Schwede Anton Bengtsson Horror – Get Whole Detail

Schwede Anton Bengtsson Horror – The semi-last double leg in the Champions Hockey League between the Swedish top-level groups Frölunda Indians and Rögle Ängelholm (1: 3) was overwhelmed by a horror injury.

Anton Bengtsson, who had scored the initial goal for the viewer in the blink of an eye earlier, must be ministered after just shy of four minutes of play in the immediate time frame and later accepted off the ice with a cot.

The Swedish striker had been hit by his opponent Johan Sundström’s shoulder in the upper middle part during what had all the earmarks of being an unexpected check and tumbled to the ground.

Bengtsson Eliminated after the Check

In the hall in Gothenburg, it was in a moment quiet as a mouse. It was promptly clear to everybody that Bengtsson had declined.
The clinical aides tried, in complement to other items, to determine the neck of the 28-year-old. The match must be postponed for north of ten minutes.

A brief time frame later, Rögle gave the principal all-unmistakable. Bengtsson is doing admirably in light of the current situation and is in the emergency clinic for assessments.

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