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Video De Luisa y Felipe – Ecuadorian YouTube client Felipe Crespo has displayed at 1 million endorsers on the video stage and has joined OnlyF since October this year. He will no doubt trade top-notch substance for his fans, where he can discuss modified subjects on YouTube.

Now, in the Ecuadorian pleasure world, the advancement to this paid stage to make p0rn0graphic content has become well known and its gathering is made step by step. Crazy Crespo let Extra in on that he chose to begin his business at Only, searching for new pay to help his task as a YouTuber.

Notwithstanding, he didn’t get it going for a “ticket.” Felipe remarked that the new game-plan on YouTube is exceptionally sensitive, and the records of him have been controlled traditionally, whether or not there is no p0rn0graphy. “Now and again they download records to chat with me and we wreck around or make jokes in them. YouTube thinks this is unpleasant.”

Dismissing the way that he began moving records and looking at subjects that couldn’t be moved to his YouTube channel, Felipe has made unequivocal substance. Among them, he showed with Luisa Espinoza, a High Tension expert, who ended up being eminent on the Internet for showing up in a video of Loco Crespo. He likewise has his channel on Only.

The Guayaquil man said that he isn’t reluctant to do this sort of content, he thinks of him as a responsible individual and can’t summon the energy to mind tolerating they can analyze him: “The focal concern I told him going before doing it was mine. Mother. He said if it was positive or negative, he comprehended it was huge for the work he did. “

The response of his fans was positive and he started to fill in Only. The expense of inclining in the direction of his channel on this stage is $ 30 reliably.

“As of now I buy-in for $ 30 consistently to see the express substance, where I perform inconveniences or outstanding shows and social occasions with individuals devoted to grown-up please … They are the first to co-produce this video and the most recent El Gato Night Club dispersals and Luisa Espinoza, they perform Kamasutra presents and other insane things or dreams to satisfy people by and large”, he added.

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