Power of Animal in shamanism: hummingbird, eagle and more!

What is the power animal?

According to shamanism, the power animal, or totem, is an archetype that represents a certain set of attributes, which can be used as a tool to acquire greater power, wisdom, patience or whatever is necessary at a certain point in your life.

The power animal works as a guide, a spirit that guards and protects you in its wildest sense, that is, in line with your natural essence. He doesn’t follow patterns, doesn’t limit his performance, enjoys abundance, and acts on his instincts.

In this way, it helps you to break toxic patterns, broaden your horizons, perceive and immerse yourself in universal abundance and listen more to your own instincts, instead of rationalizing each stage of your life, in order to sabotage and betray your essence.

Understand what shamanism is, power animals, how to discover and use yours, and much more!

Shamanism and power animals

Many people confuse shamanism with some kind of indigenous religion, but that’s not quite the case. Of course there are shamans who are shamans, but this is not a rule. Likewise, there are shamans in the most diverse continents and among multiple peoples.

Shamanism is a way to connect with the power of the Sacred existing in all places and creatures, and nature is a powerful tool for this connection. It deals with the spiritual, connecting energetically through various means, including ayahuasca, snuff and other preparations. Understand better how it works.

■ Origin of Shamanism

With traces of rites originating 50 thousand years ago, Shamanism left its marks in Africa, Australia, Indonesia, Siberia, England, Patagonia and, of course, in the Americas. All the knowledge of the shamans was passed on verbally, also keeping the traditions of the people they represented.

Authority figures, the shamans keep the primordial knowledge of the connection between nature and man – an interdependent part of it -, helping the human being to rediscover himself as a creature, in addition to being a creator. They play the role of bridge between the material and the immaterial, teaching ways to become masters of yourself.

■ Nature and Shamanism

The relationship between shamanism and nature is almost symbiotic, that is, one depends on the other to continue. On the one hand, nature benefits from shamanism, in the form of respect, care and preservation. On the other hand, through shamanism and nature, human beings find ways to foster their development.

And we are not talking here about material development, but spiritual development. It is clear that man needs land, food, wood, metal, water and other natural resources to survive, but here, we are referring to something more sublime. As a collective consciousness that leads to self-knowledge and growth as a whole, in connection with the Whole.

■ Objectives of Shamanism

Shamanism is not exactly a religion, that is, it is not intended to connect with a higher entity. In reality, it is at the heart of reconnecting with yourself and nature. It is a philosophy of life that uses the appreciation and use of nature to rediscover its own essence.

There is also a strong connection with ancestry and nature spirits, whether sacred plants or animals, often considered guides or protectors – also called power animals.

Shamanic knowledge is passed down through generations orally and continues to this day, with its preparations and ancestral wisdom, from nature and from mythical or archetypal creatures.

Fundamentals of Shamanism Power Animals

Power animals are one of the most recognizable points of shamanism, being defined as wild spirits that offer protection throughout life. Each one is unique to each person, staying by their side from the moment of birth. They are considered to be spirits or energies that contain the personality characteristics of those they accompany.

The power animal is considered an archetypal representation of these characteristics, leading to strengthening certain traits and seeking ways to work with others, in search of balance. He may go his whole life without being known, but whenever a person sees a real representation of him (a real animal, in flesh and blood), he will feel a deep connection with his figure.

Understand these spirit companions, their importance, how to discover and connect with them, and more!

■ How important is the power animal?

The power animal can lead you to reconnect with your purpose, your essence. People often end up losing themselves throughout their lives, worried about things that are apparently very important, but which, deep down, are just tools. What is essential, fundamental, ends up forgotten, buried in mechanized tasks.

Remembering that your essence corresponds to your power animal can help you to turn to yourself, to the true self, and make life return to walking towards its purpose again. In addition, if he tries to connect with you through signs, he may be showing some necessary change in your life, or pointing out the way to go, in addition to showing the detour you have made.

■ How to discover my power animal?

Self-awareness is key, as the more you understand your strengths and weaknesses, the closer you come to connect with your power animal, which also has specific characteristics. So, looking for ways to understand your automatic thoughts, fears, blocks, pleasures and loves can be a way to get closer to your essence.

Another possible way is through shamanic rituals or even meditation. This can be done individually or in a meditation guided by an experienced and trusted shaman.

