The meaning of numbers in numerology and how they affect our lives!

Numbers are a guide!

From the smallest particle ever discovered by man to complex biological or astronomical structures such as constellations and galaxies, numbers are always present. Some say they are the way God communicates and even for skeptics about the existence of a universal creator, numbers have their importance and their mysteries.

Numerology studies how numbers guide human existence, drawing parallels and connections between the most diverse areas of life with numbers and their specific meanings.

Through conversion tables of the characters of the person’s name, calculations are performed arriving at numbers that describe the influence on aspects such as expression, attitude, personality and the path of a person’s life. In some aspects of numerology, the date of birth is also taken into account for the numerological calculation.

Travel with us on this journey through numerology and understand how to interpret numbers according to Kabbalistic and Pythagorean knowledge. We will also understand how to read numbers according to business numerology.

How to interpret numbers in numerology

In numerology, whatever it may be, numbers act as a guide in the search for deep self-knowledge and our bond with the outside world, whether in relation to situations or people we live with.

Through the name of the analyzed person, a numerical digit is reached that will serve as a basis for the interpretation. Generally speaking, numerology is not seen as supernatural or as an immediate problem-solver.

The assertiveness of the analysis of the numbers is generally high, which has caused more and more the adoption of this technique by people of diverse cultures around the globe. We move on to the understanding of how numbers are interpreted in Kabbalistic, Pythagorean and business numerology.

■ How to interpret numbers in Kabbalistic numerology?

For the Kabbalah, a Jewish philosophical religious system that emerged in the medieval era, as well as words and letters, numbers have an energetic foundation. Each letter converted into a number carries a hidden energy that will be the basis of interpretation about all the deeper aspects of the individual.

It is the oldest form of numerology and is based on the Hebrew alphabet which, unlike the 26-letter Roman alphabet, has 22 characters. In this branch of numerology, only the person’s name is analyzed, disregarding the date of birth.

Kabbalistic numerology is widely used in choosing a name before the child is born and also for changing the name of adults, in order to change the energy that the numbers related to letters carry.

■ How to interpret numbers in Pythagorean numerology?

Pythagoras, ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician, is considered the father of modern numerology. Pythagorean numerology takes into account the numbers 1 to 9, in addition to the master numbers 11 and 22, relating them to energies coming from the cosmos.

In this branch of numerology, there is a table linking the alphabet to numbers and it is through this that a name is analyzed. This table is currently the most used for the computation of numerological analysis.

According to Pythagorean numerology, each number is related to an aspect of the person and each number has different energies, having a positive and negative side. For Pythagoras, numbers translate the ethereal aspects of the universe to the physical plane. Thus, it has great importance in the life of an individual, being a guide for professional vocations, for example.

■ How to interpret numbers in business numerology?

In this line of numerology, the focus is on the relationship of numbers when choosing names for companies. Through business numerology, the name of the business is chosen, or changed, taking into account which segment it belongs to and which objective is pursued.

For the business numerological calculation and analysis, the name in which the company is or will be known by people is taken into account. From this, the analysis is made taking into account a specific table dedicated to this aspect of numerology.

There are 3 types of numbers in business numerology; the motivation number (sum of the vowels and says about what you want to do), the impression number (sum of the consonants and is related to the appearance that the company has or will have with the public) and the expression number (sum of all the letters and is linked to the skills of the business).

Meaning of number 1 in numerology

Generally speaking, the number 1 is related to beginning and uniqueness. It is linked to leadership, creativity, willpower and achievement. It is the union of energies being the driving force of grand initiatives. The negative aspect of number 1 represents the authoritarianism and selfishness that singularity can bring.

Too often, excessive self-confidence or positions of leadership lead the individual to a state of self-centeredness. So pay close attention to this if you see the number 1 in your numerological analysis. Read on to understand what Kabbalistic, Pythagorean, and business numerology tells us about the influences of number 1.

