What is quantum therapy for? Benefits, theta healing and more!

What is quantum therapy?

Quantum therapy is the set of methods used in treatments aimed at both physical and mental problems. Classified as an alternative, quantum therapy does not replace conventional medicine treatments, but seeks to increase self-knowledge and awareness by focusing on the causes of illnesses and not just the effects.

The name given to this type of alternative therapy refers to quantum science (quantum theory, quantum physics and quantum mechanics), which addresses events associated with subatomic particles, the quantization and vibration of energies and their applications in matter.

For quantum therapy, the solution of physical and emotional pathologies is through self-healing. It is the result of the harmony of vibrations and the connectivity between different parts of the body as a whole. Follow us in this article with the principles of quantum therapy, its benefits and if it really works.

Principles of Quantum Therapy

The essential principle of quantum therapy is that the human body is able to re-establish itself. This happens through broader and more precise perception processes about the functioning of the organism, as well as the manipulation of energies and the equalization of their vibration.

It is a set of techniques that do not cause side effects and are in no way invasive or aggressive to the human body.

See below the fundamentals, approach and indications of quantum therapy. We will also see in this article the benefits of this alternative therapy.


Quantum therapy, as the name suggests, is based on the quantum sciences that nowadays are increasingly approached and studied by scientists around the world.

It is fundamentally about promoting physical and mental well-being through balancing the vibrational frequencies of the human body. Self-knowledge is also one of the important premises on which quantum therapy is based.

Despite still being seen as a form of mystical approach, therapy is increasingly gaining ground and recognition due to the practical results obtained.


Quantum therapy in its different methods has an approach focused on the vibrational sense of the energies that form the matter of the body and soul.

Such energies govern biological functioning and also influence the human psyche, being directly linked to an individual’s spiritual psychological processes. It is, in this way, an instrument of both physiological and spiritual healing.

Through techniques and instruments, a magnetic and energetic alignment of both the physical and spiritual bodies is made, thus being a totally innovative approach in terms of therapies and cures.


Because it encompasses the physical and spiritual body as a whole, the indications of quantum therapy are unlimited. Being applied with different methods and techniques, it is usually quite effective in improving well-being related to sleep quality, reducing stress and mental fatigue.

In the psychological aspect, it is indicated for the improvement of psychological processes involving the feeling of anger and fear, as well as helping to cure depression, increasing the speed of reasoning and memory.

Indications regarding physical body problems are also varied, ranging from weight loss, alleviation of allergies and respiratory problems, and even reduction of pain and muscle stiffness, being even indicated for improving sports performance.


As a method that awakens the natural potential that the human body has to regenerate itself, quantum therapy brings a series of benefits.

The energy equalization that quantum therapy techniques provide results in a better organization at the molecular level of matter, thus benefiting the functioning of vital organs and their biological functions.

These benefits expand beyond the physical body, as they also significantly alter the individual’s posture in everyday situations.

Self-knowledge is also addressed in quantum therapies to identify what needs to be changed or re-established internally, whether psychologically or physically.

Quantum Therapies Methods

Because it is quite comprehensive, quantum therapy is divided into numerous methods that are used in specific areas of human nature.

Below, we’ll detail how they work and what more popular techniques such as acupressure, aromatherapy, color therapy and meditation are for, and even lesser-known methods such as biofeedback, sound therapy, theta healing and Q i total.


Considered a method of quantum therapy, acupressure is very similar to acupuncture. The difference is that instead of using a needle, pressure is applied using the hands, thumbs, elbows and feet.

Firm pressure is applied to specific points for short periods of time, releasing them soon after.

This technique is popular in China and its benefits are muscle relaxation, increased endorphins and aid in circulation. It can also include stretching and gliding along the entire length of the acupuncture meridians.


This modality of quantum therapy makes use of one of the primary human senses: smell. Through the use of natural essences, specific areas of the brain are activated and stimulated, each essence being from specific plants for different purposes pursued by aromatherapy.

It should be monitored by a professional who is knowledgeable about essential oils, and their benefits are increased immunity, reduced stress, anxiety and depression, as well as reduced respiratory problems such as asthma and bronchitis.


Modality created in the 60s in the United States, biofeedback is considered a behavioral medicine technique. It aims to allow the individual to self-regulate, being able to control physiological processes such as blood pressure and heart rate.

