What does it mean to have a Capricorn descendant and a Cancer ascendant?

Meaning of descendant in Capricorn

Having the descendant in Capricorn shows you how you relate to others. Here it is clear what these people expect from their ideal partner, and it is not just related to romantic connections, it also says a lot about professional and business relationships.

Thus, the descendant represents how your life, friendship, and work companion will be, and, furthermore, how your possible enemies will be. These represent people who are opposed to people of Capricorn descent, but at the same time are complementary to their characteristics.

In this text, we will talk about several characteristics brought by this descendant and its influence on people’s lives. Furthermore, we will also show how the Cancer ascendant interferes in the personality of those who have a Capricorn descendant.

Ascendant in Capricorn and Ascendant in Cancer

The combination of Capricorn descendant and Cancer ascendant means that your relationships will be contradictory. We will see the explanation of this feature below, in more detail. Follow up!

■ What is a descendant in Capricorn and ascendant in Cancer?

As we said above, having the combination of a descendant in Capricorn and ascendant in Cancer means that your way of relating to each other will have paradoxes, it will be a contradictory relationship.

Since the ascendant in Cancer is ruled by the moon, people with this influence will show kindness, but they will also appear to be temperamental and unpredictable people. In a solid relationship, they will be more directive and even a little authoritarian in some situations.

But, for relationships to flow, it is necessary to have the action of looking for a partner, which takes some time, as people with a Cancer ascendant are cautious in their contacts.

■ How to know if I am a descendant in Capricorn

To know if you have a Capricorn descendant, it is important to know your ascendant, which plays a key role in this discovery. This is because the House of the Descendant is opposite the House of the Ascendant.

The descendant sign is located in the seventh house of your birth chart, which is directly opposite the 1st house, which in this case is the ascendant’s house. Therefore, to know if your descendant sign is in Capricorn, you need to complete your birth chart. You can consult an expert or use a good virtual program for this.

■ The role of Cancer in the descendant in Capricorn

Having a Cancer ascendant makes people have a great development in their self-knowledge, increasing their care in relation to food, for example. These characteristics are related to family, business or a social cause that touches you deeply.

Despite awakening the desire for care, they usually seek not only care for the other, but also care for themselves. Another influence found in the Cancer ascendant is that these people will seek to attract situations into their lives that emphasize their need for recognition, respect and release of feelings.

General characteristics of this sign

Now let’s better understand what characteristics are received by the descendant in Capricorn. Read on and check if you have these features!

■ Sometimes shy

Capricorns are more reserved people, have a sober demeanor and pay close attention to where they step. This leads to the interpretation that this way of acting is related to shyness.

This interpretation is not totally wrong, people with Capricorn influences are not sociable, they only engage in a dialogue if it leads them to something useful for themselves or for humanity.

Another reason for this shy behavior is that people influenced by Capricorn are afraid of being emotionally hurt, and so prefer to remain more distant and rational most of the time.

■ Cautious

People of Capricorn descent tend to be especially cautious in love relationships. They are very sensual people, but they are afraid of those who approach them. At the same time, they want to find someone who is faithful and constant, so they can feel secure, as they don’t want to lose the person they’ve conquered.

Therefore, they are cautious when opening up, they are slow to reveal their feelings, and when they realize they have been deceived, they become vengeful or cold. As they do not have the lighter and more fun side of love in their relationships, they need to relate to people who have a good imagination, are funny and help them to let go.

■ Sign of demanding

Normally, people with Capricorn descent have a high level of demand in all their relationships and activities. These charges are related to themselves, but they are also aimed at other people with whom they relate.

People with Capricorn influence tend to look at life from a point of view where everything can be done better, so they demand of themselves and others to do their best to achieve the perfect result in the Final. This perfectionist characteristic must be measured so that it does not negatively influence you and others.

Descendant in Capricorn in relationships

Possessing the Capricorn descendant also influences the relationships of these natives, from the choice of partner to the day-to-day of the relationship. Read and understand!

■ Judicious in choosing a partner

Those who are born with the descendant in Capricorn need to have everything in their life very concrete, based on reality. Therefore, in their relationships, they need someone who gives them security, someone they can trust.

They will not relate to people who have an adventurous spirit, they look for loyal people and companions. They prefer the comfort and security of their home, so they will always look for people who have an affinity with these characteristics.

■ Does not like to show feelings

Natives of a Capricorn descent tend to be discreet in their relationships, not prone to public displays of affection. They are not interested in pampering or love games, but they are always present in the relationship.

They are not in the habit of opening up to strangers, they usually have few friends, but they tend to have several colleagues with whom they maintain a cordial relationship. All these characteristics and difficulties in expressing your feelings make others think you are cold.

■ Likes deep relationships

People who are born with Capricorn descent seek stability in their homes and are a promise of a close-knit and lasting relationship. Therefore, they flee from superficial or casual relationships, they seek a traditional relationship that connects them to their origins.

They like to feel in their partner their safe haven, so they seek to have strong and deep bonds. By following these principles for your relationships, don’t get involved in sudden and unexpected passions.

Capricorn descendant in professional life

As in other areas of life, the professional side is also affected by characteristics of the sign of Capricorn, in those who have this star of the zodiac as their descendant. Let’s see what this influence is like.

■ Sign that is easy to deal with

They are great co-workers, as bosses know how to lead and don’t let power affect them. Value employees who are dedicated and fair. Another characteristic of those who have Capricorn descendants is that they know how to bring back to work those employees who no longer contribute to the team.

Despite being natural leaders, they know how to obey when they are employees, because they are aware that the best way to become good leaders is to be dedicated and obeying orders. They are loyal workers, and when they are unhappy about something in the company, they talk to their superiors to look for a solution.

■ Think hard before making important decisions

When people of Capricorn descent need to make important decisions, don’t expect a quick response. With their analytical sense, they look at all the options that exist, check the possible consequences, before deciding on the best course of action.

As they are very rational, they tend to choose based on reality, and preferably they will choose what will bring them the greatest financial and emotional compensation. In this way, with all these analyses, it will be difficult to regret the decisions taken.

■ Has ambitions

People of Capricorn descent, both male and female, are the most ambitious. These people seek social power, and see money as the tool that will lead them to their goal. Although their objective is financial, they are not consumers. On the contrary, they tend to be quite “close-handed”.

They put their financial goals in front of them and work without giving up until they reach their goals. And for that, they place great value on their careers. In their work they will be the most correct and will seek to be the most respected, and thus be financially rewarded, since money is one of their greatest ambitions.

Is Capricorn Descendant an intense person?

Intensity is synonymous with people with Capricorn descent. Despite being known as “the heart of ice”, this is not an absolute truth. They are just more discreet people.

When these people are hurt, betrayed or cheated they feel very deep pain and wounds that are difficult to heal. This intensity is also reflected in his self-reliance, as he needs everything he does to be perfect.

In short, having a descendant in Capricorn brings these people excellent characteristics, such as dedication, loyalty, intensity and focus, but it takes balance so that there are not so many demands and this ends up causing problems in their lives.

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