■ Number 1 in Kabbalistic Numerology

In Kabbalah, the number one represents creation, where God in creating light also defined darkness. People under the influence of number one tend to be leaders from birth without any fear of pioneering any field or innovative idea.

They are individuals with great courage and initiative, but they can have a big ego, thus being a negative side of the number 1 for the Kabbalah.

■ Number 1 in Pythagorean Numerology

In Pythagorean numerology, 1 is the beginning of everything and primarily symbolizes individuality and pioneering spirit. It represents the energy emanating from creativity throughout the universe and is linked to masculinity, courage and initiative to get things done.

People under the influence of number one in their numerological analysis are ambitious, courageous, and have an appreciation for physical activity as well as exercising leadership in a natural way. The downside is that these number 1 strengths can cause negative traits if not handled correctly, such as authoritarianism and arrogance.

■ Number 1 in business numerology

Number one according to business numerology signals innovation, credibility and leadership. Companies that are number 1 as a result of numerological analysis have great potential to grow and become first in their segment.

The number 1 in business numerology is conducive to real estate, finance and health care companies and will likely succeed honestly in the business world.

Meaning of number 2 in numerology

The number 2 in numerology complements the number 1, and brings aspects of calm and tranquility as opposed to the movement and leadership energy of 1. The sensitivity and subtlety of 2 connects you to feminine energies, being a number that seeks a balanced relationship with the other numerals.

It is loaded with intuition and brings a sense of balance in solving situations, being considered a number related to diplomacy, solidarity, emotions and patience.

Due to this high energy of tranquility and consideration, number 2 has its downside when there is submission, doubts about actions, excessive shyness and insecurities in general. Let’s look at the different interpretations of the number 2 according to different types of numerology.

■ Number 2 in Kabbalistic Numerology

The number 2 reference in Qabalistic numerology is given to the second day of creation, when God separates water from the land and does not consider his work as good. It is the number where the individual is not driven by his ego, therefore, dissonant from the number 1.

For Kabbalistic numerology, the number 2 is the number of people with the gift of pacification and of resolving issues in a calm and peaceful way. Individuals ruled by number 2, according to this aspect of numerology, may have a tendency to be dependent, which can bring suffering.

■ Number 2 in Pythagorean Numerology

For Pythagorean numerology, the 2 is linked to the energies of works aimed at the collective and is taken as the number of people who put the good of others before themselves. It is a numeral charged with cooperative energy, sensitivity and diplomacy.

The downside of the number 2 in Pythagorean numerology is precisely when this very cooperative and sensitive energy is not handled correctly. Thus, it generates excessive insecurity and shyness, in addition to an aversion to physical contact and excessive sensitivity.

■ Number 2 in business numerology

As for number 2 in relation to companies and businesses, in general we have a scenario where the team of workers will be the driving force and the cooperation between them and the company’s management can generate fantastic results.

It’s a great energy emanating from having the right people for the right roles within the company, and that in itself is huge in business.

It’s an excellent number for recruitment companies, non-governmental organizations and the like who are involved in bringing together and coordinating large groups of people for the common good.

Meaning of number 3 in numerology

The number 3 is loaded with powerful meanings. Religiously, it refers to the Holy Spirit and also symbolizes the union of body, mind and soul. It represents the triangle which is an important geometric symbol for different cultures.

It is considered by Chinese culture to be a perfect number, being the joining of heaven and earth that resulted in humanity. Follow what Kabbalistic, Pythagorean, and business numerology tell us about number 3.

■ Number 3 in Kabbalistic Numerology

In Kabbalah the main feature of number 3 is civility. People who have the number 3 in the calculation of Kabbalistic numerology have the gift of communication and interactivity. They are talented, happy and with an above-average creativity.

Solving problems with ease is another characteristic of people who carry the number 3 in their name. They like to enjoy the good in life and the profits made by their work. The downside has to do with jealousy and gossip tending to be irritable people when criticized.

