What is the Celtic horoscope? Find out everything about your sign and more!

Origin of the Celtic Horoscope

Originating in the region that covers England and pre-Christian Ireland, the Celtic horoscope is an ancient tradition, based on the studies of the Druids. They were the priests who took care of Sacred matters before Roman domination and the imposition of Christianity.

Known as masters of astronomy, the Druids were the first to believe that the earth was spherical. The Celtic horoscope system is based on the lunar cycle, very different from the better known zodiac. In this way, it is divided into 13 main representations, equivalent to the lunar months.

They believed that there was awareness in natural energies, including what was still unknown to human beings. And the animals in the horoscope represented this energy, being elements of the Whole. Discover the 13 animals of the Celtic horoscope and their characteristics!

Celtic Horoscope Characteristics

The Druids believed so much in the sign’s connection to the human that they established death as a passage. For Celtic culture, the spirit does not die, but undergoes a transformation, becoming its representative animal if it were more connected to its Self.

The 13 signs of the Celtic horoscope are deer, cat, snake, fox, bull, seahorse, crow, horse, salmon, swan, butterfly, wolf, and falcon. As you can see, it differs from the zodiac in terms of quantity, being only 12 in this one. The animals they represent are also different.

■ What is the definition of each sign in the Celtic horoscope based on?

As it is based on the lunar year, the Celtic horoscope is divided into 13 different spheres. Each lunar month takes exactly 28 days, totaling 365 at the end of the 13th cycle. Interestingly, 28 days is also the period of the menstrual cycle, which is fully influenced by the moon, which makes the Celtic horoscope make much more sense for the female.

In addition to not having the problem of having a month with 30, another with 31 and even worse, a leap year, the lunar week is perfectly divided into 7 days, always totaling 4 perfect weeks. And each month is represented by a different animal for the day of birth.

Of course, as in the case of the zodiac, the animals in the Celtic horoscope also have their own characteristics. Furthermore, they represent certain tendencies and abilities, being also linked to a period of the year, as in the traditional zodiac.

■ What are Celtic horoscope predictions based on?

By dividing the year into 13 lunar months, the months are clearly marked, which are also associated with the seasons of the year and especially with the type of energy at each time. For the Druids, there was a real and active awareness of the energies of nature as well as the supernatural.

In this way, they could be identified and related to the spirits of animals, plants or even stones. They carry within themselves the characteristics of each moon sign, making the Celtic horoscope have the representation of ideas and energies in the form of animals.

■ Is the Celtic horoscope based on any other horoscope?

Created millennia, even before Rome dominated England, which happened around AD 40, the Celtic horoscope has no precedent. That is, it was not based on any other theory or horoscope, being developed by the Druids.

This horoscope has a characteristic tree, a Celtic God, a precious stone and, of course, a specific animal for each month of the year. That way, they could better harness the magical and energetic potential of each one of them, at the right stage.

Signs present in the Celtic Horoscope

The signs that represent animals in the Celtic horoscope are deer, cat, snake, fox, bull, seahorse, raven, horse, salmon, swan, butterfly, wolf and falcon. They are all representations of a personality type and energy. See a little more about each one and learn a little more about their personality!

■ Deer, December 24th to January 20th

True leaders, they are not afraid of work and love to create solutions. They like ethics in relationships and do not forgive if betrayed, despising any kind of lie. Full of energy, they are independent and proud, always paying attention to detail.

They are vain, but with limits – they just like to be always well groomed. Travel lovers are creative and enjoy the arts. They have a strong drive for justice and love to cultivate the land, putting their ideals always first.

Born between December 24th and January 20th, in the Gregorian calendar, the tree related to the deer is the Birch. The sign’s color is white and its related stone is rock crystal.

■ Cat, January 21 to February 17

With a sharp mind and unusual intelligence, the cat sign loves attention, but needs your time alone. Risky, like challenges and watching people and situations. Extremely sensitive to energies, they have very strong intuition and don’t let anything slip away.

Creative and playful, they distrust even the shadow and are not fooled. Despite this, they are very analytical and never make a decision without first weighing all the possibilities. They are easily conquered with a rich and aromatic table.

With birth between the 21st of January and the 17th of February, its tree is the Sorveira. Its color is gray and its stone the Peridot.

■ Serpent, February 18th to March 17th

Always calm, it is very difficult to shake the structure of those who belong to the snake. In the Celtic horoscope, she is curious, talkative and has a mind that doesn’t stop for a minute. It flees from any confrontation, but to protect those who love it, it attacks fiercely.

She can go through many changes throughout her life, having moments of intense transformation and phases of stillness and contemplation. Continually looking for balance in life, they enjoy interactions and are emotional, but with due limits. They are ambitious, but always with their feet on the ground.

Born between the 18th of February and the 17th of March, those of the snake sign have the Ash tree as a tree. Its color is green and the stone is Coral.

■ Fox, March 18 to April 14

Naturally sensual, they have a lot of energy and love to play sports. Boldly and confidently, they tend to appear a bit arrogant to someone who doesn’t know them deeply. However, they are people who are always willing to help those in need.

They are able to find new paths and solutions with ease, communicate very well and being able to exercise leadership roles. Honest, they are always looking for results and can be a little selfish at times. Independent in love, they hate the idea of ​​being trapped.

People of the sign of the fox were born between the 18th of March and the 14th of April, having the Alder tree as a tree. Its color is red and its stone is Ruby.

■ Taurus, April 15th to May 12th

Strong, determined and even stubborn, bullies seem temperamental. However, their personality is extremely trustworthy and when they make a friendship, it is forever. They can suffer from anxiety, especially in environments without stability.

