What is the hand of Fatima or the hand of Hamsa?

Hand of Fatima or Hamsa: meaning for Christians, in tattooing, and more!

The hand of Fatima or Hamsa is an important religious symbol. It is believed that its appearance was in Africa, 800 years before Christ, but the symbol continues to be disseminated today, as over time it was adhered to by different religions, varying its meaning.

Each doctrine assumed Hamsa in a way. In Islam, the talisman carries the five pillars of faith, while in Buddhism the symbol has the meaning of “no fear”, also being linked to love, and consequently the connection with the higher self. The Hamsa amulet is still related to Judaism, Christianity, and even non-religious issues.

Having this talisman, you have to believe that it can attract positive energies and dispel the evil eye. It is useful in prayers, meditations and other spiritual practices. When used daily it helps bring faith, balance, happiness and growth.

To learn more about the features and benefits of Hamsa, check out the most relevant topics about this powerful talisman below!

Characteristics of the Hand of Fatima

The Hand of Fatima has several characteristics. Your fingers have specific meanings, and their representations have different meanings. See more information below about symbol description, symbol meaning, and more.

■ Description of the Hand of Fatima

The Hand of Fatima is similar to the human hand, but it has more symmetry as it has two thumbs. It is also known as Hamsa, which means five. You can find several variations of this symbol, usually keeping the structure of the hand and shifting the image in the center of the palm.

Hamsa is often represented with designs that resemble mandalas. However, the Greek eye is the symbol that usually accompanies Hamsa, and it can also be replaced by a blue stone, having the same meaning.

The Greek eye symbolizes protection and helps to bring good energy. Furthermore, for Islam, Hamsa has meaning linked to faith, prayer, charity, fasting and pilgrimage, these being the five pillars of Islam.

■ Meaning of the Hand of Fatima

The Hand of Fatima is a thought-provoking symbol. When looking at her, it is possible to feel familiarity and varied feelings, these potentiated by the Greek eye present in the palm of her hand. For those who have never heard of Hamsa, seeing her ends up being curious to know more about it.

It is an amulet used to ward off the evil eye and other negative energies. When used, it helps bring luck and, consequently, contributes to assertive decisions and open paths.

This symbol is believed to promote connection with the divine. For this reason, it is used in prayers and meditations, but nothing prevents its daily use on other occasions. It was also popular for being linked to peace in the Middle East.

■ Variations of the Hand of Fatima

Although it is common to find Hamsa being represented with a Greek eye and mandalas, the amulet is also reproduced with pigeon, fish, Star of David or Hebrew words.

In the case of Hebrew words, they usually represent success. The pigeon variation is linked to peace. It is common to see the pigeon transmitting this meaning in other contexts, and when present in Fátima’s hand it is no different, representing purity, simplicity and harmony.

Hamsa with a fish symbolizes life, fertility and protection, but it is also associated with success, and strength to swim against the current. When Fatima’s hand appears with the Star of David, it reflects the union between the feminine and the masculine, as well as the connection between body and spirit. Furthermore, it also means welcoming.

The Hand of Fatima for Christians

Christians have also integrated the Hand of Fatima into their beliefs. However, this symbol is known differently, and there are even some people within Christianity who do not accept its use. See below for the history and legacy of Hamsa for Christians.

■ History of the Hand of Fatima

It is believed that there is a connection between the Hand of Fatima and the symbology “mano panel”, or hand of blessing. This symbol was used by Romans and Egyptians and was later adopted by Christians, being applied with the same purpose: to convey grace and benefits.

Furthermore, the Hand of Fatima in Islam is related to the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, who was baptized with the name of Fatima. Many women are still inspired by her today as devout women, an example for the Islamic faith. If compared to Christianity, Fatima resembles the Virgin Mary.

■ Legacy of the Hand of Fatima

Over time, this symbol was still used by Christians with the intention of attracting blessings and protection. However, some people think it is wrong to believe that God is not connected with the amulet, and that this is just a superstition. However, nothing prevents a Christian from using the hamsa, either as an accessory or in some spiritual practice.

Other interpretations of the Hand of Fatima

Over time, other interpretations of the Hand of Fatima emerged in different religions. It is usually linked to an important figure within that doctrine. See below the meaning of Hamsa for Jews, for Islamists, among other perspectives.

■ The Hand of Fatima for the Jews

Among the Jews, the Hand of Fatima is called the Hand of Miriam, referring to Moses’ sister. The prophet Moses was able to guide the Hebrew people to the promised land in the company of Fatima, and that is why both are so important to the Jewish and Christian faith. Furthermore, the hamsa is also linked to the Torah, sacred writings of Judaism, in which the hand of Fatima appears in five books.

