What is Theta Healing?

ThetaHealing: what it is, how it works, benefits, online, and more!

ThetaHealing is a therapy belonging to the field of quantum therapies and is mainly related to self-knowledge, through access to specific brain waves. It was created by the American Vianna Stibal with the intention of assisting in treatments for physical and mental illnesses.

The name given to this therapy has to do with specific brain waves, being Theta the name of a type of brain wave and Healing the English word for healing. Thus, the translation of the name would be “healing through Theta waves”.

Among the various waves that are emitted by the brain, Theta has a connection with the subconscious and with the way a person sees and understands himself. In this sense, ThetaHealing therapy seeks to free the individual from barriers related to harmful beliefs and behaviors.

ThetaHealing Fundamentals

To fully understand ThetaHealing, it is necessary to understand its basic fundamentals and how it really works in an individual.

ThetaHealing is not something religious, being open and accepted by all beliefs and cultures. This therapy is based on the quantum perspective that we are able to heal ourselves, in addition to connecting with the universe and gaining self-knowledge and self-control.

Thus, it is considered by many as the most comprehensive and effective therapy among quantum therapies.

We will see below the origin of ThetaHealing and what exactly it is used for, as well as its specific benefits and the main techniques used.

Origin of ThetaHealing

ThetaHealing emerged in the United States in 1994 when therapist Vianna Stibal suffered a serious health problem. At the time, she was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer of her femur, which doctors said had little or no chance of cure.

Disillusioned by traditional medicine, Vianna Stibal found in her studies on meditation and intuition that the root for the cure of illnesses lies in ourselves. Furthermore, thought patterns, beliefs and emotions influence the human being on a deep and genetic level.

From there, she developed a technique that combines meditation and philosophy. Furthermore, it allows the brain to enter into a deep state of awareness and self-awareness through accessing the Theta waves. With this technique, which she called ThetaHealing, Vianna was cured of cancer.

What is ThetaHealing for?

Broadly speaking, ThetaHealing serves to change negative conditions in our lives, such as bad and persistent feelings, harmful behaviors that harm us, and traumas and fears buried deep in our subconscious.

ThetaHealing therapy allows the identification of these negative and conditioned parameters that affect us, thus allowing us to reach a deep state of self-knowledge. Furthermore, it allows for physical, mental, and spiritual healing processes.

Benefits of ThetaHealing

As it is a technique based on self-knowledge and access to the subconscious, ThetaHealing brings benefits in terms of self-esteem, resulting, for example, in the improvement of family and emotional relationships or even when it comes to finding a partner.

Thus, deep fears and traumas are also alleviated and even resolved by this therapy. In the physiological sphere, ThetaHealing demonstrates positive results in improving physical pain, strengthening the immune and circulatory system, in addition to providing hormonal balance.

■ Main techniques used in ThetaHealing

The main technique used in a ThetaHealing session meets the need to discover the root of the physical, mental or spiritual problem that the person is going through. This technique is called “digging”, which in English means “digging”.

In this sense, it boils down to just bringing out deep feelings and emotions that cause blocks or thought patterns that harm the person. In addition, upon reaching this state of meditation and accessing the subconscious through the Theta waves, a series of techniques is performed, which vary according to each case.

The most common are: cancellation of feelings, beliefs and traumas, installation of feelings and beliefs, energetic divorce, manifesting for abundance, healing broken soul, manifesting soul mate, and healing a broken heart.

Top questions about ThetaHealing

In order to really understand what ThetaHealing therapy is and how it works, it is important to understand some important questions, such as what are Theta brain waves.

Follow below how ThetaHealing works in the human body and what is possible to access and transform through this therapy.

Also see what a ThetaHealing session looks like and how much it costs, as well as how many sessions are needed and whether they can actually heal an individual.

■ What are Theta brainwaves?

From the EEG (electroencephalogram), created in 1930, there was a new type of study on brain waves, called neurofeedback. This study identified the basic frequencies of brain functioning. These waves are alpha (9-13Hz), beta (13-30Hz), gamma (30-70Hz), delta (1-4Hz) and theta (4-8Hz).

Theta waves are correlated with low consciousness and hypnotic states, dreams, emotions and memories. It is a recurrent brain wave from moments when the brain is on the threshold between conscious and unconscious, as in a kind of midway or transitory band.

This brain wave state Theta is attributed to the moment when the body releases important enzymes linked to the organism’s molecular regeneration and reorganization. Attitudes, sensations, behaviors and beliefs are also attributed to Theta waves.

■ How does ThetaHealing work on the human body?

Assuming that brain waves of the Theta type are responsible for sensations, emotions, memories and regeneration, we have in ThetaHealing a way to act directly in these areas.

In this way, ThetaHealing acts as a tool that identifies the ailments of the body and soul and, based on that, there is an energetic reorganization of the individual as a whole.

Quantum studies demonstrate that a number of physical and emotional illnesses can be cured by accessing information stored in the brain. In this sense, it is precisely this access that ThetaHealing has as its objective.

■ What can I access and transform with ThetaHealing?

A trauma stored deep in the subconscious or even harmful behavior patterns can be accessed through ThetaHealing and, thus, the transformation takes place.

ThetaHealing is a very individual technique, with each session being different from person to person. Furthermore, another factor that contributes to this uniqueness is the goals sought by the practitioner during therapy.

Thus, becoming aware of these forgotten aspects, in itself, is already a transforming experience, which brings a profound self-knowledge.

■ What is a ThetaHealing session like?

The ThetaHealing session begins with a frank conversation between therapist and patient. In this conversation, the goals sought by the person when seeking therapy are explained. Questions are asked by the therapist in order to deepen the understanding of what the patient is really looking for.