On the internet you can find some guided meditations as well, which can serve as an option. Remember to listen to all the audio first, then actually meditate to make sure you agree with all the steps, which also applies to any guided meditation.

■ What are the possible revelations of the power animal?

Your power animal can show you aspects of your personality that are submerged in decades of social conditioning. Finding your guide opens the door to understand yourself better and grow as a human being, integrating more with what is Sacred in your personal conception.

It can also help you find your way around a given situation, if you allow yourself to listen to your intuition. By being instinctively adaptable and finding ways like no human being could do, your power animal shows you the best possibilities for solution and growth, according to your personality.

■ How to use my power animal?

First of all, you don’t use the power animal, you work alongside it. Importantly, he is a wild spirit guide, not a working instrument. With that in mind, just remember that you are connected, even if you are not aware of it. Thus, there is, indeed, a way to enhance his action in situations of need.

The first way is through daily meditation, seeking to rediscover your essence, your power animal. Also, when you process your thoughts and feelings, you are also reconnecting. In times of danger, or when you need some kind of support, you can also call for your presence, mentally or ritually.

Other Power Animal Definitions

According to shamanism, there are also other animals that can accompany people throughout life. They highlight specific situations and aim to help in these aspects, bringing individuals to the light of consciousness and working for their growth and development. Find out what they are.

■ Shadow animal

When we talk about shadow, we are not referring to something bad, but simply something that is not under the light, the existence of which is unknown. In other words, they are unconscious aspects that can influence your actions, which are represented by the shadow animal.

It should be approached with wisdom and support as it can highlight hidden traumas, repetitive dysfunctional thoughts and painful memories. As essential as it is to deal with these situations, it should not be done without the support of a shaman or even a psychologist, who can help to deal with these shadows.

■ winged animal

The winged power animal has the role of taking care of your spiritual development, helping to direct your efforts in the right direction. He is the greatest ally in this search for reconnection with the Self, but in a much broader and more intense way.

In times of difficulty, he knows that he needs to allow you to suffer pain, so that he can learn how to overcome it, focusing his efforts on its development. Likewise, in joyful moments, the winged animal will be there, motivating and encouraging you to enjoy this presence of life and gratitude.

■ Golden animal

Linked to ancestry, the golden power animal carries all the knowledge, experience, sufferings and joys of its ancestors. That is, from your parents, your grandparents, great-grandparents and so on.

Certainly this brings a lot of positive reflections, making you notice risky situations when necessary. On the other hand, it also brings the karmic weight of those who came before you, and the propensity for deeds that are not in accordance with your current way of life. So, anyway, it is essential to pay attention and care to your golden animal.

■ Animal totem

While the golden power animal is related to ancestry, the totem links you with all of humanity. It shows that you are part of the whole and that the whole resides in you. Also called a mystic animal, it is considered to represent a collective consciousness, which directs and expands the energy of the universe in and through you.

Symbology of some power animals

According to shamanism, each power animal is linked to a different type of medicine. In other words, it refers to certain characteristics that can be invoked when looking for them in cases of need. Know the medicine or characteristics of each of these archetypes or spirit guides.

■ Bee

Related to hard and continuous work, bees are power animals linked to communicative and hardworking people. They are those who love what they do and are nourished by their own effort, helping everyone around them to grow too.

■ Eagle

The eagle refers to the ability to see beyond and see things as they really are. It’s the end of illusion, showing the raw reality, even if it’s not the most adequate. This power animal is also related to a practical person, who knows how to determine and fight for a goal.

■ Moose

Calm, resilient and patient, the moose is the power animal linked to tranquility and perseverance. Sociable, he seeks to create bonds with others like him or whom he feels he can trust. Honest, they are born leaders.

■ Spider

Spiders represent creativity, patience, resilience and pioneering. Furthermore, they are able to help see the connections between different situations, helping to make goals come true.

■ Whale

The whale is the power animal related to ancestry and can contain in it all the wisdom of the universe. It is related to what is subconscious or even unconscious, helping to heal old wounds.

■ Hummingbird

The hummingbird is associated with lightness, grace and speed. It is also linked to joy and health as well as love. Smoothly, he achieves his goals, always looking out for all possibilities.

■ Butterfly

The butterfly’s great characteristic is its transmutation capacity, the passage from the gross, which crawls, to the subtle, light and which rises to the sky. Transforming yourself or transforming others is your main asset.

