The differences and compatibility of Scorpio and Pisces

Does the sign of Scorpio match Pisces? In love, in bed and more!

Both Scorpio and Pisces are signs of the water element. Therefore, they have several characteristics in common: they are loving, deep, emotional, sensitive and passionate. Communication between these two signs is excellent, they understand each other’s souls.

The differences can be catastrophic for the relationship between Scorpio and Pisces. While Scorpio natives are possessive, manipulative, and authoritarian; Pisces people are gentle, naive, don’t like fights and will do anything to keep the peace.

Dialogue and understanding are needed so that there is a balance between the differences between the signs and thus they will have harmony in coexistence. In the course of this text we will talk about several possibilities of union between Scorpio and Pisces.

Combination of Scorpio and Pisces in different areas of life

As we saw above, there are affinities and divergences that contribute, or not, to the relationship between Scorpio and Pisces. Thus, the meeting between these two signs can be filled with Scorpio silences and Pisces tears, or a meeting with a lot of affection and love.

Let’s see below what the possibilities are in the combination of these signs.

■ Scorpio and Pisces in coexistence

Born in Scorpio are people who perform numerous tasks at the same time. Due to this characteristic, they greatly appreciate the collaboration of the people they live with. So, for a harmonious life with Scorpio, natives of the sign of Pisces must pay attention to working together.

Those born in Pisces, on the other hand, have a certain need and need for constant attention. However, when given the proper attention and affection they seek in relationships, the rest of the rules are easily negotiable.

For a harmonious coexistence between Scorpio and Pisces, it is enough that Pisces accepts to collaborate in the needs that the Scorpio presents and Scorpio pays attention and shows the interest that the Pisces person expects.

■ Scorpio and Pisces in love

Love relationships between Scorpio and Pisces have all the ingredients to work. Even in silence, there is the incredible dialogue between them. Empathy is enormous and one can know why the other is sad, even without the partner revealing what happened.

Of course, like any relationship, there are also problems between Scorpio and Pisces, for example, Pisces people tend not to think much about the future, as they are always involved in the problems that happen today.

Scorpio is always looking and planning the future, which irritates Pisces with so much concern about things that haven’t happened yet. Another point of conflict between these signs is that Scorpios are very generous with those they love, and stingy with others. Already natives of Pisces are generous to everyone around them.

But these differences are not an impediment to a great love relationship between Scorpio and Pisces.

■ Scorpio and Pisces in friendship

Joining the characteristics of the two signs, the friendship formed by Pisces and Scorpios can last forever, going through intense and emotional moments. These friends will be very close and will have common spiritual interests, seeking to understand the hidden side of life together.

They will definitely be confidants of each other and share the most important moments of their lives. Thus, the friendship between these two signs will be one of understanding, security, and love. Both will feel comfortable with each other’s support.

■ Scorpio and Pisces at work

Scorpio at work is hardworking, communicative and competent, but teamwork is not his forte. Pisces is dedicated, sensitive and prefers to work in companies with harmonious and organized environments, in addition to always listing the priorities of their activities before starting them.

Usually, this pair will do a good job together, as the Pisces doesn’t have leadership characteristics, and the Scorpio, on the contrary, loves being in charge and having control of the team.

Combination of Scorpio and Pisces in different areas of the relationship

The characteristics of the signs of Scorpio and Pisces affect many aspects of their relationship. So, understand what kissing, love, communication, and other characteristics of the relationship between Scorpios and Pisces are like.

■ The kiss of Scorpio and Pisces

Scorpio has a hot, sensual kiss that carries a lot of desire. When the Scorpio kisses he shows that all love games are present in this act. The sign of Pisces, on the other hand, carries in its kiss all its sensitivity, delicacy and romanticism. It’s emotional and passionate, bringing out all your love fantasies.

With this combination, the kiss between Scorpio and Pisces is that kind of happy ending kiss in fairy tale movies: romantic and affectionate. Not leaving out, of course, the sensual sting and desire of the Scorpio.

■ The love of Scorpio and Pisces

Creativity is the pinnacle of love between Scorpios and Pisceans, but it’s not just this trait that makes love between them amazing. Love and affection will also make a big difference. It is the realization of that dream of romantic love, full of tenderness and words of love.

As Pisces has no difficulty in giving in to Scorpio’s desires, Scorpio will feel completely satisfied. And with the depth and affection that Scorpios tend to provide in their relationships, Pisces will also be fully satisfied. It will almost be a spiritual experience.

■ The communication of Scorpio and Pisces

Empathy is what delineates the communication between Scorpios and Pisces, it even seems that they communicate by telepathy. They don’t need many words to understand each other, just a look makes the message clear.

These two signs are very linked to imagination and this will make the couple have immense pleasure in talking and living in a fantasy world. Because they have many similar characteristics, communication between Pisces and Scorpio is fluid.

■ The relationship of Scorpio and Pisces

The relationship between Scorpio and Pisces has two sides: either they will have a peaceful relationship, which will bring comfort and security to both, or it will be a storm where the Scorpio attacks the Pisces with his jealousy and possessiveness.

