, Zunesha is excited. He senses Joyboy’s presence in Luffy. He is delighted with this presence since he has not felt it for centuries. And that’s the contrast.

Zunesha talks about Joyboy while the person who is supposedly Joyboy doesn’t know or care much!

Kaido was probably someone interested in being Joyboy. When he was young, he seemed so enthusiastic and hopeful.

But somewhere along the way, he changed. What happened to Kaido? Maybe One Piece Chapter 1047 raw scans will tell.

Kaido’s next move

Kaido is quite impressed that Luffy has retained his sense of self. He is impressed with Luffy’s awakening and comments on how ridiculous it is.

He says that during this battle he lost a lot of what he had. It took him years to collect that much. But Kaido is quite confident that Luffy suffered a similar loss.

As the battle continues, Kaido comments on how devastating the fire is below. It grows and soon it will consume all the people below. Luffy isn’t worried though.

He learned to trust his comrades and has faith in their intellect. He just wants to defeat Kaido and maybe the fight will reach another high point in the One Piece 1047 raw scans.

What is the state of the fire?

In this new chapter, we see that the fire has engulfed everything. It has spread to all the towers and people are in a state of complete panic. The alliance as well as the Beast Pirates are in a state of total panic.

We take a look at the Straw Hats. Nami is unable to make Zeus rain enough to stop this. Usopp quickly fails.

Chopper, Brook and Robin have no way out either. Sanji tries to get the women out but he too is stuck. One Piece Chapter 1047 spoilers will show if Franky can get Zoro to Chopper in time!

What are Jinbe and Raizo doing?

The hero of this chapter is Raizo, without a doubt. He saw Oden Castle burn. In this situation, he had been useless. Since then, he had prepared for a fire. And now his efforts will bear fruit.

Back in Zou, he drew water while Zunisha was bathing.

And now Raizo releases all that water. Jinbe uses his techniques to properly spread all that water. Just in time, the water arrives in different sections. Suffering slowly turns into joy.

One Piece 1047 manga spoilers will show that the fire is completely out. . _

The only problem with this fire is that the threat was never too high. It was always a threat from the side and it was never given enough importance. The whole threat was escalated in this chapter and it was solved in a few pages.

What’s going on in Onigashima?

On the roof, Luffy and Kaido are still fighting tooth and nail. In one amazing panel, we see Luffy grabbing a lightning bolt to attack Kaido. As for Yamato, she takes Momo to the edge.

The flame clouds are almost gone and the island is about to fall. Only Momo can save everyone in One Piece Manga 1047 spoilers.

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