All about spiritual unfolding: involuntary, symptoms and more!

What is spiritual unfolding?

Spiritual unfolding is nothing more than the partial and temporary detachment of the incarnated spirit from the physical body. Most of the time, it happens involuntarily during sleep, but it can also be done consciously by mediums with a previous study on the subject.

It is widely used in mediumistic sessions with the guidance of mentor spirits in works of disobsession and spiritual rescue. Once partially disconnected from the physical body, the medium guides suffering spirits giving words of comfort and even performs energetic passes on them.

We emphasize that this article is not intended to initiate or train someone to spiritually unfold, but rather to deepen the knowledge of what spiritual unfolding is.

Spiritual unfolding is a very serious matter and must be studied responsibly. Let’s see below the various references on the subject, as well as the symptoms of those who go through an unfolding, the types that they are seen, the guidelines regarding this practice and common doubts of those who study on the subject.

Spiritual unfolding – references

To really understand what spiritual unfolding is, we first need to understand certain references and terms.

The notion of what is the perispirit and the silver cord, the difference between dream and unfolding and its benefits, as well as the responsibility that involves the practice are premises for those who intend to go deeper into the subject.

In this article, deepen your knowledge of these references and others, such as assisted deployment, mental body deployment and biblical references on spiritual deployment.

■ What is perispirit?

Once incarnated, the spirit molds and attaches itself to the physical body. In this light, the perispirit is a kind of semi-material or fluidic envelope, giving shape to the spirit and also having the function of connecting it to the physical body throughout the individual’s life.

The perispirit and the carnal body have the same origin: the universal fluid, but in different vibrational ranges. The body being in a lower vibrational range of matter and the perispirit being in a higher and ethereal frequency.

The whole physical body and perispirit coexist and are in constant synergy. They are responsible for biological, psychiatric and pathological processes.

The degree of volatility of the perispirit and its greater or lesser capacity to detach itself from the physical body depends on the degree of evolution and knowledge of each individual.

■ What is a silver cord?

Silver cord is the term used to describe the link between the physical body and the spirit. It is the line of energy that, during the unfolding, keeps body and soul connected.

The visualization of this energy cord depends very much on its density and the distance at which the spirit is projected. This cord is formed by the confluence of several strands of energy spread throughout the body that, in unfolding, form one.

The silver cord and its definition are a focal point in diverse cultures and religions that recognize and study spiritual unfolding.

■ Difference between dream and unfolding

The difference between dreaming and unfolding is that dreaming originates from physiological processes in the subconscious and unfolding does not. For this reason, dreams are often confused and most often without logic or rationality.

In the unfolding, the spirit enters a band of super consciousness and the clarity is infinitely greater than a mere dream. By projecting itself out of the material body, the spirit will have a clear and vivid memory of places it has visited or of disembodied individuals it has encountered.

There are reports of mediums who, when unfolding, manage to notice the sharpest and smallest details of the spiritual plane.

There is a great deal of discussion about the differentiation between dreams and developments, but whoever studies and develops this technique does not find any difficulty in making this distinction.

■ Benefits of deployment

The main benefit of unfolding is the clarity achieved by the spirit as it is partially disconnected from the material body. It is in these developments that important instructions are passed on by mentor spirits and it is where the meetings with disincarnated loved ones take place.

Even not having knowledge about the unfolding, all incarnated souls do it, each one remembering more or less the experiences depending on the degree of knowledge and evolution of each one.

Furthermore, it is through the unfolding that treatments are carried out on the spiritual plane, assisting in both physiological and spiritual cures. Through the unfolding, we are able to better understand what the spiritual world really is and, with responsibility and study, use it for work focused on the light.

■ Responsibility

The responsibility for the spiritual unfolding is related to the intention on the part of the one who practices it. If the intention is turned to the good and to helping others, good energies and entities will be attracted that will help in the process.

But if the intention is self-serving or using the unfolding as a way to obtain information aimed at evil, lower vibrating entities will approach, which can even result in obsessive processes.

