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Sylvester Johnson was born on July 1, 1936 in Holly Springs, Mississippi USA, the sixth child of a harmonica-playing farmer and his wife. He is best known as an American blues and soul singer and as a record producer.

How rich is Syl Johnson in mid-2017? Authoritative sources report that Johnson’s net worth is up to $ 6 million, amassed from his nearly five decades of career in the music industry. He still receives attributions and royalties when his songs are played.

Full name Syl Johnson
Net worth $ 6 million
birth date July 1, 1936
Died February 20, 1985, Portland, Oregon, USA
place of birth Holly Springs, Mississippi, USA
job Singer
nationality American
children Syleena Johnson, Syleecia Johnson, Syleette Johnson
siblings Jimmy Johnson
Nicknames Sly Johnson, Sylvester Thompson, Johnson, Syl
Any music
Albums Total Blast, Bridge To A Legacy, Uptown Shakedown

Syl Johnson Net Worth of $ 6 Million

Syl moved to Chicago with his family as a child. His neighbor was Magic Sam, a blues musician, and Syl spent much of the 50s performing with him and blues artists like Billy Boy Arnold and Junior Wells. He teamed up with Jimmy Reed and Vee-Jay in 1959, and that same year Johnson was signed to record an album for Federal Records, with Freddie King assisting on guitar. In the late 1960s, Syl worked with Twinight Records, and the result of their collaboration was an album titled “Dresses Too Short,” which was well received by critics and to date has five stars out of five on Amazon Music. The album’s first big hit was ” Come On Sock It to Me ”, and the song ” Different Strokes ” followed in the same way and became widely successful by getting a spot on the breakbeat compilation album ” Ultimate Breaks ‘took and beats’. His fortune was in good shape.

In 1970 he released another acclaimed album for Twinight, this time examining African American problems with “Is It Because I’m Black?” And peaked at number 11 on the Billboard R&B chart. In 1971 Syl moved to Hi Records and produced three albums with producer Willie Mitchell and the Hi House Band. Johnson had notable hits like “We Did It,” “Back for a Taste of Your Love,” and “Take Me to the River,” the latter of which to date scored four out of five stars on Discogs, but all of them helped make his fortune.

After working with Hi Records, he founded Shama Records and created Bring Out the Blues in Me, again receiving positive reviews and becoming hugely popular.

In the 1980s, Johnson withdrew from appearances and opened his own fast-food restaurant. However, when he found out that some of his songs had been covered by other artists, Syl decided to continue his music career and in 1995 recorded the album entitled “Back In the Game” for the Delmark music label, which also featured his youngest daughter Syleena Johnson. His hit “Different Strokes” was still one of the most covered songs.

With a total of over 170 songs, Syl remains one of the most influential musicians in the blues genre. He appeared on R&B Divas: Atlanta, a reality television show starring his daughter. He recently released My Funky Funky Band, a 2017 album for Twinight.

In his private life, Syl was married to Brenda Thompson and has three daughters from this marriage, Syleecia, Syleette and Syleena. He is the father of Chad Johnson, a former American football player.

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