What is the significance of Mercury in Cancer in astrology? Find out now!

Definition of Mercury in Cancer

Having Mercury in Cancer means having a greater sensitivity. People with this influence act more with emotion than with reason, because Mercury is related to the way you organize your thoughts.

For people who have Mercury positioned in the water element signs, it is more difficult to be rational in thoughts, as water represents feelings. This influence of Mercury on Cancer makes people more sensitive and intuitive.

Decisions made by people with Mercury in Cancer will not be based solely on thinking hard about the matter. These decisions have much more to do with what people feel, and sometimes the solutions go against reason. In this text we will understand the characteristics that Mercury in Cancer brings to people with this influence. Follow up!

Mercury in Cancer – Aspects of Mercury

There are several aspects of Mercury to be analyzed in order to understand its influence on people’s lives. Some of these aspects are brought about by mythology and others by astrology. In this part of the text we are going to show the differentiation between these two strands of Mercury.

■ Mercury in Mythology

According to Greek mythology, Mercury refers to the god Hermes, who was the son of Jupiter and Bona Dea. This Greek god represented intelligence as well as being the god of travelers, thieves and commerce. Another function of Mercury was to communicate between the gods, he was in charge of carrying messages from one god to another.

To carry out this work, he used some tools such as: a helmet with wings, a magic wand, a bag, sandals and the caduceus (gold staff). Therefore, Mercury is also related to communication in the analysis of the zodiacs.

■ Mercury in astrology

In astrology, Mercury is the planet that unites our subconscious, conscious and unconscious so that we can clearly transmit our ideas and thoughts. In addition, it directs people in their routine activities and everyday obstacles.

This star has attributions of adaptability and varied characteristics, which arise according to the encounter with the influence of other factors. This Mercury intervention can cause people to behave intellectually arrogantly or very idealistic.

It also brings a more calculating, manipulative and materialistic-driven communication feature.

Mercury in Cancer – Aspects of Cancer

Mercury’s influence on Cancer brings us characteristics that can be positive or negative. Therefore, it is important to always be aware of their behavior so as not to let negative characteristics prevail. Below we will see what these characteristics are.

■ Cancer – positive trends

Mercury’s positive tendencies in Cancer are expressed in the fact that this influence makes people more versatile, practical, and persuasive. Their speeches have greater eloquence and are smarter, having success in public speaking.

These people have sharper minds, greater intellectual and manual skills, sharper intelligence, and are more objective. By bringing a greater ability to assimilate ideas and information, more spirituality and curiosity for new discoveries, it makes people adapt better to the environment in which they live.

■ Cancer – negative trends

In addition to positive tendencies, this influence also brings negative tendencies to people. Thus, Mercury in Cancer can represent physical problems of mobility, restlessness, excessive criticism, sarcasm, nervousness and irresponsibility.

If there is tension in Mercury, the person can become sarcastic, a liar and use deceit to deceive people at certain times. It can make them more calculating, with a tendency to defend their point of view, having this as the absolute truth and with that they can have communication problems.

Even a good communicator finds it difficult to make clear explanations of his ideas, and a person with keen intelligence and insight becomes distracted and distracted.

Mercury in Cancer – In the birth chart

The position of Mercury in the Astral Chart has a direct influence on how you communicate and also how you assimilate the information that comes to you.

In this part of the article we’ll see how this combination in your Astral Chart influences your memory, imagination, clarity, transparency and other behaviors.

■ Memory and imagination

The placement of Mercury in Cancer makes people more imaginative and with excellent memory, both for important things and for useless things. Usually, these people are more nostalgic, have a greater attachment to the past and do not tend to forget important facts.

This tendency can cause these people to cling to a happy memory of the past, and make them unhappy people in the present. Because they miss that time, they start to think that things were better in the past. This interferes with the way they see and assimilate current events.

Another characteristic is the attachment to an unfortunate event in the past, which makes them retain a sense of victimhood in the present. Attachment to these memories leads a person to a distorted view of lived reality.

Imagination, on the other hand, is a strong point that favors work in areas such as writing, graphic arts and also intimate communication.

■ Influenceable

People with Mercury in Cancer are often more easily influenced by the behavior and opinions of those around them. This influence can interfere with your everyday thoughts, both in your emotional life and in more practical matters.

When Mercury’s position is under the greatest pressure, people can become more fervent in their religion or extremely nationalistic. Furthermore, they can change their minds more often influenced by the opinion of others.

As they are more sensitive people, they tend to take all events and comments personally, as if everything was directed at them. It is important to pay attention to this tendency and seek to develop your own opinions, in addition to not feeling targeted in all situations.

■ Need to belong

Mercury’s influence on Cancer makes people think a lot about their roots, as there is a greater need for belonging and a desire for family ties that come from Cancer. It is not always a need for the blood family, it can also be for people who have this meaning in their lives.

■ Clarity and transparency

With Mercury retrograde in Cancer, it is possible for people to have difficulty in having clarity and transparency in their communication. They may have negative patterns, limitations, and reasoning and language addictions.

They will likely let more ingrained concepts based on old-fashioned early thinking make their view of the present limited.

■ Fear of the unknown

One of the characteristics of people with Mercury in Cancer is an attachment to past situations and events. This is harmful, as it prevents them from living in the present and makes them fear the future because it is something unknown.