Once detached from the body, the spirit shows all its essence and cannot hide its intentions. When entering the studies of the practice of spiritual unfolding, we have to necessarily remain in the purest intention aimed at the good, to respect the mentor spirits and incarnated mediums who assist us during the practices.

■ Extraphysical euphoria

One of the sensations described by those who unfold is extraphysical euphoria. The feeling of lightness and peace that the unfolding brings causes an indescribable feeling of freedom.

Being free from bodily “jail” and all that it entails physiologically, in addition to clarity of consciousness, can be one of the most significant experiences in a person’s life.

Many people have this experience without even realizing it and attribute it to dreams where they are flying through the clouds, then waking up in full joy and peace. These are the remnants of unconscious unfolding.

■ Assisted deployment

As it is a technique that demands responsibility, study and practice, the conscious developments are mostly assisted. Once an individual’s ease of unfolding is identified, and if he demonstrates good intentions and goodwill, help will come.

In mediumistic sessions, assisted exercises are performed, in which the person learns to better control the unfolding experience. Both incarnated and disincarnated participate, assisting and guiding the projector on the spiritual plane and in works aimed at helping others.

In non-conscious developments, there is also the help of benevolent entities that, in a discreet way, guide and protect us during the experience without us noticing.

■ Unfolding of the mental body

The definition of the mental body is the way our consciousness expresses itself by connecting with the astral body. It would be the consciousness separated from both the physical body and the perispirit.

The connection between the mental body and the perispirit is called the golden cord and the unfolding of this mental body happens when the consciousness projects itself individually, with the perispirit still inside the physical body.

There are two ways in which the mental body, or consciousness, breaks free. In the first, it unfolds together with the perispirit. In the second, it projects to the outside of the perispirit, which is floating nearby or at some point in the spiritual plane.

■ Biblical references on spiritual unfolding

There are several significant biblical references to spiritual unfolding. As much as the main Christian religions are based on scriptures, such references are mostly ignored or not deepened.

Paul of Tarsus, one of Christianity’s most influential preachers and a significant writer of the New Testament, said in Corinthians 12: 1-4: “I know a man in Christ who for fourteen years (if in the body, I don’t know, if out of the body, I don’t know; God knows) was caught up to the third heaven. And I know that such a man (whether in the body, if out of the body, I don’t know; God knows) was caught up to heaven; and he heard ineffable words, that it is not lawful for a man to speak”.

Another important reference on spiritual unfoldment in the Bible is given in the book of Ecclesiastes, Chapter 12, verse 6: “either the silver cord is loosed or the golden vessel is broken”. In this case, it is interpreted as the strength of God that unites the body to the soul.

Spiritual unfolding – symptoms

One way to identify whether an unfold has occurred is through the physical symptoms they entail. The experience of letting go is reflected in specific physiological sensations that should not be viewed with fear, but rather as signs that an unfolding has occurred.

These symptoms also help to discern whether the experience was a mere dream emanating from the subconscious or whether a spiritual unfolding actually took place.

We will see below these symptoms as a sensation of inflation, intracranial crackling, catalepsy and a sensation of displacement. Another commonly described aspect is the sensation of false fall, which we will also analyze below.

■ Feeling of inflating

It is considered a common symptom during a spiritual unfolding. It happens because the body feels the perispirit moving in all directions, which causes a sensation of inflation.

Because they are in different vibrational ranges, body and spirit have different material properties, and when they unfold, they cause physiological sensations.

■ Sensation of intracranial cracking

When partially disconnecting, the perispirit remains connected to the physical body through several energetic filaments that, later, when united, form what we call a silver cord.

When these formed ties extend or loosen before joining forming a single one, it is possible to hear crackles in the perispirit’s brain.

This sensation is commonly reported during the exit or entry of the spirit body into the physical body, and it can resemble either popping or hissing or humming.

■ Catalepsy

Catalepsy is also described as one of the most common symptoms of an outburst and, in situations where the person is not aware of the subject, it can be frightening.

