Tree of Life is full of stories and meanings!

Tree of Life: Discover the origin, stories, and more of this symbol!

The tree of life is an important symbol present in many cultures and religions. Through the knowledge expressed around this representation, it is possible to understand the life cycle as a whole, and with that to make discoveries for the individual life to become more harmonious. Furthermore, it is a symbol linked to overcoming obstacles.

When perceiving the natural trajectory of existence through this tree, an individual tends to seek strength to continue steadfastly in pursuit of material and spiritual growth. The tree of life is also about happiness, wisdom, and balance. To learn more about this symbol, check out the most important information about the tree of life below!

Meaning of the tree of life

The tree of life has many meanings. Through them, it is possible to gain understanding and instruction. Check out how this symbol relates to the cycle of life, vitality, strength, resilience, and much more!

■ Lifecycle

One of the meanings of the tree of life is cycle. It is important to remember that human beings are part of nature. During the end of the Middle Ages, in Europe, anthropocentrism arose, an idea that places the human being as a being endowed with intelligence, and therefore, capable of determining the actions of life across the Earth.

However, this perspective is somewhat separatist and ended up putting the human being above other beings. Therefore, it is common to have the notion of man and nature separately. On the other hand, we know that this is not the case, everything is connected. Thus, it is possible to visualize the similarity between the cycles of nature and the human being.

Just like the trees that arise through seed, and develop over time, producing fruit, a human also goes through these processes, it is the natural cycle of life. When a person manages to develop and bear fruit, he will finally be able to generate new seeds. And this contributes to a more harmonious life among all beings.

■ Symbol of vitality

The tree of life is also related to vitality. It is a symbol that represents the cycles of life, and demonstrates that to make this journey you need energy. It is normal to go through complicated processes in various issues, all people go through this. But it is always necessary to seek balance and growth.

This symbol carries the following message: for a being to be able to develop, it must have vitality. It is important to always remember the real importance of the journey on Earth, to be able to play the role of transforming agent, seeking to bear fruit and serving other individuals.

■ Force

Another meaning that the tree of life carries is its relationship with strength. Individuals must strive for their awakening, always seeking spiritual and material growth. And all of this requires strength, the daily complications can take a person off the axis, so it is essential to be firm to keep going in search of personal development.

It is crucial to know how to balance attention to material and spiritual life. It’s no use directing energy to just one of these issues. The material side is connected to serving, that is, acting not only for one’s own benefit. And for this to flow properly, individual and internal issues must be worked out.

■ Resilience

The symbol of the tree of life is connected to resilience, which is the ability to deal with one’s own issues and overcome them. When a being understands the natural cycle of life, represented by this tree, he is able to have the strength to deal with difficulties. Even often facing unfair impasses, precisely because of selfishness and human disconnection.

If the natural cycle of life is to develop, like a tree, obstacles in the way will bring growth. Understanding this logic, the person finds reasons to continue steadfastly in pursuit of their goals. It is normal to have frustrations along the way, consequently the desire to give up, thus leaving dreams in the background.

For this reason, it is crucial not to be overwhelmed by limiting beliefs. These ideas make the individual go off the track of looking for what he really wants to live, not considering himself capable. The ability to be resilient comes in precisely there, making the search for development possible, even in the midst of problems.

■ Fertility

The tree of life reflects the individual’s journey, as it demonstrates the path that must be taken in search of growth, also associating itself with fertility. In biology, fertility is described as the ability to reproduce, pointing to the reproduction of new individuals, whereas in the human journey the meaning is broader.

In this sense, the term “fecundity” is not just translated as a new individual that human beings can generate. Thus, he is also able to generate ideas, projects, plans, and many other things. Therefore, in this case, the fruitfulness of the tree of life is linked to creativity, outgrown thoughts, production, and putting projects into practice. Always thinking about doing something beneficial to other people.

■ Connection between Earth, Sky and Underworld

The tree of life is also linked to heaven, earth and the underworld. The leaves, which grow upwards, represent the sky, and the search for enlightenment. The roots, on the other hand, have downward growth, expressing a connection with the underworld. All of this provides a corresponding link to the creation of the world.