Through electronic equipment, the person is conditioned to control functions that are involuntary in the body. Its purpose is to help cure various pathological conditions such as cardiac arrhythmia, urinary incontinence, anxieties, panic attacks and eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia and obesity.


In color therapy, waves emanating from different colors such as red, green and blue act at the cellular level in the human body. They help balance the mind and body, and each color is suitable for different functions. In addition to light bulbs, food or colorful clothing can be used.

It is used in treatments against high blood pressure and depression, and also to soothe skin problems and calm newborns. It is a very widespread modality of quantum therapy, being used in many cities by the public health system.

■ Emotional freedom technique

This quantum therapy technique is based on the idea that the magnetic energy that flows in our body is closely related to our psychological and mental state. Most physical or mental health problems are related to blocking the fluidity of our magnetic energies.

It takes into account the traditional acupuncture meridian points that are also related to magnetic energy. From 8 to 10 beats are performed at these specific points, as if you were hammering such places with your finger. All these touches, in combination with phrases that refer to the problem, result in their improvement or cure through the release of the magnetic flux.


Very popular in Eastern culture, reflexology makes use of pressure on certain points on the sole of the foot that reflect on other areas of the body through the nerve connections that the area has.

First, the reflex therapy professional applies pressure along the entire length of the soles of the feet to identify which points need care. From this, a small massage is performed in the region where the problem was identified, which provides relief in muscle pain and tension.

This modality of quantum therapy helps, for example, in the treatment of labyrinthitis, hormonal problems, sinusitis and migraines, in addition to helping to eliminate toxins from the body.

■ Therapy to me

As modern science has proven, sound has properties that alter the structural organization of matter, and it is no different in the case of human beings. Sound therapy uses sound waves to equalize the brain frequencies of the two hemispheres of the brain (right and left), in addition to enhancing the emission of alpha waves by the brain.

This technique is ancient and is used in different ways, whether through melodies or instruments, such as Tibetan cups, flutes and many others.

It is used to increase cognitive power and relieve anxiety, depression and tinnitus, for example.

Theta Healing

Theta healing is a modality of quantum therapy that, through meditation and deep self-knowledge, seeks to break negative or inharmonious beliefs, behaviors and brain patterns.

This technique takes into account that such negative patterns are often found in our DNA and is intended to allow the practitioner to access these patterns and turn them into something positive.

The name theta refers to a particular brain wave that facilitates access to these negative patterns contained in our DNA.

Through meditation sessions and monitoring by a therapist specialized in this technique, theta healing proves to be effective in breaking numerous negative patterns such as insecurity, trauma, fears, limitations in relation to relationships, remorse and rejection.

Q i total

Q i total is an ancient Chinese technique that combines a series of physical exercises and meditation and breathing. Its purpose is to improve energy flow throughout the body and is very popular these days in China.

Through the movements contained in the practice of Q i total, the practitioner learns to control his breathing, which relieves tension and anxiety.

There are two types of Q i total, static and dynamic. In statics, the focus is on the mind and is based on guided meditations and visualization exercises, which help with healing processes and balance between body and mind.

Dynamics, on the other hand, combines physical movements together with breathing, helping to maintain joints and bones.


Meditation is the most ancient human technique of deep concentration and self-knowledge. Whether in total silence or guided by mantras or melodies, meditation takes us to a state of heightened awareness and inner peace.

When relating to quantum therapies, meditation should be carried out keeping in mind that we are beings formed by energy, and that this energy is in constant vibration and connection with the universe.

The difference between normal and quantum meditation is the understanding of the connectedness that we find ourselves as embodied beings, but a living part of the universe in constant vibration.

Practicing meditation under this quantum perspective, we are able to reach a level of self-knowledge and inner peace that will certainly be effective in self-healing processes or in coping with complicated situations that we face.

Do Quantum Therapies Really Work?

One of the important factors, when we talk about quantum therapies, is the total absence of harmful side effects and medication use. This in itself is a positive and encouraging factor for getting started in any of the many modalities found in quantum therapy.

Whether to alleviate negative mental patterns or to alleviate physical and even spiritual pain, quantum therapies have proven to be effective, being even recognized by traditional science in many cases, such as, for example, color therapy, aromatherapy and sound therapy . So, we see that they really work as real remedies for humanity.

Whoever seeks to understand or practice such therapies must have as a principle self-knowledge and the awareness that we are quantum beings, living parts of the universe in constant vibration. In this way, the potential of these therapies in their varied techniques can really be reached and used for their own good.

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