■ Number 3 in Pythagorean Numerology

For Pythagorean numerology, 3 is the result of the union of 1 and 2 representing multiplicity and relating to the energy of communication, expression and adaptation.

Individuals ruled by the number 3 energy are generally very friendly and optimistic, being quite sociable and harmonious in their interpersonal relationships. They have a strong magnetism and are key to driving the development of those around them.

On the other hand, they may find it difficult to finish projects or plans, as they have a somewhat exaggerated side that they can get in the way. As electric or scattered as they may seem, they have a very meticulous sense of observation.

■ Number 3 in business numerology

Companies or businesses whose numerical calculation results in 3 will be favored in aspects of expression, communication and creativity.

For business numerology, number 3 is indicated for companies that focus on interacting with their target audience through creative ways and a lot of word use.

Branches linked to children’s entertainment and companies related to shows and shows are especially favored with the energy of number 3.

Meaning of number 4 in numerology

Like the design of the numeral itself, the 4 reminds us of closed and firm angles. It brings a sense of solidity and all that can be tangible. It is strongly linked to the symbol of the quadrangle and the cross, thus bringing a strong meaning.

In Japanese culture the number 4 is even avoided from being pronounced as it is related to death. The number is still mentioned in the book “Revelation” in the Bible, as well as in the Indian Vedas, bringing a sacred aspect to this number.

Overall number 4 brings a sense of organization and stability. It is present in various representations such as the 4 seasons and the 4 cardinal points. We continue with the interpretations of number 4 according to different aspects of numerology.

■ Number 4 in Kabbalistic Numerology

People who are governed by the force of the number 4 according to Kabbalistic numerology are primarily honest and fair. They don’t get along with falsehood and appreciate sincerity with a well-established sense of truth.

They are the kind of people who take on serious commitments and responsibilities in a firm and irreducible way, which makes them, in a way, authoritarian.

They are linked to organizational rules and systems, both at work and at home, which can generate a large number of criticisms from people who may come to work in a team or relate to family.

■ Number 4 in Pythagorean Numerology

The numeral 4 in Pythagorean numerology is the one that manifests law and order. People ruled by the energy of 4 are rational and emanate fidelity and stability in any area of ​​their lives.

They are often seen as tough and intransigent, asserting their authority over the organization or ways of doing some work. They defend traditions and are often conformist, but they are self-assured and have an immense capacity to carry out the most arduous tasks with great firmness and self-discipline.

The downside of the number 4’s influence on a person is excessive attachment to the past, inflexibility, and excessive criticism of those around you.

■ Number 4 in business numerology

Companies under the influence of this number have a great chance of being successful in activities related to safety, physical care (gyms or beauty clinics) and activities related to the financial sector (brokers operating in the financial market or banks).

As the number 4 is loaded with energies linked to firmness, stability and well-defined shapes, it can also be used in fields related to civil construction and matters related to family stability. In addition, they are suitable for exercising successful partnerships with public administration bodies.

Meaning of number 5 in numerology

By occupying the middle of the first numbers (from 1 to 9) in general the number 5 represents the balance. It also refers to the human being, as it results from the sum of the 4 members (legs and arms) to the torso.

The number 5 brings a sense of unity and balance and is also the sum of the 4 senses (touch, taste, smell and hearing), in addition to being the number of Christ’s wounds when he was crucified.

It has a central role in Chinese culture being the sum of yin (two) and yang (three) in addition to representing a cross in the ideogram used by the numeral 5. See what the different types of numerology tell us about the number 5.

■ Number 5 in Kabbalistic Numerology

Being in the middle of numbers, the 5 for Kabbalistic numerology mainly brings an energy of freedom. It is related to people who own their own destiny and who carry out what they want.

The freedom to come and go guides people under the influence of 5 who generally hate routines, being aptitude for jobs that do not stick to schedules or orders from bosses.