■ The Hand of Fatima for Islamists

For Islamists, the Hand of Fatima is a powerful talisman, as it is related to the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad. For the Islamic faith, this amulet is called the Hand of Fatima in honor of the prophet’s daughter. She was a woman considered a saint for her kindness and ability to convey love.

She was the only daughter capable of giving the prophet grandchildren, thus generating heirs and maintaining Mohammed’s ancestry. However, this belief emerged sometime later. The first hint of Hamsa is linked to the goddess Tanit, who used this talisman to ward off all evil. She was the protector of the city of Carthage in Africa 800 years before Christ.

■ The Hand of Fatima for Buddhists

In Buddhism, the Hand of Fatima is known as Abhaya Mudra, which in Sanskrit means “fearless”, and is also used for protection. Fear does not allow love to take effect, as all beings are connected to love through their higher self (the god who inhabits the interior of all beings).

For this reason, in Buddhism, the Abhaya Mudra is used in spiritual practices such as meditation. It is possible to find representations of Buddha doing this hand position, providing protection, strength, and inner peace.

Functions of the Hand of Fatima

Hamsa is used for various functions and can be integrated into meditative practices and prayers, as well as being used only in everyday life. Therefore, check out the benefits of using it for protection, to ward off the evil eye, among others.

■ The Hand of Fatima for protection

Hamsa’s main function is to bring protection. Thus, the amulet removes the evil eye, brings strength, luck and fortune to those who choose to use it. It absorbs negative energies and prevents the person from feeling lost and harmed. For this reason, it is very helpful to always carry this symbol to attract positive energies.

■ The Hand of Fatima to ward off the evil eye

The Hand of Fatima is able to dispel any envy aimed at an individual. The amulet is capable of bringing good energy, harmony and balance. The person tends to have more clarity to put themselves in beneficial situations and distance themselves from places and people that do not add up. Consequently, it manages to lead a lighter and more fluid life.

■ The Hand of Fatima to increase inner connection

The Hamsa amulet is also used to enhance the inner connection. For this reason, it is common to see people with this amulet in prayer, meditation and other spiritual practices.

This talisman also helps to promote the spiritual connection so that a being can live in peace. It provides connection with essence and love, increasing faith, compassion and assisting in religious practices.

Interpretations on the position of the Hand of Fatima

Some people believe that Hamsa should be used face up, but this is a misinterpretation. It is possible to find the Hand of Fatima both up and down, bringing different meanings. Find out more about these variations below.

■ The upturned Hand of Fatima

When the amulet of the Hand of Fatima is facing upwards, it symbolizes male energy, relating to strength, rationality and concreteness. It is also responsible for ensuring protection, safety and achievements, intervening in the desires that promote individual and collective growth.

■ The Downward Hand of Fatima

Fatima’s hand turned down has a connection with the female side. This is the side of intuition, creation and freedom, promoting moments of surrender and facilitating the transmission of love. The feminine energy linked to the symbol of Hamsa strengthens the search for meaning and connection with spirit.

Common Uses of the Hand of Fatima

Fátima’s hand has many uses, even more after it was popularized in the fashion world. Whether used as a decorative and stylish object or as a spiritual symbol, it always carries positive energy. Learn about its use as an amulet, key chain, tattoo, and more.

■ The Hand of Fatima as an amulet

The main use of Hamsa is as an amulet as it is useful in prayers and spiritual practices, helping to emanate energies in favor of the benefits that the talisman promotes. The Hand of Fatima helps to ward off bad luck, disperse negative energies from within the house and ward off envy. It is a powerful amulet to attract fortune, luck, happiness, fertility and protection.

■ The Hand of Fatima as a keyring

A Hamsa key chain, in addition to being very beautiful, helps to attract positive energy. Some people argue that the talisman is even capable of protecting drivers from accidents. To enhance the protection effect, it is valid to opt for an amulet that contains some stone.

■ The Hand of Fatima as a decoration

Some people who are familiar with the aesthetics of the amulet choose to use decorative items from Mão de Fátima even without knowing its meaning because this is already a symbol linked to popular culture. However, this contact helps the person to know more about the benefits of the talisman.

When visualizing a decorative object from Hamsa, one will hardly want to know its meaning. So, in any case, obtaining and disseminating this amulet is beneficial and provides protection. Furthermore, it tends to make the environment much more beautiful and harmonious.

■ The Hand of Fatima as a tattoo

As it is a very beautiful symbol, it is common to see people opting for Hand of Fatima tattoos. In this case, whoever chooses to have this talisman permanently on their skin will have protection, luck and strength. In addition, the designs vary a lot, being able to find different mandalas and symbols that constitute the art.