This occurs because, when returning to the physical body, consciousness awakens before the perispirit is properly positioned. It is described as a total paralysis of the body, making it impossible for any movement or action other than thought. If this happens to you, be calm and wait a few seconds, as soon everything will return to normal.

■ Feeling of displacement

It occurs when the brain wakes up before the perispirit and is very common in the return of a spiritual unfolding. Causes a sinking sensation if the person is lying down, but it goes away in a few seconds.

When the medium is already properly trained, he can perform a partial and conscious displacement, in which his perispirit is close to the body. In this way, semi-incorporation and psychographic works under the influence of mentor spirits are carried out.

■ Sensation of false fall

It is the most common of the symptoms, practically all incarnated people have already felt the sensation of false fall once in their life.

The brain tends to remain alert, especially in the first hours of physical sleep, being a primary protection mechanism.

In this way, when the perispirit starts the unfolding process, the brain, upon perceiving the relaxation of spiritual fluids, goes into a state of alert, awakening the individual and causing the sensation of a false fall.

Types of spiritual unfolding

The concept of spiritual unfolding goes through several types that go according to the knowledge and spiritual capacity of each person.

These different ways in which spiritual unfolding can take place vary as to whether it is consciously or unconsciously, voluntary or provoked. There are also developments with lethargic or cataleptic emancipation. Next, we’ll look at each of these types of deployment and how they work.

■ Conscious Spiritual Unfolding

It is the unfolding in which the person is fully aware of what is happening. Those who have this type of deployment can remember the smallest details and are usually reached by people with more experience in spiritual projections.

The person is even aware of the moment he leaves the body, being able to visualize the sleeping body. It brings the sensation of lightness and, when returning to the body, the individual can have full and vivid memory of all the time he spent unfolded.

■ Unconscious Spiritual Unfolding

When the unfolding takes place unconsciously, almost none of the experience is vividly recalled. The individual will have the vague recollection or just the intimate suggestion through intuition of what happened in the unfolding.

It usually occurs with people who have no knowledge or study on the subject. Therefore, if you woke up with a strong intuition about some subject, it is very likely that you went through an unconscious development, in which instructions were given to you by your mentor spirits.

■ Voluntary spiritual unfolding

It is the unfolding that is induced by the individual who can use techniques and support from mentor spirits to do so.

In general, this type of unfolding is achieved by those who have studied and practiced it for a long time, reaching a state of mental and spiritual control that allows the willingness to project themselves to the astral plane.

The memories of a voluntary unfolding may not be complete, as, when returning to the physical body, the difference in vibration between the two bodies (carnal and perispirit) may result in a partial loss of memories of the experience.

■ Spiritual unfolding triggered

These are the developments that are caused or initiated by other entities, whether incarnated mediums or discarnate spiritual mentors.

Through magnetic and hypnotic processes the displacement of the ethereal body in relation to the physical is caused in the person.

Spirits focused on light work can cause an individual to unfold so that he can carry out work aimed at good. Entities turned to evil, on the other hand, can also initiate an unfolding of an incarnated person with the intention of taking possession of him or causing damage to his perispirit and physical body.

■ Spiritual unfolding with lethargic emancipation

This type of unfolding can be caused by spiritual or physical conditions. It occurs when the energetic or fluidic connections of the perispirit in relation to the physical body are still very light, and it usually happens when the spirit is still partially out of the body.

It causes a generalized lethargy of the carnal body, making the individual, for a brief moment, unable to perform physical movements or feel any sensation, even if the physical body is in full and fully functioning.

The most striking feature of unfolding with lethargic emancipation is that there is a generalized flaccidity of all members of the body.

■ Spiritual unfolding with cataleptic emancipation

The unfolding with cataleptic emancipation also originates from the partial detachment of the perispirit. There is a temporary loss of bodily sensation, but there is stiffness in the limbs of the body, and awareness manifests in this type of unfolding.

Unlike lethargic emancipation, cataleptic emancipation is usually located in parts of the body where the spiritual fluids are weakest. This way, there is a greater control of movements in general.