People governed by number 5 need to be careful about breaking rules and laws, always seeking a balance between freedom and the responsibilities of life.

■ Number 5 in Pythagorean Numerology

In Pythagorean numerology, the number 5 brings the energy of the senses and sensations, the number being related to travels and changes. It brings a sense of revolution and transgression of established rules and a sense of exploring everything new.

Generally individuals ruled by 5 are quick-witted and shrewd, impulsive and inquisitive in the extreme. They tend to accumulate general knowledge on a multitude of subjects without specializing in any of them. Despite this, they are caring, trustworthy and good advisers.

They have a tendency to succeed in jobs without fixed hours and need to be careful not to be overconfident and rash.

■ Number 5 in business numerology

For its adventurous energy and exploration of all that is new, the number 5 for business numerology is recommended for companies that deal with travel and that sell general products to the public (such as convenience stores).

From the perspective of the energy of propagation and dissemination that the 5 carries, it is also suitable for teaching companies such as colleges or language schools.

Companies whose numerical calculation result in 5 will have a high probability of expansion with the opening of branches in other cities, states or even abroad.

Meaning of number 6 in numerology

The numeral 6 is full of meanings for various cultures being present in the Star of David, the ultimate symbol of Judaism, forming six triangles within a circle. In antiquity it was the number of the goddess of love, Venus and for Christians it represents the days of the creation of the world.

It is associated with lofty ideals and balance, justice and in Chinese culture the number 6 represents heaven and its power.

Despite symbolizing virtues and having great strength, the number six has negative potential, being called the number of bad luck by the Mayan culture and the number of sin in the “Apocalypse”, the last book of the Bible. Check out what each type of numerology says about the numeral 6.

■ Number 6 in Kabbalistic Numerology

People under the influence of the number 6, according to Kabbalistic numerology, are loving and dedicated. They have a great capacity for responsibility towards those they love and are happy, honest and faithful.

They are often people who are sought out to give a word of comfort to friends and family in difficult times. Because they have a great capacity to love, they often become blind to other people’s faults and can only see the qualities.

They always try to solve the problems of those around them and, for this reason, they often become invasive and inconvenient. Individuals governed by the energy of number 6 must beware of pride and callousness.

■ Number 6 in Pythagorean Numerology

In Pythagorean numerology, the energy that the 6 transmits is towards synthesizing responsibilities, whether in the family or social area. The home, family and community are pillars for those under the influence of the numeral 6.

Individuals governed by this energy tend to be perfectionists in everything they do and because they are loving they have an easy way to deal with humanitarian issues. Empathy is a key part of the number 6 energy.

The negative side can surface in the form of insecurity making the person dominant and controlling, and when thwarted, they become angry or depressed. Because they have heightened sensitivity, they can feel oppressed in tense environments or situations.

■ Number 6 in business numerology

Related to the business environment, number 6 greatly favors philanthropic activities with a focus on community actions seeking to improve the community in which the company operates.

Companies or businesses whose numerical results result in 6 will also be successful in activities related to family gatherings, whether in the form of an event space or a company dedicated to organizing weddings and birthday parties.

Home improvement offices such as interior design, gardening and architecture are also favored under number 6.

Meaning of number 7 in numerology

The number 7, or perfect number, is the most sacred of all and is the most significant for many religions, myths and also for numerology. This numeral is the most mystical and the most connected to occult knowledge and the mysteries of the universe.

There are numerous references to the number seven in the Bible and in various other religious scriptures and in numerology it carries a strong sense of seeking deep self-knowledge. The 7 also symbolizes renewal and awareness. We follow the meanings of the number 7 in the different aspects of numerology.

■ Number 7 in Kabbalistic Numerology

In Kabbalistic numerology we find in the number 7 the greatest vibration of perfection. This numeral carries the energy of God and represents the 7 colors of the rainbow and the 7 days of the week. People under the rule of energy emanating from the number 7 are closely linked to intuition, characterized by patience and curiosity about the mysteries of life and the universe.

