Sign Matching: What do the stars say about your relationship?

How to analyze combinations of signs?

Each sign has its unique characteristics, flaws and desires. Some signs look for opposite characteristics in relationships, which can naturally get in the way of the relationship, while others, on the other hand, look for similar aspects and grow together, forming the perfect combination.

To analyze the combinations, we need to take into account the unique characteristics of each sign and its elements, as this also affects the behavior of the natives. Thus, it is possible for us to better understand the synastry between the two individuals.

Combinations of signs based on the elements

The elements dictate some basic characteristics of the signs, which will be shared by all who have them in common. Due to these similarities, it is possible to get an idea of ​​compatibility knowing only the element of each sign.

■ Combination of earth signs

Naturally, the earth signs are compatible with each other. This means that Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus get along very well. These natives are known for being “down to earth”, and seen as cold (some more than others).

Because both partners have similar characteristics, there should not be major conflicts of ideas or habits during the relationship, as there would be if one of the couple was fire or air, for example.

So, simply put, earth natives get along very well with others of the same element. There are a few variations, but this is a good, simple rule of thumb to follow.

■ Combination of water signs

Water individuals: for some, great lovers, people who give themselves body and soul to their partner. For others, whining, jealous and possessive. Water people need someone to either accompany them throughout their dramatization of life, or simply not feed their drama.

They are very emotional people, and they usually get along well with other water signs because they have a mutual understanding. There may be some difficulties in relating to the fire and air natives, but luckily the sign is not the complete birth chart.

■ Combination of fire signs

Fire people are intense, but not in the same way as water people. These natives are impulsive, they want to do everything, meet new people, go to parties, and do whatever they are entitled to. If other signs live, fire natives live double.

It’s great when people of fire find this desire to experience the new in their partners. Like all signs, they get along very well with people of their own element.

■ Air sign combinations

Perhaps a pattern can be seen here, but air signs are very fond of each other. These are the intellectuals, the artists and the “differences”. Always looking for new subjects, air natives need a partner with the same thirst for knowledge as themselves.

Air and earth are not the best possible combination, as they are completely opposite in their way of thinking. For the rational and methodical earth sign, the air native is very dreamy and artistic. Other than that, all other combinations are valid.

■ Earth and water sign combinations

Ever heard the phrase “opposites attract”? Well, it’s almost as if it was made to talk about the combination of earth and water, which are opposite elements in the zodiac. When these two individuals are together, their characteristics make up for each other.

The patience and ability to analyze the situation of the land native, together with the intense emotions and the romanticism of the water person, are capable of forming a very harmonious couple.

Even so, it is necessary to make an effort to make it work. Because they are so different, great internal conflicts can arise in the relationship. However, if overcome, these elements were made for each other.

■ Combinations of fire and air signs

As with the earth and water signs, the fire and air signs also attract, even though they are different. In fact, it is precisely because of this difference that they are attracted. But be aware: the different ways of living and thinking can cause problems in coexistence, especially in terms of opposing tastes.

If in the combination of earth and water the attraction works like a tug of war, in which the two are pulling each other closer and closer, in the case of fire and air it is as if one were the fuel of the other.

One increases their energies with ideas that are different, but not completely opposite, from the other. Thus, these two form an explosive pair that, when it works, is very difficult to separate.

Perfect match for each sign

Of course, there’s more to each sign’s compatibility than just the elements. As said before, each sign looks for something in particular, and this makes, even among those compatible, there are favorites. This is what we’ll get into now.

■ Aries sign combinations

Aryans, who are explosive people with strong opinions, get along very well with the remaining fire signs Leo and Sagittarius, as well as Gemini, air. Aries is able to find a good relationship with other air signs such as Aquarius and Libra, although they are not at the top of the compatibility list.

The key to making these relationships work comes from both partners valuing freedom, both yours and the other, which is important to Aries. Always energetic and sociable, Aryans are very harmonious with the explosive fire signs, and the mutable air signs.

■ Taurus combinations

Among the earth signs, Taurus is the one who least fits the “cold and calculating” view that terrestrial natives popularly hold. Best known for their love of food and luxuries in life, the best partners for Taureans are: Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces, with a little Scorpio hiding out there.

Taurus-compatible couples are built to last, due to the calm and stable nature of Taurus, and they are hard to encounter big problems. Earth signs bring the stability and rationality that Taurus values. The water signs, on the other hand, are able to add greater depth to the relationship, due to the habit of surrendering to the partner.

■ Gemini sign combinations

Geminis and their mood swings. Who could put up with someone who changes his mind so much? Surprisingly, a lot of people. Gemini finds the greatest compatibility in the signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. But it also works well with others of its own element.

