Sign of Pisces: features, birth chart, dates and more! Look!

Meaning of the sign of Pisces

Those born with the sun in Pisces are affectionate and delight those around them for their qualities, they are understanding and kind. The Piscean personality makes their relationships harmonious and light, but they can also become complicated, since it is a sign linked to feelings and, when out of balance, they become extremely dramatic.

Intuitive, Pisceans feel the need to turn to the spiritual side or investigate the why of things. They live daydreaming, but they are also observers. These points drive your professional life and the strengthening of your lasting connections.

Check below everything you need to know about the sign of Pisces and better understand its particularities!

Characteristics of the sign of Pisces

In the birth chart, the sign of Pisces has unique characteristics that determine the personality of individuals and help in the search for balance. Check out the element and planet that rule this sign, as well as scents, colors, stones appropriate for it and much more!


For a person to be considered a Pisces person, they must have been born between February 20th and March 20th. The dates are related to the position of the stars at the time of birth and can vary from year to year. On some occasions, a person may be a Pisces as their birth varies by one day more or less from this standard date.


The element of the sign of Pisces is water, an element related to emotions. Water is fundamental to human existence and Pisceans also carry a tendency to protect others. They are always empathetic, like to help others and do not accept injustice.

They are dreamers, so they often find it difficult to put their feet on the ground and visualize problems. The energy of the water element promotes connection with feelings, whether of oneself or others. This sensitivity promotes good relationships. They are generally friendly and kind people to build a loving relationship with.

■ Regent Planet

The planet that rules the sign of Pisces is Neptune. The traits linked to Neptune point to an idealistic and illusory vision. This aspect is positive when taken into account that it drives the construction of dreams.

However, this characteristic can also be extremely harmful, if the person lives in their thoughts and does not put anything into practice. This distracted side, however, can favor the spiritual quest. People of the sign of Pisces are inquisitive and try to understand existential doubts. This path tends to bring a lot of growth and maturity.

In addition, Pisceans are also sensitive and intuitive, because of their intimate connection with their own feelings. This factor also makes them search for self-knowledge and manage to find peace and wisdom.


The colors that motivate people of the sign of Pisces are lilac, blue, water green and pastel pink. They are colors that convey lightness and care, are linked to sensitivity and can provide balance and calm. However, Pisceans can also be influenced by stronger colors such as wine and carmine.


The aromas and oils of bergamot, eucalyptus and rosemary are useful for people of the sign of Pisces. This is because they need to develop their intuitive characteristics, and these oils can strengthen their inner feelings and perceptions.

Another essential factor is to balance the traits that make Pisces dreamy, so that they can work on their achievements, seeking practicality and focus on material issues. For this it is beneficial to use oils of cedar, ginger and basil.


The stone associated with the sign of Pisces is amethyst. Stones provide good energy for those who seek to use them as accessories or in self-knowledge practices. For this reason, it is very important to use the right stones to enhance positive traits and assist in spiritual and material growth.

Amethyst enhances sensitivity and intuition, improving an individual’s perceptions and bringing clarity and peace. For this reason, it is so suitable for those born in the sign of Pisces, as they can soothe daydreams and bring understanding. It is also beneficial for maturation and assertive decisions.

■ Lifestyle

People with the sun in Pisces are always concerned about social welfare. They are critical and do not accept mean and disrespectful behavior. Therefore, they are individuals with a tendency to turn to work that helps others.

Pisceans put the common good first and understand they are there to serve. They also do very well as artists because they are creative and use their intuition to get their work done.

On top of that, they like to enjoy their own company, and generally understand that the human structure is lonely and don’t feel sad about it. When looking for other companies, it’s to add. When in love, they value attention and make great companions.

These people find it difficult to analyze reality as it is. They don’t run away, but they can’t look at existence clearly. It is difficult for them to deal with injustices, and they cannot accept them. The fear of not achieving success is also something that surrounds Pisceans.

Positive trends in the sign of Pisces

Pisces people have many virtues that facilitate their relationships and personal progress, and that favor their material and spiritual growth. See below why Pisceans are seen as good artists, altruists, dreamers, among other points.


