Top 10 Manhua To Read In 2022

It’s been so long since Manga and Manhwa ruled the world. It’s time for a change. And a change is coming in the form of Mahua. We have compiled a list of Top 10 Manhua to read in 2022 so that we can be the standard-bearer for this change.

Manga has reigned in the web world for a very long time. Korean manga or Manhwa also gained popularity and created a distinct fan base. But right now, Chinese manga, or Mahua, are steadily increasing among fans.

There are so many amazing Mahua that you can read and have the time of your life. And including all these manhuas in this list is almost impossible. But we have done our best and included what we think are the Top 10 Manhua to read in 2022.

10-My Three Thousand Years To The Sky

  • Status – Ongoing
  • Genre – Action, Adventure, Comedy

Truly one of the Top 10 Funniest Manhua Ever. And unlike other manhuas, it doesn’t even have a death count trick. It’s just pure comedy. There are so many moments where you will laugh uncontrollably at each panel of the chapter.

The art of this manhua is also truly amazing. All the goofy faces hit hard as per the comedy scene. And the best thing about this manhua is that as the chapter progresses, the action also gets better. And after some chapters, the action is almost divine.

This is a perfect package for who knows what Manhua really is. So if you’re looking to start a manhua right now, My Three Thousand Years To The Sky is definitely one of the best Manhua right now.

9-Chronicles Of Heavenly Demon

  • Status – Ongoing
  • Genre – Fantasy, Action, Mythology

One of the oldest Manhua Top 10 right now. And honestly, it’s also our personal choice. This manhua was at the top of all the charts a few years ago. But after a brief production hiatus, popularity cooled somewhat.

But the manhua is back and better than ever. It gets intense and darker with each chapter and you will love every second of it. This is one of the best action manhuas of all time and no one will dispute that. But the main selling point of the manhua is politics.

So many manhuas touch on the concept of ancient politics, but none of them are as detailed as Chronicles Of Heavenly Demon. And with each chapter that passes, it will become more and more intense to the point that you will regret having missed a single dialogue.

8-The Legendary Mechanic

  • Status – Ongoing
  • Genre – Fantasy, Action

Another one of our personal favourites. It’s not the best manhua out there. There are a lot of problems with this manhua and it’s not perfect. If you’re a fan of foreshadowing in a manga series, you won’t like The Legendary Mechanic.

But if you are a fan of world-building and a very powerful main character, you will enjoy this manhua so much. Sit back and relax and enjoy this one without thinking about anything mentioned before. And the art is amazing too.

7-Once More

  • Status – Ongoing
  • Genre – Romance, Slice of Life

We are now in the territory of specialization. Manhua specializes in the romantic category and One More is the best it can be. It’s so hard to read this manga and not get emotional. After a few chapters, tears will constantly flow into your eyes.

From plot to art, everything here will leave you wanting more. And at the end of each chapter, there will be a feeling of loneliness that you will feel. There are very few manhuas capable of doing this. And Once More does it wonderfully.

6-Doulou Dalu

  • Status – Ongoing
  • Genre – Fantasy, Action, Adventure

Yes, we know you might be confused because Doulou Dalu had a manga. But he recently got a Manhua adaptation and that’s really good too. It is slower compared to the manga at the start. But once it starts rolling, it’s really interesting.

You will see one of the best character development ever in this Manhua. World-building and art are also decent. Doulou Dalu is a kind of manga that will reward readers for the time invested.

5-The King’s Avatar

  • Status – Ongoing
  • Genre – Esports, Action

Finally, let’s eliminate the obvious choice. The Avatar of the King is one of the most famous Manhua. One of the first Manhua to be adapted into Donghua. You have to catch this Manhua no matter what.

You can read Manhua, light novels or even watch anime and you will enjoy all of them equally. One of the best action series with the most interesting characters. Definitely, one of the best Manhua to read in 2022.

4-The Legends Of Sun Knight

  • Status – Ongoing
  • Genre – Action, Fantasy, Adventure

This one is hard to read, but once you get into it, no one can stop you from finishing it. At first, you might think these will all be overpowered characters. But The Legends Of Sun Knight is much more character-driven than you might think.

The action scenes are well delivered. The concept of knights and their connection to the world is something unique and you will like it. The ending was a little disappointing, but it’s more about the journey than the destination, isn’t it?

3-The Ravages Of Time

  • Status – Ongoing
  • Gender – Philosophical, Psychological

If you’re a Kingdom fan, you’ll definitely love Ravages Of Time. If you’re a fan of ancient warfare, historical politics, and incredible action, Ravages Of Time is perfect for you.

The best thing about this Manhua is that it doesn’t focus on one main character. Each character is important and has its own role to play. You don’t want to miss even a single dialogue when it comes to this Manhua.

2-The Song Of The Long March

  • Status – Ongoing
  • Genre – Sound, Action, Adventure, Drama

It’s one of the best series you’ll ever read. Everything about this series is bright and thoughtful. The foreshadowing in this Manhua is just next level. You’ll be amazed at how much foreshadowing can affect a series.

The story is top-notch, the artwork is just amazing, and the touch of little but philosophy takes this Manhua to a whole new level.

1-The Beginning After The End

  • Status – Ongoing
  • Genre – Fantasy, fairy tale

The last entry on the list and it is one of the most underrated Manhua of all time. I don’t know how a gem like this can stay hidden for so long. There are very few manhuas that will give you an adrenaline rush from the first chapter. And The Beginning After The End is one of those few.

The concept of this manhua is so unique and so amazing at the same time. You will be annoyed by some of the author’s decisions, but the earnings will certainly make you forget about everything else. It is such a pleasure to read this manhua.

So here is our list of the top 10 manhuas to read in 2022. We know we might have missed some manhua. However, including every good manhua in a top 10 list was very difficult.

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