Tokyo Revengers Chapter 249: Release Date, Plot, Summary

Now that we can see who is up against whom, the battle continues. The shonen series Tokyo Revengers was absent for a week due to an unplanned hiatus, but now it’s back! For Tokyo Revengers Chapter 249, here is everything you need to know!

Tokyo Avengers chapter 248 summary

A flashback to Mitsuya’s past opens the chapter. As a teenager, she took her younger sisters Luna and Mana to a music festival. During this particular event, everyone’s attention was focused on a criminal gang led by the Haitani brothers. It’s Mitsuya’s favourite nickname, “Roppongi Charisma”. Mitsuya informs Hakkai that he previously looked up to Ran and Rindo, who are currently involved in a fight.

Ran predicts that Mitsuya and Hakkai will die in five minutes and is not exaggerating. He rushes towards them and punches them in the face as they yell at him. Despite Rindo’s attempt to hit him, the two men continue to flee. They are chased by Hakkai, who then disappears into the crowd. So far, Senju has killed at least 50 of the group members. Although there are still many. “Disgusting fly”, that’s what Sanzu calls her as she approaches. According to the story, Kawaragi Senju and Sanzu Haruchiyo will face each other.

As Mitsuya searches for Hakkai, he finds him lying on the ground, covered in blood. This time Hakkai is able to deliver the message that they are imprisoned to Mitsuya. They are surrounded by members of the Kanto Manji gang and the Haitani brothers, Mitsuya comments. The game is done, according to Ran, and they didn’t even need five minutes. The “terrible prediction” is how Mitsuya describes it.

On the contrary, Inupiat approaches Koko. Koko, for his part, is categorical: he will not face Inupi. Waka orders Koko to stay seated. According to the story, Inui Seishu and Imaushi Wakasa will face each other.
Mitsuya yells at Hakkai to wake up as he defeats several Kanto Manji members at his location. Rindo warns that he won’t be able to wake up for a while as Hakkai was hit in the head by an unexpected attack. He gets up and declares that he has rested. When Rindo sees how tough they are, he wonders if they really are.

Five minutes left, Mitsuya tells me. He predicts that they will be defeated in five minutes if they accept his challenge to fight.

Tokyo Avengers Chapter 249 Release Date

On Tuesday, April 12, 2022, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 249 will be released. The chapter will be released in Japan on Wednesday, April 13.

Spoilers for Tokyo Avengers Chapter 249

Hakkai informs Mitsuya that the Haitani brothers are a formidable opponent. During the fights against the Haitani brothers in the Kanto, when Hakkai and Angry faced them, they always attacked together. Rindo and Ran are separated by Hakkai’s plan. Hakkai pulls Rindo out of Ran’s sight, surprising and disorienting him. After that, Mitsuya manages to land a hit on Ran. The Haitani brothers are mercilessly attacked by Mitsuya and Hakkai until they can’t stand it.

Mochi looked exhausted, but Chifuyu stood her ground. Chifuyu angered Mochi, who questioned the point of fighting despite their physical differences. Chifuyu was enraged by Mochi’s comment and defeated him with a single blow. Toman’s morale rose following the deaths of Mochi and the Haitani brothers. Smiley, on the other hand, warns that people shouldn’t be too happy. The end of Takemichi vs. is still not in sight. Kakuchō. Sanzu, on the other hand, has the upper hand. Shion’s brass knuckles left Akkun bruised and injured.

Tokyo Avengers Manga: Where to Find It

Kodansha’s official site for Tokyo Revengers includes a list of streaming and purchase options for the series.
Mangamo and Inkr are two options to consider if you’re looking for an app to read the series.

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