What is the yes or no oracle? How to play, what question to ask and more!

What is the yes or no Oracle?

The Yes or No Oracle, also known as the Yes or No Tarot, is the easiest and fastest way to answer your questions with direct answers. This Tarot game is an ancient practice and was developed and improved in the Middle Ages.

One of humanity’s needs, since always, is to get help to solve their anxieties and indecisions about the future or adverse situations. And to achieve this goal they use the Oracle of yes or not a long time ago.

To play this modality it is possible to use different types of deck. But the important thing is that the cards are consecrated and have their intention defined before starting the game. The most common form used to read this Oracle is with the Tarot of Marseilles, of which the 22 main arcana are used.

It is essential to know how to correctly interpret the message sent by the yes or no Tarot. It is also important to know that it does not replace the full Tarot reading. This game should only be used to answer simple questions and get a quick answer.

In this article you will better understand how the yes or no Oracle works and its characteristics. Follow up!

Yes or No Oracle – Features

The Oracle of yes or no has as its main function to help people in simple situations of indecision or doubts. It will help lift them out of an impasse that if left unresolved could block progress in their life.

This Oracle helps to channel the possibilities that exist in one’s life to a level of more wisdom, having greater assertiveness.

■ How does the yes or no Oracle work?

The yes or no Oracle works to reveal things that could be obvious but are hidden by lack of human attention. He brings out in each individual who seeks his help the acceptance of the magic of life.

This Oracle assists in creating deeper evidence for understanding energies that are already available and unnoticed. And he uses people with a lot of love to reveal these misunderstood truths, because the truth revealed without love can hurt.

■ What is the yes or no Oracle for?

The yes or no Oracle is intended to answer many questions in different areas of your life. You can ask him about work, his social welfare, any changes needed, and he will give you an honest answer. It will help open up a path of positive attitude.

This Oracle is not recommended for predictions of future situations, after all, the questions must be direct and about indecision in present situations.

■ What are the benefits of using the yes or no Oracle?

The benefits of using this Oracle are: to show that you must go towards finding peace, prosperity and inner harmony with everyone around you. And so to be able to maintain interpersonal relationships with more love and happiness.

It brings people relief from the anxieties caused by inner indecision that can take away possibilities for improvement and progress in their lives.

■ How to play the yes or no Oracle?

To play the yes or no Oracle first find a quiet spot where you can have privacy. Then take a deep breath and try to focus first on the topic of your question. Then picture as clearly as possible the question you are looking for the answer to.

If you seek someone else’s help in playing the yes or no game, make sure you are trustworthy and impartial in the situation at hand.

Then fix your thoughts on the question, and when you feel comfortable, say your question to the person you are reading with. After choosing your cards, try to relax and trust what the Oracle has to say.

■ What questions can I ask?

You can ask all kinds of questions to the Oracle of yes or no, the only requirement for the question is that the answer can be Yes or No. Below are some examples of questions to be asked:

  • Will I find true love?
  • Do I already know my soul mate?
  • Will I get a promotion at work?
  • Am I at risk of losing my job?
  • Will I get pregnant soon?
  • Will I marry soon?
  • Will I reconcile with my ex?
  • Will I be able to buy my house?
  • Will I heal?
  • Will I be in good health in the future?

As you can see, the possibilities of asking the yes or no Oracle are endless. It is only recommended to make sure it is a positive question.

■ Can I play more than once?

You can play the yes or no Oracle whenever you feel the need to clarify what is the best decision to make. For being direct and precise, it will be very useful to help with your specific questions.

■ Can I ask the same question more than once?

It is not advisable to repeat the same question several times, even if you change the way you ask. We know that it is not always pleasant to receive a denial of a situation that you long for.

Therefore, it is necessary to properly interpret the response received and the moment experienced, as a negative may be referring to the present moment. The same goes for a positive response to something you really want, you still need patience.

For example, by asking “Am I going to get a raise this year?”. A positive answer does not mean that the increase will take place tomorrow or this week, it can take place until the last day of the year. Likewise, a negative answer to the same question does not mean that you will never receive the desired raise, it could arrive the following year.

■ Does this Oracle really work?

The yes or no Oracle, when used correctly, works as a tool for you to strengthen your inner decisions. It helps direct the possibilities presented to a path of greater wisdom.

This Oracle helps to make decisions very accurately, directing you to the best solution for a given problem.

■ Oracle of yes or no online and free

It is totally possible to make the Oracle of yes or no online and free of charge, several websites offer tools for this consultation. Very easy to use, just follow the instructions given in “How to play this Oracle” at the beginning of this article, ask an objective question, with the possibility of a yes or no answer and choose the card.

The answer will be given by the programmed interpretation related to the chosen card. The Oracle of yes or no online is always available, and whenever you have any difficulty in making a decision, you can make use of it.

Can the yes or no Oracle help you make more assertive decisions?

The yes or no Oracle, as shown throughout this article, helps to reach more assertive decisions in relation to those situations of indecision. Always remember that asking objective questions in a positive way is always the best choice. For example, ask the question “Am I healthy?” instead of “Am I sick?”.

It is always important to take into account the moment you are living in and seek advice from people close to you who you can trust. The lived context always says a lot about the best decisions to be made. It is also good to remember that the complete Tarot reading helps a lot in understanding the situations experienced.

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