Very family-oriented, they form bonds for life. They can cling to an idea, like a movie, song, series or author, and not let go until they’ve processed all the possibilities. Romantics, they like parties and having a house full of people.

Taurine in the Celtic horoscope are those who were born between the 15th of April and the 12th of May, having the Willow tree as a tree. Its color is white and the stone is that of the Moon.

■ Seahorse, May 13th to June 9th

Very rational, they have an excellent memory, as well as being creative and organized. They love to travel, especially if it involves the beach, and they don’t miss out on a good adventure. Patient and generous tends to have many friends and have great relationships in the work environment.

In the family, men make great fathers – as are the seahorses who bear their children. Women are patient and persistent. They like change and are always looking for their independence, reinforcing their values ​​and seeking to understand their mission in this life.

Whoever is a seahorse was born between May 13th and June 9th, having the thorn tree as a tree. Its color is lilac and the stone is Topaz.

■ Crow, June 10th to July 7th

Extremely ethical, those of the raven sign do not accept middle ground. Active and charming, they are always looking for growth, looking for new flights from time to time. Great leader, motivates through his own behavior, working as hard as his followers.

They like to move, and if they can’t, move all the furniture in the house if necessary, but they need to feel the energy flowing. They always start new projects, are self-confident and find their true home in music, which can be a hobby or even a profession.

Born between June 10th and July 7th, they are of the raven sign in the Celtic horoscope, having the Oak tree as their symbol. Its color is black and its stone is Diamond.

■ Horse, 8th of July to 4th of August

Fighters, they know what they want and how to get it. They tend to play leadership roles, but can be a bit rebellious at times. With an unshakeable posture, they are usually magnetic and very good looking.

They like to work in groups and value knowledge more than personal characteristics. They are proud, focused and outgoing. Likewise, they are also generous, persuasive and somewhat dramatic, putting more emphasis than necessary to make their point.

If you were born between the 8th of July and the 4th of August, then your sign in the Celtic horoscope is the horse, symbolized by the Holy Tree. Its color is white and its stone, Carnelian.

■ Salmon, August 5th to September 1st

Wise and profound, they tend to have a strong spiritual connection, but without losing their feet on the ground. Lovers of the arts, especially poetry, they are intelligent and magnetic. They love change and are always looking for a goal, with discipline and focus.

Resistant and persevering, they are pure energy and apply this in physical, intellectual or artistic activities. They have a very strong intuition and tend to raise independent and well-resolved children, just as they are. In fact, freedom is a serious issue in dealing with this sign.

Born between August 5th and September 1st, people of the sign of Salmon have the Hazel tree as their symbol. Its color is brown and its stone is Amethyst.

■ Swan, 2 September to 29 September

Extremely educated, those born in this period tend to be correct and demanding. They plan every part of their day and even of life, focusing in order to reach the established goals. A little stiff, they can be very elegant and even stubborn.

Rationals are great at solving complex problems because of their ability to schematize situations. With a tendency to be less patient and somewhat controlling, they need space and freedom for their activities.

In the Celtic horoscope, anyone born between September 2 and September 29 is considered to be a swan and has the Vine as a tree. Its color is pink and the stone the Emerald.

■ Butterfly, September 30th to October 27th

Extroverted, communicative and with a unique and special beauty, those who have the butterfly sign tend to be eternal negotiators. Organized and dynamic, they can connect people and ideas with equal ease. Adaptable and with a taste for change, they are always traveling or planning the one of their dreams.

True and sophisticated, they are endowed with a magnetic aura that makes them the center of any party or gathering. Sensitive and trustworthy, he is a great person to share secrets and seek a sincere and educated opinion. Somewhat dramatic, he’s always looking for new ideas.

When born between the 30th of September and the 27th of October, then the sign of the Celtic horoscope is the butterfly, having Hera as a tree. Its color is blue and its stone the Opal.

■ Lobo, October 28th to November 24th

Determined in their goals and self-motivated, those who have the sign of wolf are not let down. They tend to extremes, so when they love they give in completely. On the other hand, if they hate themselves, they can even be vindictive.

Intuitive, eclectic and curious, they are always in search of knowledge in the most diverse areas of life. This ends up leading to unplanned paths, faced with great courage and protagonism. You tend to be very introspective, cautiously accepting new relationships.

Those born between October 28th and November 24th belong to the wolf sign in the Celtic horoscope, having the reed as a tree. Its color is orange and its stone is Jasper.

■ Falcon, from November 25th to December 23rd

Tenacious, attentive and stubborn, they are not easy to dissuade. Firm in their convictions, they can be more emblematic than necessary to defend their point of view. When you really trust, you open up and allow yourself to love and demonstrate your immense affection and the promise of eternal love.

Mysterious and with a strong instinct, can see details in situations that no one had noticed. He has dreams and ideals that are often utopian, but he still believes in or fights for them. Smart and restless, they like to explore a situation well before making a real decision.

The falcon sign in the Celtic horoscope comprises those born between November 25th and December 23rd, with the ancient tree as a symbol. Its color is yellow and its stone Jet.

Can the Celtic horoscope be a good tool for self-knowledge?

Like the other types, the Celtic horoscope can indeed be a tool for self-knowledge. Not that he will say exactly how you are, after all, your characteristics may be related to your birth, but they are certainly influenced by the environment.

However, the horoscope can help you to think about your strengths and weaknesses, setting new goals and seeking to improve what is not yet the way you want. In other words, it can work like a map, showing several routes, which you will read to find the best paths for you.

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