Sr Brigitte Gagnon osu Obituary | Sr Brigitte Gagnon osu Passed Away

Sr Brigitte Gagnon osu Cause Of Death: With a heavy heart, and with great sorrow in our hearts, we learned about the passing of our dearly beloved, Sr Brigitte Gagnon osu who passed on to glory unexpectedly on December 21, 2021.

At the Center de santé des Ursulines de Rimouski, on November 10, 2021, passed away at the age of 85, including 65 years of religious profession, Sr Brigitte Gagnon, osu (known as Marie-du-crucifix), residing at 207 A, rue Notre-Dame Est in Rimouski, daughter of the late Mr. Albert Gagnon and the late Ms. Joséphine Roy.

The Ursuline community and the family will receive condolences on Tuesday, November 16 from 9:40 a.m., directly at the church of Saint-Pie-X. The funeral will be celebrated there at 10 a.m. and from there to the Mausolée St-Germain in Rimouski. Wearing a mask will be compulsory.

She is survived by her sisters: Pauline, Camille, and Thérèse, her nephews and nieces, cousins ​​and cousins ​​as well as the members of the Ursuline community. Professional services were entrusted to Funérarium JB de Rimouski. The Ursuline Community and the family thank you for your expressions of sympathy.

Tributes To Sr Brigitte Gagnon osu

Sr Brigitte Gagnon osu was the epitome of generosity. Every form and act of kindness you can find in a man resides in him of which he has always expressed it while on Earth and filling the space he left behind in the hearts of many, as well as his family will be difficult.

We sincerely keep his family in our prayers. He will be dearly missed as he portrayed real acts of kindness to every person that crossed his path, he was thoughtful and reasonable in all his ways. All he did had strings of intentionality and rendered help to humanity in the best way that he could.

To every friend, brother, sister, and sympathizers of the deceased, we are deeply sorry for your loss and we hope that you find consolation in the fact that the deceased was a good man and lived his life to the fullest while on earth and by his existence, humanity experienced an unusual positive change.

Condolences To Family and Loved ones

Death is grim, harsh, cruel, and a source of infinite grief, in the presence of death there is only silence and a sense of awe. May the favors of affection arrive and may its tranquility live with you. May its embodiment enlighten your heart, now and everlastingly more.

Certain individuals come into our lives, leave impressions on our souls, and we are never the same. While we are grieving the loss of our beloved, others are cheering to meet him behind the veil.

An incredible soul serves everybody constantly but won’t ever leave our hearts. It unites us over and over. We know for sure that we never lose our loved ones, even to death. They keep on taking part in each act, thought and choice we make.

Their love leaves a permanent engraving in our memories. We observe solace in realizing that our lives have been advanced by having shared their love.

Sr Brigitte Gagnon osu Obituary

Family privacy should be observed at this troublesome time. This distribution is a piece of vital data in particular, made out of public concerns and doesn’t fill in as a eulogy declaration for Gagnon osu. The eulogy would be authoritatively delivered by the family.

Subtleties of the deceased entombments, burial service, funeral and other related functions would legitimately be distributed by the family of the deceased in their preferred online platform. Below, we offer a piece of our condolences to the affected family. We hope this living tribute will bring comfort to you and your family.

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