They are often people who seek to delve into complex subjects that, for most people, have an air of mystery and mysticism. They have few friends, but they choose their companies very carefully and with criteria that not even she can explain.

They are bright-minded individuals with immense capacity for analysis and can reach answers to many complex and mysterious issues for most people. As they are introverted and interested in different subjects, they may have a tendency to isolation and unwillingness to interact with other people.

■ Number 7 in Pythagorean Numerology

For Pythagorean numerology the 7 represents the emanation of energy that makes up the entire Universe and is strongly related to the search for hidden knowledge, introspection and inner peace.

It is the number related to sages and intellectuals and people who go in search of information and answers beyond understanding the environment in which they live. People ruled by the energy of number 7 are detail oriented and demanding, especially with themselves.

They can often seem insensitive and distant because they are immersed in thoughts and questions that most people would not be able to understand. For this reason, they must be careful not to isolate themselves or become too eccentric.

■ Number 7 in business numerology

Regarding the business world, number 7 is suitable for companies that deal with confidential and specialized matters, focusing on a very specific market niche. It is not considered a good number for companies, as it can make it difficult to find niches in specific markets and thus reach your target audience.

Due to the energy of deep studies that the 7 carries, it is also suitable for companies dedicated to teaching a specific course or subject.

Meaning of number 8 in numerology

The numeral 8 symbolizes infinity, something where neither the beginning nor the end is found, like the character’s own design when positioned horizontally. It also refers to the intermediation between heaven and earth, the physical and the spiritual, symbolizing balance.

In Japanese culture, it is considered sacred and for Christianity the number 8 symbolizes resurrection, thus representing renewal and prosperity. We move on to the meanings of the number 8 for the different types of numerology.

■ Number 8 in Kabbalistic Numerology

In Kabbalistic numerology, the number 8 is very similar to the number 1, bringing a sense of everything being ready and done. In Jewish tradition, it is on the eighth day that the boys are circumcised, making them ready for contact with the sacred.

Individuals ruled by the number 8 tend to have great success in the business world and are spiritually balanced and thoughtful.

They are people with great persistence in their goals and tirelessly embrace projects and ideas. They must be careful not to become greedy or abuse the power they can achieve in the material world.

■ Number 8 in Pythagorean Numerology

Pythagorean numerology has in the number 8 the emanation of the energy of victory and prosperity. It represents the good management of material wealth and recognition in front of others.

Individuals governed by the energy of number 8 are able to put their material ambitions into practice and are persevering and steadfast in their purposes. They are also extremely capable of restarting thus representing the rebirth energy that the 8 carries.

If not worked on correctly, the energy of number 8 can lead to excessive materialism and lack of patience towards others. Being very self-assured, people ruled by 8 can often become arrogant and arrogant.

■ Number 8 in business numerology

In business numerology, the 8 brings excellent energy of competition towards competitors. It is an energy that can result in market leadership in challenging areas.

Number 8 brings good energy to win businesses that will bring good financial gains and is very suitable for self-employed who will compete with a large number of people.

Meaning of number 9 in numerology

Generally speaking, the number 9 represents completion, effort and power. It is a strong number that carries within it leadership energies being the sum of 3 triangles also representing wisdom and integrity.

In Chinese culture it represents the 9 celestial circles and is thus a good luck number and is also revered by Greek mythology and Christianity.

The negative side of 9 represents possessiveness and lack of orientation and for cultures like the Japanese and Aztec it is considered a bad luck number. Check out the different interpretations of the number 9 according to different types of numerology.

■ Number 9 in Kabbalistic Numerology

For Kabbalah-based numerology, 9 is the sum of the spirituality of all the previous numbers and brings the energy of understanding and unconditional love. People influenced by 9 are recognized for the confidence they convey and the dedication and understanding they exude.