The advantage of the relationship between these two signs is that Pisces is able to adapt to situations and overcome obstacles. They will definitely have an emotionally-based relationship, so it will be important for both of them to understand and work together.

Most likely the relationship between Pisces and Scorpio will result in marriage, as love and sympathy will be eternal between them.

■ The conquest of Scorpio and Pisces

Based on the characteristics of each of these signs, the time of conquest has to take into account several aspects. Check out the forms of conquest that men and women of each sign can use.

  • Pisces Woman: Conquering the Pisces Woman takes a lot of romanticism, so the Scorpio man who wants to conquer a Pisces will need to be very romantic, and let go of his desire for control;
  • Pisces Man: the Scorpio woman, when trying to win over a Pisces person, must show all her romanticism, in addition to passing on the security that the  Pisces person  needs to fully surrender to the relationship;
  • Scorpio Woman: To conquer a Scorpio, a Pisces man must show romanticism and be confident;
  • Scorpio Man: in the conquest of the Scorpio, the Pisces player must join his game, without being too passive, so as not to make the possible controlling and manipulative relationship.

■ The loyalty of Scorpio and Pisces

As two signs of the water element, Scorpio and Pisces are dominated by emotion rather than reason. In this way, they are much more sensitive to betrayal situations, each with their own way of reacting, but they will not accept this behavior from their partners.

Pisces, being a more dramatic sign, will feel as if the world has fallen on his shoulders, he will suffer as if he were going to die. Scorpio will already seek compensation for the betrayal through some type of revenge and will spare no effort so that your pain is avenged against the traitor.

Normally neither Scorpios nor Pisces are adept at cheating on their partners, other than to get revenge for another betrayal suffered, in the case of Scorpio.

Other Factors in the Scorpio and Pisces Combination

Although Scorpio and Pisces are the signs with the greatest affinity in interpersonal relationships, there are other signs with whom they are compatible.

Below we’ll show you what other signs they match as well as other characteristics of female-male relationships in Pisces and Scorpio.

■ Scorpio woman with Pisces man

A Scorpio is a right woman for a Pisces person, she is able to understand how he looks at the world, seeing things as he would like them to be and not as they really are. Scorpio woman with Pisces man becomes the embodiment of the woman of your dreams: quiet, gentle and at the same time strong and deep.

In contrast, Scorpio sees in the Pisces man someone she can trust, and in this way, she surrenders completely to the relationship. When they come together in a passion, they realize that life is no longer the same, it becomes deeper, with meaning, emotion and wonder.

As in any relationship, there are moments of conflict, but everything is easily overcome, as it is a harmonious relationship.

■ Pisces woman with Scorpio man

The encounter between a Pisces and a Scorpio is magical and makes love strong and lasting, which if it doesn’t result in marriage, at least will be intense and unforgettable. These signs in the relationship are a perfect couple, who are more than just husband and wife, they are friends.

What can cause problems in this relationship is not exposing among themselves the true feelings they have for the other, for fear of showing fragility. But by maintaining mutual trust and open dialogue, this relationship will last.

■ Best Pairs for Scorpio

As we saw in this text, one of the best combinations for Scorpio is the sign of Pisces, but of course this is not the only one. Let’s go to other possible combinations.

  • Scorpio: Scorpio with Scorpio are the perfect pair, with total attunement, both in love and in society;
  • Libra: Between Libra and Scorpio there will be a relationship of mutual dedication, with a lot of sincerity and affection;
  • Taurus: Despite being opposite and complementary signs, the meeting between Scorpio and Taurus will have a lot of happiness and prosperity, they will be an example for other couples;
  • Cancer: The relationship between Scorpio and Cancer is that type of encounter in which the partners even physically resemble each other so closely together. It will be a union of soul.

■ Best Pairs for Fish

Despite all the affinity between Pisces and Scorpio, Pisces also has the possibility of great relationships with other signs, let’s see which are the best pairs for Pisces:

  • Taurus: Despite an unusual combination, Taurus and Pisces form a romantic, affectionate and faithful couple, having a healthy and lasting relationship;
  • Cancer: By expressing themselves in a similar way, Cancer and Pisces overcome possible differences in the relationship with dialogue, they are practically kindred spirits;
  • Virgo: Even though they are signs with opposite characteristics, the encounter between Virgo and Pisces works well, they know how to understand each other and manage to build a perfect world for both;
  • Libra: The Pisces is attached, the party Libran. The first has a chaotic way, the second is more rational, but as both are delicate, dreamy and like harmony, they will have a great relationship;
  • Capricorn: While Pisces is sensitive and emotional, Capricorns are realistic and rational. But Pisces romanticism will melt Capricorn’s ice, and Capricorn will bring order to Pisces’ life and thus have a perfect relationship for the two of them.

Is Scorpio and Pisces a good match?

As we have seen throughout this text, Scorpio and Pisces have many similar characteristics and also many divergences in their behavior. Each in their own way, and on their side, make things fit and keep working.

With so many affinities – even the other signs that match them are practically the same – Pisces and Scorpio complete and understand each other in an almost spiritual way. So, a relationship between Pisces and Scorpio has all the spices to be lasting and happy.

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