■ Meaning of dreaming about the Tree of Life

Dreaming of the tree of life is a reminder not to forget your connection to the entire universe. When a person is not feeling well, they can forget about the important bonds they have created with other people, suffering needlessly. Thus, it is necessary to notice the good companies that you have around and value them.

Origin and history of the Tree of Life

The tree of life has been present throughout history in the culture of different peoples, shaping their religious beliefs. See below for more information about the emergence of this tree and its representation in Celtic life, in Ancient Egypt, in Buddhism, among other perspectives.

■ The emergence of the Tree of Life

The origin of the tree of life is unknown, there are records of the symbol from the Assyrian peoples. For these peoples the symbol was linked to the goddess Ishtar, goddess of fertility, and the most prestigious deity among them.

In addition, the tree of life was also present in the culture of other peoples, such as the Phoenicians, Persians, Greeks, Mayans, Aztecs, Celts, Indians, and many others.

■ Celtic Tree of Life

The tree’s relationship to Celtic life is quite complex, and it takes a lot of study to understand everything they thought about this symbol. This is because each tree had a different meaning for the Celts, they also made this association with astrology, linking trees to a specific sign.

For them, a tree was the representation of the generosity of feminine energy. Furthermore, they believed they had souls. Because of the great spiritual importance of trees, rituals and other events were held in forests. However, not all trees and groves were considered sacred.

The Celts even created alphabetic characters to represent trees that were considered sacred. They always appreciated and revered Mother Nature. Thus, this connection was able to provide more harmony for these people. The meaning of trees to them was linked to both renewal and rebirth.

■ Tree of Life in Kabbalah

Kabbalah is an esoteric study of the mystical affairs of Judaism. The tree of life in this perspective is divided into ten parts, which are related to the universe (the whole) or consciousness (the individual). To understand the universe it is necessary to analyze it from the top down, while to understand what the individual journey should be like, it is analyzed from the bottom up.

As such, it contains an explanation of everything. Both from the spiritual issue of connection with the divine, as of connection with the issues of all beings individually. This tree describes the path for human beings to reach a heightened state of consciousness.

To understand how this tree works, it is important to know that it is divided into four parts. In two parts, God is believed to act directly, these being the world of creation and the world of emanation. In the world of formation, God does not act directly, and finally, the world of action is linked to the material realm.

Overall, this representation has three columns, the one on the left is connected to the feminine energy, the one on the right to the masculine energy. It still has the center column, which symbolizes the balance between these two energies.

Severity is the feminine side, the one that contains the child (repressive force). Mercy is the masculine, it is the force of the explosion, being the opposite of the feminine. These two energies are always complementary.

■ Tree of Life in the Bible

In the bible the tree of life accompanied the tree that contained the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden. Therefore, in this garden there were two trees. The tree of life represented eternal guarantee, and was located in the center of the garden. When Adam and Eve disobeyed the orders of God, and ate the fruit of the tree of good and evil (tree of forbidden fruit), they were prevented from remaining in the garden.

This means that Adam and Eve had God’s permission to eat the fruit of the tree of life. However, they let themselves be carried away by sin. They had no obedience and fellowship with God. Some people take this story literally, while others take it symbolically. As such, it represents the human quest for power, not life.

■ Tree of Life in Nordic culture

In Nordic culture, the tree of life is called yggdrasil. It is considered the tree of eternal life located at the center of the universe. It occupies this position as it links the nine cosmic worlds.

It has roots that connect with the dark world, the trunk that connects with the material world, and the highest part called Asgard, where the gods live. Also, the Yggdrasil fruits contain explanations about humanity. Therefore, they remain saved.

■ Tree of Life in Ancient Egypt

In Ancient Egypt, the tree of life was linked to nine gods, as well as symbolizing the divine plan and the map of destiny. Whoever ate its fruit could enjoy eternal life, and the conscience with the divine plan. This was not offered to mortals, except in certain rituals.