Sensitivity favors the natives of Pisces. This feature makes them always try to help friends, partners, family and even people not very close. Besides, they are people who don’t like bad jokes and don’t accept that they try to make fun of them.

However, it is not always easy to deal with Pisces people, precisely because, when out of balance, their sensitivity appears in excess. They can get offended and hurt easily, so it is crucial for individuals of this sign to know how to filter their relationships and not put themselves anywhere, avoiding getting hurt.

Pisceans can also avoid forming bonds to preserve their freedom. In this case, it is ideal to look for partners who understand your individuality.


Due to his dreamy features and sharp imaginations, it is very common to see a Pisces person developing artistic skills. Some even go on in this area and make art their main monetary medium, but even those who don’t venture to make a living from art still choose to do artistic practices out of love and pleasure.

Other characteristics that help place the art of the sign of Pisces in the world are intuition, calmness and indignation when seeing injustices. All of this influences the natives of Pisces to develop projects and, in some way, provide good to others through art.


It’s hard to see a Pisces native getting discouraged and giving up on chasing his dreams. They do not abandon the trajectory in the first difficulty, they understand that they need to overcome barriers and, therefore, they are persistent.

Furthermore, due to their ability to understand the interconnection with each person on the planet, they know that they need to carry out activities that help other people. For this reason, they dream of great achievements to improve the life experiences of other beings and reduce inequalities.

Even when they are not looking to do big things, they know that their little actions can change things little by little. This soothes Pisceans’ hearts, but it’s crucial to remember to get back to reality and not get lost in ideals.


People with sun in Pisces have gigantic hearts, are kind by nature, and feel fulfilled when they help in the growth of another person or project. Often, they do these actions without asking for anything in return.

Pisceans are always concerned about the emotions of others and don’t like to see people get hurt. They manage to put themselves in the shoes of others, are not selfish and know how to listen to what the other has to say.

For this reason, these people can feel overwhelmed, stepping aside to embrace the problems of others. Helping others is a virtue, but it is essential not to forget to take care of yourself.


Due to their qualities of promoting good to others, Pisceans are extremely altruistic. Therefore, they can choose to do voluntary work. They don’t want to earn applause and admiration, as they are really concerned with helping people.

People of the sign of Pisces can give away too much and end up worn out, which can occur at work and even in relationships. They put others’ needs ahead of theirs, which can be harmful in the long run. Furthermore, they often feel slighted when this kindness is not reciprocated.

Negative trends in the sign of Pisces

Pisceans have negative tendencies precisely because they have a strong connection with emotions, and they are not always able to control these traits. Find out why people with sun in Pisces are often dramatic, indecisive, melancholy, and more!


People with the sign of Pisces are dramatic, superstitious and interpret many things that happen in their daily lives as signs from the universe to help them make decisions. They are often right, after all, they are extremely sensitive and intuitive individuals.

It’s possible that this aspect is a bad thing, because when Pisceans exaggerate their emotions, a simple standoff can turn into something immensely complicated. On top of that, they can cultivate negative thoughts and usually believe that something won’t work out before it even happens.


Those born in Pisces are indecisive and want to experience many things in different aspects of life. For this reason they are adventurous, like meeting new people and having different experiences. But this can also point to an impasse, as Pisceans find it difficult to establish bonds, due to their individualistic and solitary traits.

It is possible that they are introverted people, which is a clash with their adventurous personality. They want to take risks and know everything they have a right to in this life, but they are closed and like to cultivate moments of solitude. Therefore, they live in search of balance between these two aspects.

Not all Pisceans are introverts. Therefore, it is essential to discover this particularity. Being selfless and kind, it is also possible to see a very communicative fish person. When they cannot express themselves as they would like, they may feel betrayed by themselves.

■ Excessive romanticism

It is common to see a Pisces being overly romantic. They are very connected to their feelings and it can happen that they lose control of them. However, they often don’t stay on top of the loved one and don’t even like the person to be too sticky. They value and do not give up individuality.

