What is ascendant? See the meaning in each sign and more!

How to know my ascendant?

Within the birth chart, the knowledge of your ascendant is one of the fundamental points for understanding who you are. Basically, your ascendant will determine how you present yourself to the world, how people see you and, mainly, what they think of you through your actions.

The place and time of your birth is the information you need to find out which constellation of the zodiac was on the eastern horizon on the day you were born. This ascendant will determine, in addition to his first impressions, some qualities of the sign he carries, mainly in his decision-making.

Knowing this information will help you in your quest for self-knowledge. In this article, we will cover how you can discover your ascendant and what each one of the acts. Follow up!

All about knowing the ascendant

It is very common for people to know your sign because someone in your life cycle passed this information on at some point, according to the day and date of birth. When you are interested in learning more deeply about your sign and the birth chart, it is necessary to get to know your ascendant.

To know your ascendant, you must know some specific information about your birth. This information will determine which house of the zodiac was in evidence at the time of your birth. With these discoveries, you can understand certain behaviors that don’t belong to your Sun sign.

Are you curious? Below we will teach you how you can perform the calculation to find your ascendant.

■ How do I know my ascendant?

In order to have a better understanding of your birth chart, it is important to have two essential pieces of information: the date of your birth and the exact time. With these coordinates, you will find out which sign was present to the east of the horizon at the time you were born.

This constellation in evidence will determine your characteristics, so even if you don’t have the sun sign in this house, their behavior will be transferred to you, thus reinforcing your personality.

■ How to calculate my ascendant?

The calculation of your ascendant can be done with a professional who will make the assembly of your astral map or a good virtual program. By providing your date of birth and location, it will be possible to calculate exactly which sign and which planet was in evidence at that coordinate.

After this calculation, you will know your ascendant and it will be easier to understand why you face your dilemmas that way, how people see you and even how your interaction with others works.

■ Does the ascendant get stronger after age 30?

There are those who say that the influence of the ascendant becomes stronger on your personality after the age of 30, which is not true. The ascendant influences your personality throughout your life.

Once you have full knowledge of your birth chart, you can better understand the characteristics of your ascendant and thus learn to deal with certain emotions.

Understanding your rising sign will give you the wisdom of how to act in different situations and how you can control each one of them. It’s important to remember that these characteristics are most often seen more easily than your own sign.

■ Difference between Sun and Ascendant sign

The determination of your sun sign will be according to the position of the sun at the time of your birth in relation to the 12 houses of the zodiac. Your Sun sign determines your main characteristics, your personality and how people see you.

The ascendant will point to the constellation that was to the east of the horizon at the time of your birth. Your ascendant will determine some of your primary actions, how you act according to the situations in your life.

■ Difference between moon sign and ascendant

The lunar sign is determined according to the position of the moon in the zodiacal houses at the time of your birth. Your moon sign is related to your deepest relationships and your intimacy, which will be fundamental in understanding your emotions and feelings.

Your ascendant is more connected with your actions in relation to situations outside of you, unlike your moon sign, which involves deeper feelings.

The ascendant in each sign

Each of the 12 houses present in the zodiac has unique characteristics and this will be clearly evident in its ascendant. Here it will be determined how you handle some things for the first time. Want to understand the characteristics of your ascendant? Follow each one below!

■ Ascendant in Aries

People who have their ascendant in Aries are those who will do everything to achieve their goals and no effort will be little to get what they want. They have a tendency to be impulsive and even explosive according to the situation.

Sincerity is also a strength for those with this ascendant. Sometimes this heightened sincerity can even be considered a lack of filtering by other people. They are communicative and express themselves very well, which gives you an edge in any competition.

■ Ascendant in Taurus

Safety is the motto for anyone with a Taurus ascendant. They always look for comfortable and predictable situations, nothing that strays from their daily lives, as they don’t get along very well with changes, especially if they are sudden.

They are extremely cautious people who always calculate the next step, thus avoiding hasty moves. Giving value to the little things in life and enjoying them are striking characteristics of the natives of this ascendant. It’s always a good time for a nice walk or a good meal.

■ Ascendant in Gemini

Anyone who has a Gemini ascendant is an explorer. With your mind curious and thirsty for new discoveries, you will always look for knowledge and use some tool to apply and explore in your life. This native presents the famous “8 or 80”, one moment he is adept at everything and all of a sudden he is totally against the idea.

One of their characteristics is that they gesticulate a lot while they are in the middle of a conversation, especially when the topic is very exciting. And make no mistake, the change of interest on the subject will happen overnight, as your mind will always search for something new.