Spiritual unfolding – guidelines

For those who seek to understand about spiritual unfolding in order to practice it, the main guideline is that the intention is always focused on the good.

Respect for the good spirits, incarnated and disincarnated, who help in the process, as well as the common sense on the part of those who use this technique, is also a premise of those who aspire to study and practice the unfolding.

We continue with more guidance on spiritual development and its relationship with music, with food and how it is related to drug use and what this implies for the individual.

■ Unfolding and music

One of the ways to achieve the relaxation and concentration that allows for unfolding is to use music. Generally speaking, sound has vibrational properties that on the physical plane are capable of reorganizing the molecular state of matter, and on the energetic level it is no different.

Certain melodies or songs reach vibrational bands that stimulate the brain to emit alpha waves that are related to creativity and expansion of consciousness. In this way, music, if used properly, can be a facilitator of spiritual unfolding.

■ Unfolding and feeding

As for food, the influence on the unfolding takes place through digestion processes that can hinder the displacement of the perispirit in relation to the physical body.

Generally, hours before the split, the consumption of foods that are digested slowly is avoided. If the physical body is still working on food digestion, the corporeal energies may find it difficult to let go of the perispirit to provide the unfolding.

When carrying out an unfolding process, one tries to avoid ingesting solid food at least two hours before the process, giving preference to liquids, for example.

■ Unfolding and drugs

Certain types of psychoactive substances can trigger an involuntary unfolding. There are reports, for example, of people who, when undergoing surgery, end up unfolding due to the effect of drugs used in anesthesia.

The effect of certain substances acts at the brain level, causing the activity of consciousness to fall, thus causing the perispirit to shift.

Extreme caution must be exercised regarding the use of drugs in relation to the offending, as the use of these narcotics ends up attracting spiritual entities addicted to the energy that these substances emanate.

Such spirits can take advantage of the unfolding intention to vampirize the individual, resulting in destructive obsessive processes.

Spiritual unfolding – common doubts

As much as it is known by different religions and cultures, including being mentioned in the Bible, the spiritual unfolding still generates many doubts.

Although it is a serious and complex matter, some questions are common regarding this ability that all human beings have, which is to separate, in a partial way, from the physical body.

We’ll see next whether a spirit can get stuck when it’s deployed and whether it senses if something happens to the physical body during deployment.

■ Can a spirit get stuck when it’s unfolded?

As a process considered more physiological than physical, being related to bodily sleep, being trapped while unfolded is impossible under normal circumstances. However, if the physical body goes into a coma or other similar pathological state, this could happen.

What can happen is some difficulty in returning to the physical body, especially when there is a spontaneous and involuntary unfolding. Due to lack of knowledge about what is happening, the person increases the stress level, which greatly delays the return.

If this happens, try to remain calm, focusing on your breathing, so that the return will be brief and smooth.

■ Does the spirit sense if something happens to the body during the unfolding?

No matter how far the perispirit is projected, whether consciously or unconsciously, brain functions remain active in the physical body. In this way, the primitive protection mechanisms of the human being maintain the guard of the body, awakening it at the slightest sign of danger felt by the nervous system.

If some disturbing noise or any other type of signal alerts your brain, the split ends immediately and you wake up in the physical body.

These protective mechanisms are human nature and have been honed over thousands of years of evolution

Can Spiritual Outreach Help Solve Problems?

When studying unfolding, we must always bear in mind that, in addition to being accessible to all human beings, it must necessarily be seen with an intention toward the good.

Based on this premise, we can better explore the potential of this capacity used by the most diverse cultures and religions, without ever aiming for harm or as a way to obtain advantages for oneself.

The unfolding can have immeasurable significance for spiritual evolution, not just the simple resolution of mundane problems.

If you are interested in delving into the mysteries of spiritual unfolding, take it easy and seek inwardly to be willing primarily to a purpose greater than your individuality and your personal problems.

As for specific problems, the unfolding can help to resolve them, either through guidance from superior spirits, or through healing processes carried out on the astral plane, once you are in unfoldment.

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