The romanticism of Pisces people is more linked to gestures of affection and affection. They like to feel like they’re in a romantic movie, with lots of love and happy endings. It’s important not to try to deceive and not to doubt Pisceans, as they get very angry and don’t give peace until they get the story straight.


To escape painful circumstances, Pisces people can choose to victimize themselves and run away from problems. This is quite harmful and tends to bring many future difficulties for them. These people are likely to have to deal with an accumulation of problems later on, as they chose to run away and complain.

Pisceans’ dreamy and emotional temperament strengthens this characteristic of flight, as they tend to elaborate reflections and impasses that escape reality, and end up not making much sense. So, you need to think about whether you’re going a little over the top when dealing with your own feelings.


People with the sun in Pisces in their birth chart are melancholy and like anything that has a sad and intense aesthetic. They are really attracted to these traits, after all, Pisces is a water element sign, which makes them very connected with their own emotions.

For this reason, they like to be alone and sometimes express pessimistic ideas, all with an air of melancholy. But these characteristics, when destined for art, generate sensitive and profound works. It is important to dose melancholy in relationships so as not to wear out the partner.

Pisces in different areas of life

Pisces natives are affectionate, dreamy, kind and considerate, and can assume different postures depending on the environment and situation. Find out how they behave in different areas of life, such as love and work.

■ in love

Those who are Pisces tend to be great companions. They take love very seriously, are romantic and want a life partner. Pisceans like to relate to people who allow care and acceptance. They are very loving and considerate and will always be available to the loved one.

When they are in love, they are always smiling and put a lot of energy into the relationship. They want to please the other person and may end up getting lost, trying to mold themselves to what the other person likes. It is essential to be true to yourself and not always give in to the other’s tastes.

Pisces people are also prone to suffer in excess in cases of breakups, as they are melancholy and exaggerated. They often see the person they fell in love with in an idealized way that escapes reality. In relationships, they need to put their feet on the ground and be more objective, as well as imposing themselves to be respected.

■ At work

At work, people of the sign of Pisces are usually creative and dedicated, due to their virtues linked to intuition and persistence. They are also empathetic and do not usually create disagreements with their professional colleagues, on the contrary, they always try to help them.

They are great at activities that help people and promote direct contact for collective development. However, they hate to be in a leadership position and do not perform this function well.

Pisceans can make silly mistakes at work because they live in the moon world. But these distractions don’t limit them. When they know what they want, and manage to live in reality, they are hardworking and dedicated, not measuring efforts to achieve their dreams.

Curiosities about the sign of Pisces

Pisceans are altruistic and, therefore, find it easy to turn to the collective good. In addition, they are talented artists and can launch a career in these areas. Check out some curiosities of the sign of Pisces, how they act in collective union and who are famous for this sign.

■ Sign of Pisces and the community

The sign of Pisces has a vocation to join the collective. Regardless of whether they are good communicators or not, it is a fact that a Pisces person always wants to see the well-being of others. He will find a way to help people at all costs, and usually his purpose revolves around that.

They are selfless and understanding, so they are great at working with other people. They are dreamers and live thinking about how they can find a way out to fight injustices, and that is why they usually relate to volunteers and social causes.

■ Famous personalities of the sign of Pisces

In professions, Pisceans stand out for their creativity and perseverance to achieve their dreams. Some are artists because they cultivate intuition and imagination. Some natives of the sign of Pisces are found in the music world, such as Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Camila Cabello, Kesha and Luan Santana.

On the small screens, the Pisces people are Drew Barrymore, Lily Collins, Renata Sorrah, Débora Falabella, Alexandre Borges and Regina Casé. They also stand out in other areas, such as in sports, like striker Marta and gymnast Simone Biles.

Is Pisces a good sign for relationships?

Pisces is the perfect sign for lasting relationships. They don’t agree to have a relationship with anyone, the true interest is taken into account by them. In this way, they strive to ensure that everything works out and that they can see their loved ones happy, always providing attention and care.

If you are in a relationship with a Pisces partner, you can immerse yourself in this love, as they are genuine and caring people. If you’re a Pisces, don’t limit yourself or cling to your individuality. Learn to cultivate relationships that can give you respect and freedom.

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