■ Ascendant in Cancer

Sensitivity and shyness are two characteristics of the natives of this ascendant. They tend to bring tenderness to their relationships, trying to make the people around you always comfortable. From the circle of friends, he is the one who will take care of those who are sick and anyone who needs help.

Conflict resolutions are not their forte, whenever possible they will avoid this situation. And if there is no way and they have to compromise, they will do it in a delicate way, without offending these people. Even though they are shy, they can have powerful and intense feelings.

■ Ascendant in Leo

Generosity and a strong personality are the hallmarks of Leo ascendants. No wonder they are often the center of attention wherever they go, and the combination of these factors make them more attractive.

The self-confidence and authority that go into your personality can frighten people with whom Leo of ascendant lives. Depending on the situation, they can even be considered egocentric and dramatic.

■ Ascendant in Virgo

Those who have their ascendant in Virgo are people who tend to help others under any circumstances. Conflict resolution and performing tasks are natural activities for these natives, especially when they need to help a friend or family member. They are organized people who like to clean up.

In many situations these people will use their intelligence to achieve a positive result. Questions and critical notes are part of the repertoire of those with a Virgo ascendant. They can waste time with insignificant situations due to these characteristics.

■ Ascendant in Libra

Balance and harmony are the aspects that guide people who have a Libra ascendancy. Any relationship that does not offer these two characteristics usually does not have the attention of these natives. When making decisions, these people tend to hesitate a little before answering, as the doubt hangs over their heads making it difficult to make a decision.

They are extremely social people and they make friends very easily due to their unique charisma. It is very easy for an individual with a Libra ascendant to organize party meetings, as people like to be around them.

■ Ascendant in Scorpio

People with a Scorpio ascendant tend to be careful and reserved, especially in their relationships. While they do not observe and analyze all the possibilities, they do not immerse themselves in relationships or develop emotional bonds with other people.

Due to this characteristic, they are people who have few friends. But that doesn’t matter, as everyone around them is a person he trusts and is very fond of. These are people who are nicknamed “stubborn”, because they are stubborn and have difficulty hearing opposing opinions.

■ Ascendant in Sagittarius

People of the Sagittarius Ascendant have within them unshakable faith and unparalleled optimism. They are striking in people’s lives to the point of becoming inspirations. They live surrounded by friends, they love to share their stories and experiences. Wherever they go, they are the feeling of any party.

They give importance to the meaning of things and why they are the way they are, especially when they are situations related to them. Because they like to communicate and share experiences so much, they tend to insinuate that they are always right, regardless of the situation, which can interfere in some relationships.

■ Ascendant in Capricorn

People with a Capricorn ascendant love a good challenge, mainly because of the practicality and positivity they carry. They don’t get involved in anything they aren’t sure of, they are extremely cautious and reserved people. They don’t take a step without being fully analyzed.

Maturity is present in this native’s life from a very early age and helps them a lot in building their relationships, especially love ones. When they want something, they don’t measure efforts to get it. Overcoming is something constant in the life of those who have a Capricorn ascendant.

■ Ascendant in Aquarius

Nothing matters as much to these natives as freedom. This overvaluation of independence can make family relationships and especially love ones difficult. Their friendships are scarce, as they believe they need few people around them. However, the ones chosen to keep around are the ones who value friendship and are loyal.

Due to their open minds and innovative ideas, they are people who believe they can change the world with their actions. They love to get involved in projects for the benefit of the environment and charitable actions. These are activities that give pleasure and reaffirm its essence.

■ Ascendant in Pisces

Comprehensive and totally loyal to their friends, people who have a fish ascendancy camouflage very well in any environment. This adaptive characteristic, combined with their charisma, enhances the versatility of these people.

They are friends willing to help under any circumstances. And if all goes wrong, they’re great listeners. The advice coming from these people is sincere and seeks to really help those around them.

Can knowing my ascendant help my self-knowledge?

Knowing your ascendant is extremely important for your self-knowledge. Your ascendant will determine how you present yourself to the world and how people see you, being of total importance for building your relationships and your way of life.

With accurate information about your birth, you will be able to discover your ancestor and the characteristics that he adds to your personality. This discovery, combined with other information from your birth chart, will clarify different feelings and behaviors, enhancing your self-knowledge.

The sooner you know about your ascendant, it will be easier to understand your actions at different stages of life, what will be your action and how other people will see you. Mastering this information will be essential for you to better understand your personality and accept yourself for who you are!

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