This fear of the unknown makes them incessantly seek protection from themselves and others, and end up not being able to fully live the present.

Mercury in Cancer – In different areas of life

Now we will look at some more characteristics brought about by Mercury’s influence on Cancer in other areas of life, such as love, friendships and work.

■ in love

Mercury’s influence on Cancer makes these people very emotional, and so they seek to offer the best they have in their relationships. They are people who fall in love easily, but they do not usually show this feeling spontaneously and euphoric due to their shyness. However, they are extremely dedicated to the relationship and expect reciprocity.

They look for a deep and stable relationship, and they don’t tolerate betrayal. They usually make many plans for leisure time, with home activities to enjoy good times in the tranquility of their home. They are always focused on doing everything to protect and maintain their partner’s safety.

■ In friendships

The placement of Mercury in Cancer brings the unconscious yearning that causes a partial view of the facts, paying more attention to some things and totally ignoring others. This fact can lead these people to have prejudices, which will interfere in their logical reasoning.

This behavior is a great trigger for disagreements between friends in a conversation that should be friendly. In addition, this behavior can also be aggravated if Mercury is in a period of high tension, as these natives can have deceitful behavior without even realizing it.

Usually, this influence makes people better listeners, which leads them to have a restricted group of friends. These natives have this group as members of their family, and so prefer intimate gatherings over large parties.

They are kind and gentle people, and despite their shyness, they receive their guests with elegance, overcoming their shyness. Not even the closest people notice these characteristics, due to the great capacity to overcome their introspection.

■ At work

In the professional aspect, they are adept at silence, and prefer not to give opinions than to cause problems. In fact, this is a characteristic present in all the signs of the Water element, which are taken as signs without a voice. Thus, despite Mercury being the planet of communication, there is great difficulty in this area when finding signs of this same element.

Usually his preferred career is geared towards assistance and teaching. They are excellent workers, especially with organization and management. As they are always looking for financial stability, they prefer to stay in a good job for a long period of time.

With their intellectual capacity, these people have aptitude for work in the artistic field and also for manual work.

Other Interpretations of Mercury in Cancer

So far we could see numerous characteristics brought to people with Mercury influence in Cancer. In the excerpt below, we will see more interpretations of this influence in men, women, challenges and tips for natives with Mercury in Cancer.

■ Man with Mercury in Cancer

Men with Mercury’s influence on Cancer are people who have their need for social interaction enriched. These men are always protective of the people they relate to, but don’t demand an intense and emotional conversation with this native, as he needs to reflect and formulate his thoughts before this conversation.

These men don’t like to be pressured, because when they feel cornered, they tend to react unexpectedly, without thinking, and then regret will follow. But despite these reactions, they are delicate and sensitive people.

Despite appearing to wear a armor of steel, men with Mercury in Cancer, when they feel safe next to a person, are tender. A relationship with this man will be built on a bond of mutual trust.

■ Woman with Mercury in Cancer

Women with Mercury in Cancer are more homely people, they like to have everything organized, and that is why they identify with housework. They enjoy receiving friends and always try to make everything as cozy as possible.

They like to express themselves through acts of kindness and find satisfaction in the little things and making those around them feel special. They are always attentive to the details of the things they prepare to please their friends and their love, and they are also extremely generous people.

But, despite all this sweetness, they are determined, strong women who know exactly what they want.

■ Mercury Challenges in Cancer

There are several challenges for people with Mercury in Cancer. One of them is clinging to the past, causing them to be afraid of the future and not letting them fully live in the present. Another challenge is collection, or emotional blackmail. Because they are very careful with people, they use it as a bargaining chip, both with partners, children and family members.

Due to their fear of the unknown and an uncertain future, they end up being pessimistic and complaining people. To overcome these challenges, it is important to trust more in life and in the people around you, and seek to stop being victims, becoming the protagonists of their lives.

■ Mercury in Cancer Retrograde

Mercury retrograde in Cancer causes awkward silences, as people want to protect themselves from possible problems by giving their opinion. This phenomenon can also harm business and bureaucratic activities, because the silence of this native can lead to the omission of important information.

At this point, communication can lose objectivity and become confused, mixing facts with personal insights. It is possible that it goes through moments of retrospection, in which there is a need to review situations that have not been resolved in the past.

■ Tips for Mercury in Cancer

Here we will leave some tips to deal with the difficulties brought by the influence of Mercury in Cancer.

  • One of the main tips for those who have Mercury in Cancer is to take care not to get stuck in past situations. This brings melancholy and delays to your present and future;
  • At times, it is necessary to re-evaluate feelings that come from the past, but it is important to ask yourself: is this really important at this time?
  • Try to stay organized, this will help to overcome times when things do not take the expected pace to happen;
  • Be patient in dealing with family members, especially if there is common business involved;
  • Try to access your emotional balance reserve and make the necessary adjustments accordingly;

Seek to realize how your present is affected by past events and seek help to overcome this.

Is Mercury in Cancer a good astrological match for love?

People with Mercury in Cancer are extremely emotional. Therefore, the person who wants to relate to someone with this influence will need to be willing to go through long discussions to solve problems.

On the other hand, these natives are extremely careful with the people they relate to, make a point of keeping them safe and usually demonstrate their feelings in attitudes rather than words.

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