What do dream about Oshun really mean? Crying, dancing, waterfall, and more!

Meaning of dreaming about Oshun

Oxum, Orixá that represents love and fertility, is the goddess of calm waters and waterfalls, being considered the mother of all, a symbol of motherhood. She dresses in gold and enchants everyone around her with her beauty, covered in gold.

Dreaming of Oshun is often a sign of impending prosperity. In addition, demonstrate vanity, using your inner and outer beauty to get what you want. Check out other meanings of dreaming about Oshun in the most diverse situations.

Dreaming that interacts with Oshun

Did you dream of receiving Oxum in your environment or that you were talking to this Orixá? Understand what this means and how this energy present in your dream reveals some aspects of your life and your emotions in the topics below.

■ Dreaming of receiving Oshun

Dreaming that welcomes Oshun means that prosperity is coming to the dream environment. It is worth noting that it is not just about earning more money, but also about cultivating good emotions and personal development. It represents new learning and the cultivation of healthier relationships.

If you receive this Orixá in your work, it means that an opportunity for professional growth is coming and, if it is received in your home, it reveals that some member of your family is reaching greater prosperity.

■ Dreaming that you talk to Oxum

Dreaming of talking to Oshun demonstrates that you are progressing in your faith, reconciling your beliefs with your feelings. Another meaning is the exploration of your emotions, this dream being a representation of your intimate contact with your emotional side.

Also, another meaning of this dream is that you have the need to unburden yourself to someone who will serve as a guide in your life. Find a person you trust and vent about what ails you and what obstacles are holding you back.

Dreaming of Oshun doing different things

There are dreams in which you don’t interact with Oshun, but you come across the goddess in front of you and notice their attitudes. See the meanings of dreaming about Oxum when this Orixá is dancing, crying and much more.

■ Dreaming of Oxum singing a lot

Dreaming of Oshun singing a lot indicates that many blessings are on the way, like a gale of good news. This dream shows that you should enjoy the moment, so open your heart to new friendships and deepen your connections.

This dream serves as a signal for you to enjoy the present moment and have a lighter life. This will make you create more connections and tune in to the nature around you, cultivating a greater sense of harmony within you.

■ Dreaming of Oxum crying

Dreaming of Oshun crying shows that you are going through a process of purification, getting rid of bad influences from the past. This will happen in the face of a fact that can shake your emotional, such as a breakup or conflict.

It is important to understand that it is best to continue with self-care and recover after the loss. Don’t skip the grieving process and feel what’s happening so you can pick yourself up when things are under control.

■ Dreaming of Oxum dancing

If you ever dream of Oshun dancing, this is an excellent sign that your life is undergoing transformations that will promote greater well-being for you. These changes are emotional and demonstrate maturing in the face of obstacles in life, by getting in intimate contact with your emotional side.

When having this dream, you should pay attention to making things flow more naturally. So, avoid being too systematic and rigid in your daily life, giving more freedom for your feelings and thoughts to reconcile.

Dreaming of Oshun in different places

This Orixá is closely linked with places full of clean water that bring peace to the heart. Understand the meanings of dreaming about Oxum in the waterfall, river and beach, and understand what this mother goddess represents in these 3 types of dreams.

■ Dreaming of Oxum in the waterfall

The waterfall is one of the places where the presence of this Orixá is stronger. Therefore, dreaming of Oshun at the waterfall reveals a need for support from a guide in your life, whether in the realm of faith or emotional development.

After all, the fluidity represented by Oshun in the waterfall reveals a need to let his emotions flow. Dreams of Oshun in the waterfall tend to bring tranquility to the person, along with the message that it is necessary that you do not repress yourself.

■ Dreaming of Oxum on the river

Dreaming of Oshun in the river reveals that you will soon overcome past wounds that hinder your fight against the demands of the present. So let your life flow like a river and don’t get stuck in grudges, preparing your mind and heart to move forward.

So, dreams of Oshun bathing in a river represent the liberation of the mind from people who hurt their heart or who harmed someone close to them. They are dreams associated with forgiveness, not forgetting what was done, but moving forward.

■ Dreaming of Oxum on the beach

The sea is the place most related to another well-known Orixá, Iemanjá. Even so, dreaming of Oxum on the beach indicates good luck that is to come and the need to adapt to adverse situations in order to overcome life’s problems.

This dream can be an indicator that it is necessary to adapt your current behavior in the relationship or in the professional environment. It’s a reminder that you can give people more affection, which will generate a positive response from them.

Dreaming of Oshun in other ways

You will be able to dream about this goddess in several other contexts, from Oshun’s party to the offering of this Orixá. Understand the meanings behind each of these dreams and be fascinated with the symbology that reveals about what goes on in your life and on your emotional side.

■ Dream of Oshun flying

If you dreamed of Oshun flying, without touching the ground or water, this is a great sign. After all, the archetype of this dream is based on the story in which Oshun transforms himself into a pigeon to escape from Xango’s cage and achieve freedom. So, dreaming of this orixá flying means that you are prepared to free yourself from a thought that holds you to the past.

■ Dreaming of offering to Oxum

The dream of offering to Oxum is a harbinger that you will have to expand your range of actions, whether at work or in a relationship. In other words, you should open your mind to new possibilities and try to surprise other people around you with correct and unexpected attitudes.

Dreaming of offering to Oshun is also an alert for you to maintain gratitude for the good things that happen in your life. Even though you are experiencing a number of problems, this dream indicates that these mishaps are fleeting and will be resolved after this phase passes.

■ Dreaming of Oxum clothes

Full of ornaments and beautiful details bathed in gold, this Orixá’s clothing is marked by its beauty. Dreaming about Oshun’s clothes indicates that you need to be more careful in your attitudes, going far beyond the way you dress, but also in the tasks you perform.

However, do not let this care become perfectionism, as it hinders the development of any task. Focus on doing the best you can, without pushing yourself to reach a perfect ideal that doesn’t actually exist.

■ Dreaming of Oshun’s party

When you dream of Oshun’s party, you can celebrate, as good news will arrive soon. Oshun party dreams represent an announcement that soon someone will positively surprise you and do you some special favor, ask you out or have a lot of affection in a pleasant conversation.

This is a harbinger that a relationship filled with love or brotherhood is developing. It may even be in an existing relationship where the feeling between you will become deeper and deeper. Just analyze whether this will happen in friendship, love or family.

■ Dreaming of Oxum and Iemanjá

Oxum is the daughter of Iemanjá and the meeting of these two orixás is the equivalent of a mixture between sea and river water. When dreaming of these two orixás, you feel that you need help to get your tasks in order. Iemanjá represents a figure of trust, affection and strength in the face of adversity, expressing the satisfaction of this desire for support in difficult times.

Dreaming about Oxum and Iemanjá also demonstrates that the person is going through a high load of stress. The best solution for this is to try to manage the schedules to avoid overloading. Thus, as the river divides and does not fully join the sea, you will have to follow the relationship between these two orixás and not give in completely to your obligations, leaving time for more important things in life.

Does dreaming of Oshun mean vanity and success?

Although the meanings of dreaming about Oshun vary a lot depending on the context and even the location of the dream, generally dreams about Oshun show vanity and success. Vanity is not necessarily bad and it shows, in this dream, the beautiful side of life, of yourself and of the people around you, as a warning to see the good things in everyday life.

Regarding success, he is present in this dream and shows that you will be able to make progress in your professional, love life and even in managing emotions. Prosperity is one of the main ways of expressing this triumph, with the coming of greater financial gains and relational achievements.

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