What is the crown chakra or Sahashara chakra?

Meaning of the crown chakra, or Sahasrara chakra

The crown chakra is related to the connection with the whole, that is, it is the transcendental experience of feeling part of the universe. A person may often think that he is a separate part of the world because he cannot have these perceptions.

The alignment of this chakra makes possible the integration of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body with the cosmos, and this is where its importance lies. Through this chakra, each person can gain a more positive outlook on life and follow confidently in every step and choice.

This is because their alignment brings an understanding of the world that the individual did not have before. Thus, the person becomes able to continue in search of a purpose allied to the change he wants for the world, once the perception of union with the whole has been reached.

Want to know more? Check out the main features about this chakra and how you can align it!

Characteristics of the crown chakra

Each chakra has individual characteristics, that is, specific mantras and colors. Check below all these points, their location, function, which is the governing organ, and in which areas of life the crown chakra operates.

■ Mantra and color

The mantra used for the crown chakra is OM. Through this ritual, it is possible to connect with the entire universe. When pronounced, it emits the same frequency present in everything that exists in nature. As such, it is a powerful mechanism for concentration and reconnection.

The colors that relate to the crown chakra are violet, white and gold. Violet is the color that represents spirituality and is linked to important transformations. White, as they say, represents peace, and is a color that conveys calm and purity. Finally, gold is related to abundance and is linked to material wealth and professional prosperity.

■ Location and function

The Sahasrara is located on top of the head, having association with the pineal gland. In addition to providing a connection with the cosmos and a better perception of the events around you, when aligned, it also has the function of enabling daily activities to be carried out more effectively.

This is because it provides a series of benefits, such as sharper memory, wisdom for decision-making, better understanding of one’s own attitudes and even the attitudes of others. However, when misaligned, it can have the opposite effect.

■ Governing bodies

The crown chakra is governed by the brain. In this way, it acts in all our functions, as it operates in movement, thought, memory, speech and many others. In this way, the alignment of this chakra opens the perception to different subjects, influencing spiritual and material development.

■ Glands and direction of rotation

The gland that connects to the crown chakra is the pineal, with the function of producing the hormone melatonin, responsible for regulating sleep. When interconnected with other glands, it is able to provide a state of physical and mental balance.

The crown chakra usually rotates clockwise, but it can rotate in both directions, and its rotation exceeds the speed of the other higher chakras. By rotating clockwise, the crown chakra promotes the output of energy from the body to the environment, while counterclockwise it absorbs energy from the plane into the body.

■ Areas of life in which it operates

The crown chakra can act in different areas of life, since, when aligned, it is capable of providing wisdom. In this way, he is favorable to professional, personal and spiritual life.

On the other hand, when there is disarray, the person can fall into several traps. Lack of clarity in situations results in wrong choices and lack of purpose. The person is likely to feel lost. This situation can even trigger more severe consequences, with negative thoughts and even depression.

Crown chakra functioning

It is necessary to understand what happens when there is balance and imbalance in the crown chakra. This way, it will be possible to identify if it is in disarray or not. To stay connected at these points, find out below how this chakra works.

■ In balance

The alignment of the crown chakra can bring several positive points, such as better memory quality, whether for dealing with professional issues, studies or even daily activities. Appetite and mood also tend to balance each other, leading to a fuller and happier life.

Furthermore, by awakening more wisdom, the person tends to choose the right paths to carry out projects. With all areas of life moving in balance, there is an increase in mood and happiness. Finally, it also favors sensitivity, in order to sharpen intuition. Therefore, recognizing inner desires becomes easier.

■ Out of balance

When not aligned, Sahasrara chakra, or crown chakra, tends to bring a series of negative results. Out of balance, it can generate self-sabotaging thoughts, mental confusion and difficulty making choices.

In addition, this dishevelment provides an unfavorable look at life, and the person may even consider that there is nothing positive in existence. This thought can trigger some psychological problems such as depressive disorders and phobias.

How to balance the crown chakra?

It is extremely important to maintain the balance of the Sahasrara chakra, check out how it is possible to align it through meditation, yoga, energy therapies, affirmations, crystals, among other practices.

■ Meditation

There is a specific meditation to balance the crown chakra. It consists of doing a hand position above the stomach, joining the ring fingers and interlocking the others. You can choose to close your eyes and think of good things, always focusing on the top of your head, where Sahasrara is located.

No rush, do this meditation when you really have time to stay in that state. Practice is a powerful mechanism for bringing peace and clarity. Therefore, there must be absolute concentration during its performance.

