What is your Aquarius decanate?

Aquarius Decans: dates, personality, ruling planets and more!

The decan consists of the 3 divisions of 10 days within each sign, each part being ruled by a different planet. When we discover in which decan of our sign we are born, we can identify which feature of the sign is more present in our life, in addition to other traits that end up not manifesting so much in our personality.

Each planet that rules the decans is responsible for characteristics present in its life. Do you, a native of the sign of Aquarius, want to know in which deanery you were born? So keep reading the article to know the dates and the main characteristics of each one.

What are the decans of Aquarius?

To understand what constitutes the decan, one must first understand how the distribution of the zodiacal houses works. The 12 houses of the zodiac are presented in a large circle, like a clock. Dividing this clock into 12 equal parts, each sign gets 30º of the 360º present in the circle. This 30th represent the 30 days duration of each sign.

During these 30 days, we have the division into 3 groups of 10 days, thus forming the decans. Each phase of the deanery has its ruling planet, thus influencing the personality of the people who were born in each period.

Some characteristics will be stronger in some people than others, causing there to be nuances within the same sign.

■ The three periods of the sign of Aquarius

Even born under the same sign, the natives of Aquarius have different characteristics, which is explained by their birth dates. Each of the 3 time periods present in the aquarium house has a ruling planet, thus accentuating the characteristics of each decan.

In the case of those born in the first decan, the best-known characteristics of the Aquarius sign are more present. In the second deanery, we have the most communicative, fun and energetic Aquarians with a lot of energy to face their activities.

For the third, we have the most loving Aquarians who value interpersonal relationships. Each period is marked by different characteristics, which help to shape the Aquarian personality.

■ How do I know what my Aquarius decanate is?

To know your aquarium deanery, just know the date of its birth. By passing this information on to your astrologer, or even just reading this article, you will be able to understand the meaning of being born in a specific decan of the Aquarius sign and the main peculiarities present in each period.

First decan of the sign Aquarius

People born during the first 10 days of Aquarius have the most striking and well-known characteristics of this sign of this air sign. Rebels and true freedom lovers, these people represent the definition of what it is to be an Aquarius, as the main characteristics of this sign are present in a striking way in their personality.

Check below the date that defines the first decan of aquarium and the main distinguishing characteristics of these natives.

■ Date and the ruling planet

In the first decan of aquarium we have natives born between the 21st and 30th of January. Ruled by the planet Uranus, they are considered pure Aquarians, as they carry the main characteristics of this sign.

Like the god Uranus, these Aquarians are rebels, revolutionaries, and love to break established paradigms. Uranus is astrologically associated with all that is technological and that inspires innovation. In addition, people ruled by Uranus are independent, versatile, creative and very easy to see beyond other people.

However, these natives may have negative traits such as excessive rebellion, lack of organization and even stubbornness.

■ Love freedom

The love of freedom is not just about love, as most people think. The Aquarius born in that first deanery does not like anything that impedes his freedom to live. Works with a “cast” structure hardly make an Aquarius happy.

Setting your own hours and having more creative things to do is more your thing. In their friendships, Aquarians also do not like to maintain relationships with those who try to prune them and tend to cultivate friendships with people who do not charge anything in return.

In love, they look for relationships without demands, and without the need to be together all the time. As much as you enjoy being with your partner, you are very fond of moments that you can do activities alone.


Boldness is present in the lives of the natives of the first aquarium decanate. They don’t lack the courage to face life head on and do everything they can to achieve what they want. However, this boldness can even be harmful at times.

After all, these Aquarians often don’t analyze all the riches of the condition they are getting into, thus attracting negative results. In love, they also like to be bold and to be involved with partners who are up for adventure.

They are perfect for fulfilling some loveual fantasy or trying out different positions. They don’t feel ashamed behind their backs and want their partner to enjoy this daring as much as he does.


Rebellion is also present in the Aquarians of this deanery, as well as in its ruler, Uranus. The gift of defying imposed rules has been with them since their childhood, which can get them into some trouble. Questions about everything that surrounds them is one of the triggers for their rebellion, because, when they know the reason for things, most of the times they don’t agree.

This rebellion is present in all areas of the lives of these Aquarians, but it is more intense in their family life and at work. In the family, they may not agree with rules that they consider outdated, especially those that interfere with their freedom, which will encourage their revolt.

At work, some dynamics and ways of working do not please them, making them reactive in the team for questioning things.


Innovation is something Uranus encourages and has a lot of influence on those born to the first decanate of Aquarius. The head of a native of this period is a machine of new ideas and, when they are explored and schematized, they work very well.

This gift is especially excellent in the professional sphere, as it allows them to find original and creative solutions. In solving problems, innovation also helps the first deanery Aquarius.

As he is already able to see things in a different way, he also sees how to solve his problems in a very creative way. Many who risk investing in innovative ideas are successful in their endeavor.

■ Interest in technology

Modernity and technology are themes that attract the Aquarians born in this first deanery. Everything modern arouses your interest. From that new cell phone with multiple cameras, to the robot vacuuming for the house, everything catches your eye.

It’s not just about owning the object, but they like to research these technologies, because they know they will help them and make their daily lives easier. More than having these modernities, it is knowing how to talk about them.