In this initial stage, it is very important for the patient to open up sincerely with the therapist and thus be able to really get into the feelings and emotions that need to be worked on. After the conversation, muscle tests are performed where the therapist detects the patient’s beliefs and blocks that need to be worked on.

After identifying these key points, a guided meditation is then performed seeking to reach the Theta state, and it is then that the transformation takes place. At this moment, the most diverse types of feelings, emotions and traumas are worked on and given new meaning by the person with the guidance of the therapist.

■ How many ThetaHealing sessions are needed?

The number of ThetaHealing sessions needed is in accordance with the goals sought in the therapy and the complexity of the blocks and limiting beliefs that the person has.

Although ThetaHealing sessions last about 30 minutes, they are often capable of making significant changes for a lifetime. Furthermore, there are reports of some patients who managed to achieve their goals in just one session.

In this sense, it is recommended to carry out the first session and feel what has changed and what still needs to be transformed. After that, decide if more sessions are needed.

■ Can ThetaHealing heal?

With each passing day, we see how intimate the relationship between body and mind is. In this sense, physical illnesses have, for the most part, psychological roots. Examples of this are depression, anxieties, traumas suffered in the past and behavior patterns that end up resulting in real pathological conditions, as well as physiological ones.

In this regard, we can say that ThetaHealing can indeed be a healing tool through self-knowledge. Furthermore, it generates profound transformation in the individual, both psychologically and energetically.

It is noteworthy that ThetaHealing therapy is based on the principle of quantum science. In this sense, numerous scientific studies have proven that numerous cures are possible at the quantum level of matter.

ThetaHealing online

With the popularization of ThetaHealing, the online format of this therapy has gained momentum nowadays. As long as it is taken seriously, and done with a licensed and experienced therapist, the results are just as promising as face-to-face therapy.

See below how ThetaHealing online works and how to prepare for a virtual session of this therapy.

How ThetaHealing Online Works

The online version of ThetaHealing works identically to face-to-face therapy. Through video conferencing applications such as Skype or Zoom, for example, the therapist carries out the initial conversation to identify what needs to be worked on. From there, the work is done.

The main advantages of a long-distance session are the lower amount charged per session, the flexibility of hours that the internet provides, in addition to the convenience of being able to carry out ThetaHealing in the comfort of your own home.

If you are interested in ThetaHealing online, make sure the therapist has certified and is authorized to perform the procedure remotely.

■ How to prepare for the ThetaHealing session online

For starters, find a place in your home that is quiet and peaceful to conduct the session online. Try to confirm the therapy at least 1 hour in advance and check if your internet is working properly, as well as the device you will use for the session (mobile phone or notebook, for example).

Try to calm down and do nothing just before the session. It is important to be in a calm state so that you can have a fruitful session.

When you finish your session, try to have some time for yourself and avoid commitments soon after. Take time for yourself and for the information accessed during the session to be better understood and absorbed.

A little more about ThetaHealing

Primarily a healing technique through self-knowledge, ThetaHealing proves to be very effective in releasing beliefs and patterns, as we will see below.

In addition, we’ll also look at ThetaHealing as a complementary therapy and how it can work to cleanse the soul’s wounds.

■ ThetaHealing to release beliefs and patterns

For ThetaHealing, it is precisely the negative patterns and beliefs that we carry that are responsible for the most diverse types of pathologies. Be it the body, mind or soul.

Without the individual consciously noticing, these patterns and beliefs lead him to develop depression, anxiety and panic attacks. In addition to leading to somatization, that is, reflections on the physical body of these negative patterns and beliefs.

In ThetaHealing sessions, such patterns and beliefs are identified, replaced or re-signified by the person. This is done consciously through accessing the Theta waves during guided meditation and therapist-guided visualization exercises.

■ ThetaHealing is a complementary therapy

As promising as the results obtained by those who perform ThetaHealing therapy, it should be seen as a procedure that complements treatments that already exist in traditional medicine.

An example of this are anxiety conditions, where the patient uses anxiolytic medication and seeks alternative therapies for a way to alleviate the pathological condition and even reduce dependence on medications.

In this sense, through accessing the Theta brain wave, the brain becomes more receptive to regenerative processes, making the body more likely to benefit from treatments related to conventional medicine.

Thus, ThetaHealing can be an important complement to treatments that the person is undergoing.

■ ThetaHealing to cleanse the soul’s wounds

It is understood as wounds of the soul, or emotional wounds, the following five feelings: Injustice, abandonment, rejection, betrayal and humiliation. From the perspective of ThetaHealing, these feelings are responsible for blocks and behavior patterns that are harmful to the individual throughout his life.

Whether at the primary level (it arose at some point in your life), the genetic level (it was passed down to you by past generations), the historical level (related to past lives) or the soul level (it is subtly contained in your spirit), all beings humans have one of these five feelings or wounds.

ThetaHealing cleanses these feelings, at whatever level they present themselves, and transforms them into regenerative behaviors. This allows the individual to have a new relationship with himself, allowing for greater emotional control over his life.

Does ThetaHealing work?

It is not new that science studies and uses brain waves, correlating them to mental and pathological states. ThetaHealing therapy goes against this, demonstrating that it is possible to consciously reach a brain region that until then was only possible to enter in moments of semi-consciousness, such as when we wake up or are about to go to sleep.

Quantumly speaking, we are vibrational beings and ThetaHealing allows us a greater integration between body, mind and soul through brain waves. This consequently brings us to advanced states of elevation of universal consciousness.

From this control of the Theta-type brain waves, real transformations are carried out, making it practically impossible to deny its results, whether physical, mental or spiritual. Whether for purposes of deep self-knowledge or for regenerative processes, both for the body and the soul, we have in ThetaHealing a powerful quantum ally.

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