Also, it is important that the other chakras are in balance to do this exercise. There is an order of chakras that must be respected to achieve alignment of the entire body and mind, which you can check here.

■ Breathing exercises

A very effective exercise is to use the stones and crystals during meditations, as well as the mantra that corresponds to each chakra. To enjoy the benefits of stones, you can use them as a necklace, bracelet, among other accessories. It is also possible to place the stone directly at the point where the chakra is present in your body.

In addition, you can try doing an open-eyed meditation, with the tip of the nose as your fixed point of concentration. This technique is ideal for stimulating the third eye, responsible for increasing sensitivity and intuition. Always remember to pay attention to your breathing.

■ Best yoga postures to harmonize this chakra

There are some positions in yoga practices that are ideal for balancing the crown chakra. One of them is halasana, which in addition to stimulating this chakra, encourages sleep. The scorpion pose is also important for anyone looking to work this chakra, in addition to being a position that strengthens different areas of the body, expands the diaphragm and tones the abdomen and legs.

Another relevant position is matsyasana. It provides deep breathing and increases the amount of blood near the pineal gland. The head invert is also another position that increases blood flow to the head to help stimulate the Sahasrara.

■ Energy therapies

An essential therapy for anyone looking to balance not only the crown chakra, but all others, is Chromo Therapy. This technique consists of the emission of electromagnetic waves through colors, being a practice capable of identifying if the energies are in disarray, in order to provide balance and, consequently, peace of mind.

Another satisfying therapy is Reiki, which involves using the laying on of hands to provide energy balance. In it, the professional responsible for administering the technique transmits healing energy close to the patient’s misaligned chakras.

■ Affirmations

It is possible to notice when the connection with the energies around you is lost. The person tends to be rational, with negative thoughts and difficulty finding a way out. A few positive affirmations may be enough to bring your head chakra into balance.

Searching for affirmations whenever you feel yourself losing balance is an option, but you can also save them so you can have them handy when needed. Writing it down in a paper or diary is also a good tip, this way, you will always have words close by that can bring you to the connection with the cosmos.

You can repeat phrases such as “I am part of the whole”, “I am connected with nature and I can hear its signals”, “I appreciate and respect my essence”, “I live in the present moment.” At the same time, it is not necessary to use just fixed phrases. You can also craft phrases that convey your connection to the universe.

■ Incense, herbs and essential oils

Using incense, herbs and oils in your meditative practices, or just for reconnection, favors the environment, providing balance to the crown chakra. The essences of the oils move the positive side of each one, while the incense smoke provides a connection between the physical and spiritual world.

Herbs can also bring harmony and moments of peace. Each herb is capable of bringing a different mood. Rosemary, for example, fends off negative thoughts, while lavender is important for sharpening intuition. Incense and oils can also be chosen according to your intention.

■ Stones and crystals

Stones and crystals were used by ancient civilizations for belonging to nature and enabling union with the universe. Therefore, they are used to balance the energies of the chakras, so that there are specific types for each point to be reached.

The stones and crystals that relate to the Sahasrara chakra, or crown chakra, are quartz, amethyst, pyrite, and diamond. Quartz is a crystal that provides healing and energetic alignment, in addition to enabling the individual’s connection with his or her inner self. Amethyst, on the other hand, favors enthusiasm because of its power to drive away negative energies.

Pyrite is linked to material issues, as it has the property of generating financial and professional success, given its power to resolve impasses. The diamond, on the other hand, symbolizes persistence, in order to favor it in various fields of life.

Advice on the crown chakra for everyday life

Some advice is crucial to help balance the crown chakra. Check out the importance of promoting the connection with nature and the divine, having a healthy diet, examining your thoughts and many other factors that can help you seek harmony.

■ Connect with your divine self

Through the crown chakra it is possible to reach nirvana, a feeling of contact with the spiritual side, in which the individual understands that there are no barriers between himself and the rest of the world.

It is essential to understand that this sensation will not be present at all times, and it will occur in certain cycles of awareness and presence. Regardless of whether or not you’ve already decalcified this chakra, it’s critical to realize that the quest for nirvana is continuous.

Through the balance of this chakra, in union with the alignment of other energy points, you can reach the evolution of the soul. This while always assimilating what happens to your physical body, and using the facts as a learning curve for constant growth.

■ Connect with nature

As aligned Sahasrara promotes a state of spiritual elevation, it is common to report feeling a connection with nature. The important thing is to understand that this connection has always existed, but it was just not noticed, due to an energetic imbalance with the rest of the cosmos.