Here creativity is used to integrate amulets and meanings. The person is free to tattoo what he/she identifies, but the symbol always maintains a connection with protection, balance and luck.

■ The Hand of Fatima as a jewel

There is no denying that the Hand of Fátima amulet is very beautiful, and for this reason it was adapted to the world of fashion, being present in different jewels. It is possible to find bracelets, necklaces, rings and anklets with different models of Hamsa. The designs and stones that make up the accessory also vary.

Regardless of religion, some people adopt the use of the Hand of Fatima for its aesthetics and beauty, and end up carrying a powerful symbol of protection. In bracelets, usually the talisman is used with the intention of attracting love and connection with the intuition, as the pendant is facing downwards, connecting with the feminine energy.

Common doubts about the Hand of Fatima

As it is an important religious object, some doubts arise around Hamsa. To solve these questions, check below if it is possible to use this symbol without being religious, how to do the energetic cleaning of the symbol, among other topics.

■ Can I use the Hand of Fatima without being religious?

The symbol gained prominence in the fashion industry and for its dissemination on the internet. Therefore, nowadays it is normal to see people using the Hand of Fatima other than for religious purposes. The talisman is used in accessories, pictures, pillows, clothing, and many other objects.

Nothing prevents it from being used to compose decoration and style. However, it is also interesting to know which beliefs are related to the symbol, either to benefit from it or to maintain respect for the religions and conceptions around Hamsa.

■ How to clean the Hand of Fatima energy?

When carrying the amulet constantly, at some point it is necessary to perform an energetic cleansing to purify the talisman. Therefore, it is possible to say a prayer to ward off bad vibrations, and after this process, just go back to using the symbol as you prefer.

When asking, remember to be in a calm environment, and connect with yourself. At this point, it is important to have focus and presence, in order to lead the words correctly. Be careful not to get distracted and start having thoughts that are disconnected from prayer.

■ Is there any tradition for acquiring a Hand of Fatima?

In the world of amulets there are several traditions for acquiring symbols. Some can only be delivered within a religious setting, passing through important stages. In the case of Fatima’s hand, this does not happen. The talisman can be obtained from any website, store, or perhaps as a gift.

However, esoterics advocate that an energetic cleansing must be done before starting to use it. It is essential not to skip this step, as this will allow you to dispel negative energies and have the amulet clean to fulfill its role.

For this process, it is necessary to have some things in hand. Items for energetic cleansing are white candle, rock salt, earth, incense, holy water, rue essence and a deep crystal dish. Some potent cleansing incenses are seven herb, rue and guinea incense. The process takes a few days to complete and soon after you will be ready to use the talisman.

■ What is the correct position of the Hand of Fatima?

Fatima’s hand does not have a correct position to use. It is more common to see it positioned with the fingers up, which refers to the male side, having a relationship with strength, protection and the search for growth. However, it is also useful to use it with the fingers facing downwards, enhancing the feminine energy, linked to intuition and release.

There is also the belief that when it is facing up, it points to the sky and provides a connection with the divine, and when it is facing downwards, it points to the Earth, providing a connection with Gaia, with creation. Also, it is always good to remember that the first indication of the appearance of the hand of Fatima was linked to a woman, the Goddess Tanit.

■ What is the influence of Mão de Fátima on fashion?

It is a very influential symbol in the fashion industry, being used in many accessories. It’s nice to use it on clothes, decorative items, tattoos, pendants, among others. However, the real meaning may eventually get lost, which is why it is important to know the origin and beliefs surrounding the symbol.

It is recommended to use it as a necklace to ward off the evil eye and attract good energy, as it is an easy way to have it always around. This is an old belief, but nothing prevents it from being used in other ways.

The talisman is able to help in everyday life, but it’s no use starting to use it without believing in the benefits it can provide. Monitoring thoughts is crucial to discovering whether faith really exists. Therefore, it is possible that the amulet is not effective for skeptical people.

Can use the Hand of Fatima help me become more spiritual?

Of course, using the Hand of Fatima helps to increase the connection with spirituality. This is because it is a symbol linked to various religious beliefs, carrying a useful meaning to disperse bad energy and attract positive energy.

The main meaning for Hamsa is protection, but the talisman can help in many other ways, such as providing a connection with the feminine or masculine energy, since all beings are composed of these two forces.

For this reason, seeking balance through Hamsa is very valid. It is not necessary to have a connection with any religion to use the talisman. The most important thing is to have faith, so that it can be useful in your daily life.

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