Due to the unconditional delivery that 9 carries, the individuals influenced by this numeral must be aware of the expectations in relation to others. Expecting the same delivery and dedication in relation to others can lead to harsh acts and even actions that violate ethics.

■ Number 9 in Pythagorean Numerology

The 9 is the number that carries the cosmic energy of compassion and brotherhood into Pythagorean numerology. It represents the search for perfection and the completion of desires and aspirations. Number 9 also carries with it the experience of the previous numbers bringing a sense of spiritual wholeness.

It is widely associated with love in the universal form and individuals governed by the 9 energy are generous, romantic, and persistent in professional projects and in loving relationships.

The downside refers to possessiveness, narcissism and consumerism. Well, they often appear to be complicated people, but this happens when they meet people along the way who demonstrate laziness or lack of empathy.

■ Number 9 in business numerology

As a number that carries the energy of compassion, the number 9 is indicated for companies or businesses that can somehow help others, such as NGOs, philanthropic organizations or in the health area, for example.

If the field of activity is focused on obtaining profits, the number 9 may not be ideal, as it represents the end of a cycle for the beginning of the other. It can represent short cycles of success and obstacles along the way. If the numerological calculation of the name of an existing company results in 9, it may be suggested to change or adapt the name.

Meaning of Master Numbers in Numerology

Made up of two characters (11, 22 and 33) the master numbers reinforce and exalt the meaning and energy of the repeated numbers.

They are considered of special value in the analysis and if the numerical sum of the person’s name results in the master numbers 11 and 22, they should not be added together. The number 33 can be added, however, it will have a different analysis.

We will see below the meanings of the master numbers 11, 22 and 33 in numerology and how they influence our lives.

■ Meaning of number 11 in numerology

The master number 11 brings the strength and intensity of the number 1 and the wisdom and tranquility of the 2, the result of the sum of the 1 + 1. It carries strong spiritual and intuition energy.

People ruled by the energy of 11 are special, carrying strong idealism, being the individuals who bring solutions to problems through inventions aimed at the good. It is a numeral that influences ambitions and leadership related to the power of charisma.

It is often called “The Idealist” by numerology and is also related to extrasensory powers and mysticism.

■ Meaning of number 22 in numerology

Master number 22 is closely related to work and the ability to make other people’s ideas come true by putting them into practice. This master number influences the individual who will have a bright mind and quick and efficient thinking. Having a strong tendency to follow your intuition by taking the reins of your own destiny.

Whoever has the influence of this master number will be destined for great deeds that could have a significant impact on humanity. It is determined as “The Builder” by numerology.

■ Meaning of the number 33 in numerology

The master number 33 entails mixing the inventive and energetic aspect of 3 with the careful and maternal vibration of 6, translating into a strong energy of caring for others and a lot of inventiveness and creativity.

It is called “The Leader” and results in individuals under its influence in a teaching position that creates innovative ways to nurture and teach with zeal and love. The number 33 is loaded with forward thinking energy and leadership skills as well as unusual self-control.

Generally, people who have 33 as their main numerological influence take positions of leaders who are not concerned with their personal ambition, but with the development of the collective.

Do the meanings of numbers in numerology tell us everything?

Known and studied for millennia, numerology translates through the interpretation of numbers the energies that influence us in all aspects of our existence.

Whether from the perspective of different aspects such as Pythagorean, Kabbalistic and business numerology, numerals bring greater clarity in the face of situations experienced, serving as an aid to expanding our self-knowledge and our awareness.

In general, the assertiveness of numerological analysis is much greater than that of other mystical knowledge. Therefore, it is followed to the letter by many people, whether for decision making or choosing names for children, for companies and businesses.

If you are looking for answers through numerology, look for applications or websites that do the analysis for free. Also seek to understand what each number represents and what energies they emanate and, in this way, you will take advantage of all the potential that numerology brings us.

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