By understanding that it is not just a physical body, it is common for people to become more grateful and loving. This fact occurs due to the understanding of union, that is, that to do harm to the other is to harm yourself. This is related to the idea of ​​karma, but without taking into account only the concept, but the possibility of witnessing this experience clearly.

In this way, you can make some moves to promote this reconnection with nature and, consequently, with your essence. Try to have moments of calm in the middle of the countryside, whether in a park, beach or waterfall. This shift works essential for energetic alignment and peace of mind.

■ Examine the quality of your thoughts

If you’re only focusing on negative things, you’re likely to be in constant disarray. Therefore, investigating your thoughts is of utmost importance. Thoughts are often not identified because of the busy routine, with no time to understand them.

This, in addition to triggering a series of bad and often misinterpreted perceptions about situations, can also lead to intrigue. When thoughts are not understood, it is possible that a person is just reacting to the stimuli that reach him, and not responding, remaining on autopilot.

This behavior can bring a series of negative consequences, both for the person and for those who live with him. Thus, investigating the thoughts to maintain their quality is essential. This will facilitate the establishment of a more harmonious environment with yourself and with all the people you live with.

■ Commit to a spiritual practice

It’s no use aligning the crown chakra at any given time, and then believing that you’ve achieved enlightenment. As stated before, the state of nirvana is reached over periods of time, and learning is constant. Difficult situations will continue to occur in your life, and it will be up to you to analyze the best way to overcome difficulties.

Therefore, having a daily spiritual practice can have many benefits. A time to reconnect with spirit, so you don’t forget that you are not just a physical body, and you are not here for your own benefit. You are in constant exchange with other beings.

This reconnection can be through meditation, a yoga practice, or perhaps a time to observe nature. There are countless practices to maintain balance, and you should select them according to your preference and what fits into your routine. The most important thing is to stay connected.

■ Expand your knowledge

Even if you already understand the workings of the crown chakra and have even managed to align it, your knowledge can still be expanded. There are thousands of pieces of information around spirituality and personal development. Restricting only what you already know can be a mistake.

Furthermore, more important than making knowledge wider is putting it into practice. It’s no use knowing how I can seek balance and not bring it to material reality. Therefore, always seek to go deeper and adapt your understanding to daily life.

■ Simplify your life

Decalcifying the crown chakra can make life much simpler and lighter. It is not magic, but it makes understanding for problem-solving perceptible, providing more love and making life visible as it really is.

Everyday problems can throw people off the hook. Often, they can be solved even in a simple way, but a solution is not found for lack of understanding.

Even though it is a very complex issue to resolve, it is still possible to find understanding and moments of peace. Sahasrara chakra makes this wisdom possible. Therefore, be sure to seek your alignment.

■ Eat well

Food is a factor that also brings several benefits for the body, mind and spirit. It is essential to be aware of what is being consumed, as there are harmful foods that can cause energy loss.

Biologically, this is already explained: food alters the functioning of the body, providing well-being or discouragement. In relation to the spirit, it is known that the nutritional balance influences the energy that each person receives and emanates as a whole. Therefore, many people who seek spiritual elevation prefer a restrictive diet.

It is not necessary for you to make drastic cuts in your menu, but it is important that you have a diet that suits your reality and your limits. Pay attention and see if you are eating balanced and healthy, or if you are just getting carried away by carnal pleasures.

■ Listen to music with good vibes

Songs can also help your energy balance. It causes good or bad sensations, which are interpreted by our brain, being felt through the physical and psychic structure.

Spiritualized music tends to provide calm, since, in addition to the rhythm of the composition, it can also bring positivity. Also, you can opt for instrumental songs, adhering to your meditative practices. It is not necessary to restrict your musical taste, because, above all, you must listen to what is good for you.

■ Meditate in silence

Look for calm, quiet spaces to meditate. Doing a silent practice in the morning can be very effective as it is a time when everything is calmer. However, if that is not possible, know that there is no ideal time to connect with yourself and the whole.

There are several meditative practices and each one uses different breathing techniques, with fixed points of concentration, eyes closed or open, in a sitting or lying position. In this case, you need to research and test to find the best option for you and your body.

Can balancing the crown chakra bring more harmony and well-being?

Without a doubt, balancing the crown chakra can have many benefits and provide clarity and calm. Therefore, put into practice the various means of reconnection, look for alternative therapies, and don’t forget that growth and the search for spiritual development must be done frequently.

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