The scribe of the underworld (Thoth) wrote the names of the pharaohs on the leaf of the tree, so that his life and his name could be eternalized. Another information is that in an attempt to kill the god of rebirth (Osiris), his coffin received the foundation of this tree in the Nile River.

■ Tree of Life in Buddhism

In Buddhism the tree of life is known as Bodhi, it is a fig tree where Buddha achieved enlightenment. He remained in meditation for seven weeks until he was able to reach a heightened state of consciousness.

The Bodhi symbol represents the part of the human being that remains pure. To connect with this side it is necessary to maintain constant practices of connecting with spirituality. In this way, it is possible to achieve happiness, longevity and luck.

■ Tree of Life in Chinese Culture

For the Taoist religion, present in Chinese culture, the tree symbolizes the cycle of life. When human beings want to accomplish something, they have an intention, which is the seed, when they start to follow this path, they generate an action, creating habits, so the tree is growing. The way of living of this being is modified over time, bearing fruit, which is karma, symbolizing cause and effect.

There is no mystery of life for the Taoists, the walk follows this path, reaching a more peaceful and harmonious life. Remembering that the cycle can be virtuous, when actions are positive, and vicious when actions are negative. After all, there is a story that the peach on the tree of life is able to provide immortality, but this happens every 3000 years.

■ Tree of Life and the Persians

Among the Persians, the tree of life was called Haoma and it was able to promote immortality. They believed that the seeds of this tree were scattered by a mythical creature.

Therefore, the tree contained the seed of the world. The tree of life in this context is linked to the rebirth of the natural spirit, providing self-knowledge and awareness to all beings.

■ Tree of Life in Islam

For Islam, the tree of life also symbolizes immortality and is displayed in the Quran as the tree of Eden. But it is very common to find this symbol being disseminated by Islamic culture through decorative pieces, in architecture and other artistic manifestations.

The tree of life in Islam appears similar to the bible. Adam and Eve were forbidden by Allah to eat the fruit of sin. By disobeying, they lost the condition of immortality granted by the tree. They consider that paradise is where humans plant their seeds and hell is where fire spreads as a result of wrong actions in the world.

Tree of Life Representations

Over time, the tree of life was also adapted to pop culture, either because it is a very beautiful symbol or because it describes the connection between heaven and earth. Learn more about the representation of this symbol in tattoos, pendants, among others.

■ Tree of Life Tattoo

When you choose to have the tree of life on your skin forever, through a tattoo, the person carries a symbol of spiritual and earthly growth. This tree has the meaning of overcoming problems, strength, connecting to spirituality and seeking enlightenment.

Tattoo options are plentiful, ranging from fine strokes, thick strokes, symbol mixes, and more. Here, creativity can be explored to find art that promotes identification.

■ Tree of Life Pendants

It is common to see the search for pendants from the tree of life, this is due to the beauty of the piece, but also its meaning.

Whoever wears this pendant brings with them the symbol of strength and growth. In this way, the person can always remember that it is necessary to be persistent in the goals. Without perseverance, it is not possible to harvest the fruits represented by the tree of life, so the pendant acts as a very positive reminder.

■ Pictures of the Tree of Life

The tree of life frames, in addition to being beautiful decorative items, also act as a reminder. When having an object with this symbol, a person tends to remember the connection between material and spiritual life, as well as their life trajectory. Thus, it becomes easier to look for balance and to have persistence.

The Tree of Life is the symbol of existence!

The tree of life is the symbol of existence, after all, it describes all the steps of the life cycle on Earth. It also symbolizes the connection between the material and the spiritual, and in some contexts, it is linked to the balance between masculine and feminine energies. Furthermore, it is a symbol present in several religions, but with very similar definitions.

In all cases, it represents immortality and the trajectory of earthly life. In this way, this symbol is useful to understand the spiritual issue, thus, achieving greater understanding. As well as having more determination in material life, providing more abundance and harmony.

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