Like the Aryan, the Gemini native values ​​his freedom, wanting to keep it during the relationship. They also like fun and social people, who will allow them to meet new friends and places. If you want to win over a Gemini, you have to keep pace with him.

■ Cancer sign combinations

Cancer wants only two things: to feel safe and loved. The signs that most provide these feelings for him are Taurus, Pisces and Capricorn, also being compatible with the remaining water sign Scorpio.

Being very sensitive and protective, Cancerians end up being a little insecure. Because of this, they look for partners that give them that sense of security, whether in the form of the emotional stability of the earth signs, or in the attention and intense love experienced by the other water signs.

■ Leo sign combinations

The conceited Leo, when content with his relationship, goes to great lengths to love his partner as much as he loves himself. The signs that most arouse this feeling in Leo are Libra, Aquarius and Gemini, also having strong links with the other fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius.

Confident and bold by nature, Leonino likes people who can take his energy, those who aren’t afraid of his advances and appreciate his confidence, just what the fire and air signs provide.

■ Virgo sign combinations

A perfectionist and critic, Virgos seek to be and have the perfect match. You are just as critical of yourself as you are of your partner, and this critical nature can really mess up some relationships. However, with the right partner, the relationship is only elevated by these characteristics.

The signs that are most in harmony with Virgo are the ones who give their all in relationships, no matter what the situation. They are: Capricorn, Cancer and Taurus, which can also work with Scorpio, Pisces and, of course, other Virgos.

■ Libra sign combinations

Librans love to fall in love with simple things like “good morning”. Being very romantic and idealistic, they are easily captivated by simple actions. But for that very reason, they also lose interest easily, shifting their loving focus to the next individual. Remember: they like to fall in love, but they are not needy.

Libra has the greatest compatibility with the air signs, Gemini and Aquarius, due to their constant changes and new stimuli for Libra. Libra natives also do very well with the fire ones—Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo—for constantly rekindling the flame of the relationship.

■ Scorpio sign combinations

The sign of Scorpio is certainly the most intense sign of the zodiac. For this native, everything is always 8 or 80, and of course love would be no different. When a Scorpio falls in love, he falls in love so much that he may feel that the other signs don’t really love him, simply because they can’t have the same intensity.

The signs that best match Scorpio are those capable of responding to its intensity, in the case of Pisces, Cancer and the earth signs, Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo. The water signs respond exactly as the Scorpio wants, with intensity. The earthy ones make them understand that they love him even without all the hype.

■ Sagittarius sign combinations

Sagittarius needs adventure, spontaneity and, like Aries, freedom. The most important thing for the Sagittarius native is, and always will be, adventure. The relationship needs to sound like something new, like a trip to places you like, and it can’t become repetitive and every day.

Because of this need for adventure, Sagittarius gets along very well with all the air signs, and with all the other fire signs, as dating them is always an adventure full of new experiences.

■ Capricorn sign combinations

Analyst and selective, impressing Capricorns is difficult. Although it doesn’t seem romantic at first, it only takes a little bit of superficiality for these individuals to demonstrate what they’re emotionally capable of.

Capricorn has a special relationship with the signs of Pisces and Scorpio. These two have the best ability to extract the romantic side of the Capricorn native, and almost skip the “screening” step of the Capricorn who selects his mates. Other harmonious signs are Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, and of course Capricorn himself.

■ Aquarius sign combinations

The bold Aquarian likes to try the new, wanting people looking for the same. The sign of Aquarius doesn’t get along very well with people who like to stick to the standard, without something special to differentiate themselves, preferring those signs that seek the unusual.

The best combinations for Aquarius are Aries and Sagittarius, as both bring the dynamism and spontaneity that Aquarius seeks. Other signs that work well with Aquarius are Leo, Gemini and Libra.

■ Pisces sign combinations

Very romantic and understanding, the sign of Pisces is known to be the cute one of the zodiac. Having a genuine love, the Pisces person wants someone who gives him security and stability, someone he can count on in difficult times and who will always be there.

The best combinations for Pisces are Capricorn and Taurus, due to their stability and security. Other signs that work well with Pisces are Scorpio, Cancer and Virgo.

Does the combination between the signs signal the compatibility of a couple?

The combination of signs signals the couple’s compatibility. However, it is important to remember that it is just that, a sign, and that several other aspects of the birth chart influence the compatibility of two people. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the Sun is not everything. It just serves to get a general idea of ​​someone’s personality.

So, don’t go giving up on your partner or setting up marriage. There is still a lot of map to analyze ahead. Each planet has its meaning and will have a different influence.

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