For Aquarius, it is very exciting to talk about technological innovations and debate how much they add to people’s lives and to humanity. The future and revolutionary ideas arouse their interest and admiration, making them delve deeper into the subject.

Second deanery of the sign Aquarius

The second time period of the sign Aquarius is marked by the natives with a great mood and lots of fun. They are very good at interpersonal relationships and are very adept at working in groups. Take a closer look at each characteristic of Aquarians born in the second deanery.

■ Date and the ruling planet

The second decan of the sign Aquarius begins on January 31st and ends on February 9th. The planet responsible for this period is Mercury, which gives these Aquarians the gift of being fun and very communicative. These natives tend to be attracted to people like them.

Mercury also provides those born in the second deanery with versatility, assimilation of captured information and ease of learning. On the negative side, people born with this ruler tend to talk more than they should, as well as being prone to fanaticism of any kind.

■ Extremely communicative

Mercury is directly linked to Hermes, the messenger of the Gods. Hermes was a messenger because he had an incredible skill at persuasion and was great at speeches. Therefore, the Aquarians of the second deanery have the gift of communication and intelligent speech. They are extremely good-humored people, which ends up facilitating their interaction with other individuals.

Being communicative helps these natives in all areas of their lives. They are great people to present work in groups, because in addition to the proper oratory, they are easy to deal with the general public. However, this communication can become a defect when these Aquarians talk too much or say something they shouldn’t.


The people who belong to this deanery are extremely versatile. These Aquarians need changes to take place in their lives constantly, so they are open to many possibilities. It is very common to start some activity and, in a short time, change the focus to another project.

Having diverse interests is a very positive thing, but it can also end up being the undoing of these natives. Precisely because they have many interests, they can take on many projects at once, but without being able to carry them all to the end, thus causing some frustration.

■ Infinite desire to learn

Learning never hurts, especially for these natives. The search for knowledge dates back to his childhood. The Aquarians of this deanery are usually extremely curious children who explore a lot the environment in which they are. Being curious by nature is what drives them to always seek to learn new things, especially those they know will add to their life.

No matter the complexity of the subject, these Aquarians do not give up until they learn what they set out to study. Mercury helps a lot in this aspect, as it allows its protégés to assimilate information more easily and learn more efficiently and quickly.

The third decan of the sign Aquarius

Here in the third deanery we have the most loving Aquarians, engaged with matters about society, vigilantes and vain. They are more sensitive Aquarians than the others and their rebellion is a little more controlled.

They value family relationships a lot, always caring about their loved ones, they are great friends and great partners in a loving relationship. Check out the most diverse characteristics of these natives that close the decanate of the Aquarius sign.

■ Date and the ruling planet

The third and final decan of aquarium starts on February 10th and ends on February 19th. The ruling planet responsible for this time period is Venus. These Aquarians are more sensitive than the others, and their rebellion is a little more contained.

They value family relationships a lot, are great friends and excellent loving partners. The feminine energy emanating from Venus makes its natives loving and connected with beauty.

■ Concern for society

It is very important for the Aquarians in this deanery to understand the current situation in society as a whole. By understanding how things are, it is possible to find solutions to improve life in society.

Even if they cannot change some situation around them, they are people who believe in the good side of things and are convinced that everything will be resolved someday. They are people with a humanitarian spirit. Whenever there is an opportunity to get involved with a social project, these Aquarians will be volunteers.

As much as they cannot work directly with some projects, they usually make donations to contribute and talk to the greatest number of people, in order to publicize these campaigns.


These Aquarians are the most loving natives among all other decans. Most people believe that people of the sign of Aquarius, in general, are not capable of feeling love for anyone, which is a deception.

The love of the Aquarians of the third deanery is reinforced by the energy of Venus, making relationships that require affection from these natives quite satisfying.

■ Search for justice

The sense of justice in the sign of Aquarius is present, but it is more acute in those born in the third deanery. When faced with an unfair situation, these natives rebel and soon try to see that justice is done.

It doesn’t matter if the situation didn’t happen to them. If they witness any injustice, they will do anything to reverse the situation. This instinct for justice may seem strange to other people, but for Aquarians it makes perfect sense.

However, this feature can become a defect when there is no limit on the issue. Wanting to enforce their justice at any cost may not please the people around them, as there is often no need to enforce justice in the same way.

■ Connection to beauty

The connection to the beauty of the Aquarians in this decanate is inherited from Venus. This planet provides this deep connection with beauty and self-care. These natives are vain and very sensual people. They like to venture out wearing cool and modern clothes, extravagant makeup and abusing trends that most people do not use.

In addition, they also like to feel good about themselves, as well as having people around them notice their beauty and praise them. In romantic relationships, they appreciate partners noticing what they’re wearing and getting a new haircut. For these Aquarians, beauty is one of their strengths and one of the pillars of their self-confidence.

Can Aquarius decans define the personality of the Aquarius?

The characteristics of the sign of Aquarius are present in everyone who was born during your period, but some of them will manifest themselves more intensely in some than in others. This will all depend on which decan corresponds to your birthday.

By having a greater understanding of which decan you belong to, you will have a greater awareness of the characteristics that make up that period and how they help shape your personality. The more you understand about the elements of your birth chart, the more self-knowledge you will have!

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