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Richard Courneya Obituary: Passed away Tuesday, December 15, 2021, at Belleville General Hospital in his 59th year. A careful and serious life partner to his soul mate Shawna Courneya of 38 years. Treasuring and sweet dad to his two children Destiny (Jamie Graham) and Davis (Mackenzie Cornell).

Richard will be appallingly missed by grandchildren Ethan and Cadence. Dear kin of Michael Courneya (Tracey), Nancy Dyer, Eileen Dickinson, and sibling by marriage Michael Essensa (Laura). Predeceased by family Josephine Chamberland (mother), Lynda and Kenneth Essensa (mother and father-in-law), Debbie Scott (sister), and Gerry Taft (aunt). Made due by his father Andrew Courneya. Lovingly reviewed by various nieces, nephews associates, and the Belleville Community.

Richard was a man of uprightness, constantly inclining toward his sense any place he went. His focal objective field was to meet people where they were at, revering them truly and bringing them into his family like they were continually expected to be there regardless. Here his heart and love for his neighborhood Belleville began. This is what set Richard beside many.

He was stacked up with such a ton of light and stacked with assurance. Consuming each room he entered with such a ton of elation, inventiveness, and love. Richard’s advancements for Belleville were constantly top of the mind. He lowered himself in the city, consistently expecting to help it with developing, something awesome. His interest in various chambers, gatherings, and direction will be felt for a seriously long time later on. His impact and impact on the city of Belleville will follow his legacy forever.

Richard was a family man at his middle. He adored his incredible spouse Shawna and his two children Davis, Destiny, and their soul mates. Be that as it may, most Richard worshiped his grandchildren Ethan and Cadence; they were really his unmatched joy. He contributed any extra energy he had showing them, laughing with them, and assisting them with recalling Big Poppa’s limitless love for them.
The Fondest memories can be found in the numerous photographs of the famous lodge on Airds Lake. A picture of his family’s “little piece of heaven” stays present and overflowing with goodness today. Contributing energy with his friends and family there was his immaculate top decision, acquiring new encounters and continuing to tie together the bond he had with his family perpetually was his principal need.

Richard was a marvelous light that will be significantly missed anyway lovingly connected with years that come. His excitement everlastingly and his obligation to his neighborhood family can be found in all elements of who he was as a man, a trailblazer, a companion, a father, and a poppa.

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