Sun Card in the Gypsy Deck: Combinations and Meanings of Card 31!

Meaning of card 31: The sun in the gypsy deck

The Gypsy deck has 36 different cards, each with its own cosmic meaning, ranging across all subjects: from friendship to love, from work to parties. The Sun card is number 31 among them, and it has positive vitality energy and new beginnings for your life. Card 31 represents the sunrise, the beginning of a new day, new cycles.

Success, prosperity, and joy are some of the things you can expect from seeing the Sun at your game. Much luck is to come for those who are blessed by the sunlight. Understand now what is the interpretation of card 31 in your life and what combinations it has with other cards in the Gypsy deck.

Meaning of card 31 or The sun of the gypsy deck in your life

Card 31, the Sun, in the Gypsy deck affects many areas of life. The most common among them are: Love, work and Health. Naturally bringing good news, due to its energies already mentioned, the Sun starts new cycles and gives second chances to those who need it. We will now focus on the areas most commonly affected by card 31.

■ Card the Sun (31) in the Gypsy deck: Love and relationships

In the field of love, the Sun card symbolizes emotional insight. The ability, wisdom and sometimes even the need to see different possibilities and opportunities. It is a herald of good news and happiness.

For singles looking for a relationship, card 31 represents that love for your life is coming, an important relationship is to come. For those who are married or in love, the Sun signals moments of harmony, peace and fulfillment of wishes. And one more small detail, if paired with the Child’s letter, the Sun means a possible pregnancy for female women.

■ Card the Sun (31) in the Gypsy deck: Work and business

At work, the Sun also represents the fulfillment of wishes and the fulfillment of dreams. In this case, demonstrates that a stable life, success and recognition are to come. For those already employed, it demonstrates career advancement. It’s time to invest in yourself. Job changes, salary increases and better work hours are all on track.

For the unemployed, it means that the opportunity to shine and let yourself be seen by the job market is just around the corner. Look for hiring companies, prepare your resume and pay attention to your surroundings: an unmissable chance is coming.

■ Card the Sun (31) in the Gypsy deck: Health

The sun chart always brings good news, and health is no different. It represents moments of disposition and well-being. The vital force of the Sun expels all ills for health, strengthening the individual’s body and soul.

By exhaling positive energy of vitality, the Sun brings moments of improvement and even healing to patients. The Sun’s healing is not limited to the ailments of the body, it improves the ailments of the mind and spirit as well as the physical ones. For those already healthy, it demonstrates that they will remain safe.

Some combinations of card 31 in the gypsy deck

Although we have already listed the general meaning of the Sun card in the Gypsy deck, some combinations with other cards can slightly alter its meaning, changing the way its energy is directed.

Now we will then go deeper into some possible variations on the meaning of the 31 card, keeping the focus on combinations with the other top 10 cards. Follow along and understand if the meaning of the Sun card will still be positive for you.

■ Card 31 (The Sun) and card 1 (The Knight)

The combination of the Sun card and the Knight card represents the need for courage and perseverance to move forward. The goals are in sight, it is only necessary to fight fear to reach them. Don’t be scared, your dreams will come true.

In this combination, the knight represents the need to move, to have his courage. As the knight, march forward with only your goal in mind.

■ Card 31 (The Sun) and Card 2 (The Clover)

The combination of Sun and Clover brings light to the necessary subjects. Important secrets will be revealed soon and the truth will come out. Your questions will be answered and the matter can finally be left behind.

Clover represents something new, growing in the sunlight, a hope. Whatever it is, it will come with light and it will bring the chance of new paths to be followed.

■ Card 31 (The Sun) and Card 3 (The Ship)

The Ship chart with the Sun chart is a combination that indicates interesting and joyful voyages, usually abroad. These two cards together demonstrate happiness in getting to know the new.

Alone, the ship shows trips and homesickness, however, with the sun, homesickness shouldn’t be such a big problem. As the stars guide sailors, the Sun will guide their time away from home. Don’t worry, it will be times for parties, fun and exploring the unknown.

■ Card 31 (The Sun) and card 4 (The House)

The Sun and the House combined demonstrate a situation of familiar clarity. Moments of happiness, harmony and luck in the family are to come. It’s important to understand that family in this case is anywhere you feel safe. That is, wherever you are at home.

The house is perhaps the least literal card in the entire Gypsy deck. Represented by a material house, it represents comfort and coziness. Due to its meaning related to security, the House does not only symbolize the material and what the person recognizes as their home, but everything that refers to protection.

For those who don’t feel like they belong anywhere, patience, the sun is a good sign that soon this feeling will end.

■ Card 31 (The Sun) and card 5 (The Tree)

The combination of the Sun and the Tree, in the Gypsy deck, demonstrates moments of spiritual healing and growth. It also brings happiness and the feeling of fullness along with this stage. Despite this, the tree has a waiting feature, so patience is needed.

The tree represents the harvest and the delay it takes for a seed to grow into a robust oak. So the healing will be gradual, like the growth of the tree. It is important to mention that in some small cases the tree is linked to the material.

If the moment of depression is caused by great material losses, such as a house, a job or something else very important, the tree also represents the recovery of what was lost.

■ Card 31 (The Sun) and card 6 (The Clouds)

There are two meanings for the combination of the Sun card and the Clouds card, depending on the game. It may be representing a time of acceptance and personal understanding, in which some conflicting feelings will be resolved. Or it can signal moments of doubt, with the combination of Clouds and the Sun signaling your inner light being covered.

This cloudiness in thoughts happens in the love field, generating doubts about the current partner or even about possible partners. Emotional uncertainty can come from an interest in multiple people. You will need to think rationally about what you want, or perhaps even temporarily withdraw from your partners, as the chances of someone getting hurt are high.

■ Card 31 (The Sun) and card 7 (The Serpent)

The Sun with the Serpent demonstrates that difficult situations are to come, traditionally linked to feelings of betrayal, where the snake comes from. It takes agility in thinking and keeping alert.

Be careful with the snake as it carries poison with it. Less figuratively, take care of your health and protect yourself especially against infectious diseases. Imitate the serpent: be patient and act wisely, just lunge when victory is certain.

■ Card 31 (The Sun) and card 8 (The Coffin)

The Casket represents the end of something and the beginning of a new cycle. The combination of the Sun and the Caixão exactly refers to a total renovation. The beginning of a new stage using the vitality of card 31. Your new sun is rising, enjoy its light.

The coffin always represents the end of periods, sometimes in a good way and sometimes in a bad way. But thanks to the appearance of the Sun, this will be the end of a stage that was about to pass and the beginning of a harmonious new chapter in life.

■ Card 31 (The Sun) and Card 9 (The Bouquet)

Grab the confetti, it’s time to party. The Sun with the Bouquet shows the coming of celebrations, parties and celebrations. It is a time for joy and for reaping the results of past actions.

The Bouquet brings mood changes, happiness and gifts for those who are sad, and for those who were already happy, wait for more joy. Gifts, celebrations and recognition, the Bouquet attracts everything that could be desired.

■ Card 31 (The Sun) and Card 10 (The Sickle)

The Sickle with the Sun represents a spontaneous success. It’s something unexpected, almost luck. Although it sounds pretty good, be careful, as a very sudden success like this can end up taking the balance out of your life. Be ready.

The scythe, when she mows the grass, causes an abrupt cut in her life, changing it quickly. However, thanks to the energy of the Sun, the results are positive, providing a new crop that will grow healthy.

Is card 31 (The Sun) a sign of prosperity and success?

The Sun brings a great sign of prosperity and success, at least in the vast majority of cases. As he adds a lot of positive energy to the game, it’s extremely difficult for him to represent anything bad. However, if paired with some specific cards, it may not bring such good news. This can be seen in the ten combinations we demonstrated, where only one of them was absolutely good.

But, in general, it is an extremely positive letter and everyone should be very happy to see it, as it demonstrates moments of success, prosperity, and harmony. Even on the slim chance of being paired with traditionally bad cards, the Sun brings a good side to them, even if it’s just learning. That said, we hope you enjoy your new sun rising and the emergence of a new stage.

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