■ Goat

Good-humored, strong and determined, the goat is associated with new achievements and, above all, with teamwork. This power animal represents the ability to react to different stimuli, always looking for a common goal.

■ Dog

There is no better adjective for the dog than loving. Loyalty, strength, empathy and credibility underpin this animal’s definition of power. Also, dogs are protective and appreciate freedom.

■ Beaver

Adaptability and persistence define the beaver as a power animal. Even if he doesn’t have the proper tools, he is able to build an empire without ever giving up. Can live well in any environment and is great at teamwork.

■ Camel

Endurance and resilience can be the camel’s main attributes. He can go through life’s difficulties, even what would be unbearable for the other, with ease and persistence. Camels know that the whole essence of life is always present.

■ Horse

The horse, as a power animal, is related to endurance, freedom, beauty and hard work. Grounded, the horse has a strong connection with the idea of ​​power and grace, strength and delicacy, which act in a complementary way and coexist in the same creature.

■ Snake

The snake brings the power of healing, transformation and adaptation. She is intuition strengthened, like a link between heaven and earth. Sensuality, regeneration and strength are also linked to this power animal.

■ Rabbit

There is no way to talk about rabbits and not think about prosperity and abundance. Abundance is present in your archetype, attracting you to the person who has you as a power animal. Speed ​​and intelligence are the tools to achieve your dreams.

■ Owl

The universal symbol of wisdom, as a power animal, the owl is related to magic and everything that is not exposed to light. Mysteries don’t exist for her as she can see even better in the dark.

■ Elephant

Strength, confidence and ancestry represent the elephant as a power animal. He can also keep earthly events and natural knowledge in his memory, without fear of the new or the past.

■ Ant

With a strong sense of community, the ant is reminiscent of hard and tireless work, in addition to a disproportionate and incredibly greater strength than it appears. Tough, patient and persistent, this power animal is full of courage and dedication.

■ Seagull

The seagull is a power animal that represents breadth, freedom and grace. Extremely adaptable, it doesn’t let itself down by small difficulties, being able to move in different worlds without harming itself.

■ Cat

Thinking about a cat and not associating it with elements such as magic, intuition, delicacy and precision is something really complicated. Fast and independent, they pride themselves on freedom and adapt to any situation.

■ Hawk

Impetuous, strong and insightful, the hawk is a power animal with greater ability to observe what is happening and react quickly, in a cool and calculated way. It spares no efforts and can wait quietly until you achieve your goal.

■ Giraffe

The giraffe is a symbol of the link between what is divine and the earth. The four legs are stability, matter and solidification. Her long neck, on the other hand, is considered the channel that takes her up to the heights, to meet the Sacred.

■ Dolphin

Intelligence, persistence, ability to learn easily and teamwork are the main characteristics of the dolphin as a power animal. Joyful, they teach you to go deeper to discover your potential.

■ Gorilla

Strength, persistence and endurance mark the gorilla, being a power animal also associated with stubbornness, given its ability to fight for what it wants. Focused on the family, he is protective and even territorial, without allowing too much closeness.

■ Alligator

Returning its forces to survival, the alligator can use its aggressiveness to conquer what it wants. This power animal may appear easygoing and peaceful, but it is always ready to act when needed.

■ Lizard

The lizard’s adaptive power is especially great, and it can be considered a symbol of the transition between water and soil, cold and heat, between sky and earth. In other words, it represents the conscious journey towards the Holy.

■ Lion

Representing strength, protection, family, and determination, the lion power animal is one of the best known. Those who have him as a company tend to be good leaders, admired and respected by everyone.

■ Dragonfly

For Shamanism, the dragonfly represents the lightness that one should have in life’s situations. It can also be interpreted as an element of transition, going through several phases until it finds itself in the sky.

■ Leopard

Normally, those who have the leopard as a power animal have a firm but quiet presence wherever they go. Protective, independent and peaceful, they are animals that take care of their own like no other.

■ Wolf

The wolf, as a power animal, refers to the connection with the primitive, with its wildest and most natural side. He’s an explorer and gets lonely at times, but no one messes with his pack as he’s always on the lookout. Extremely protective with his own, he brings strength and agility.

■ Bat

Resilience and ability to find your place in the world are the main characteristics of the bat. Even in the darkest moments, he continues on his way, never giving up.

■ Fox

Smart, quick and skittish, the fox is not fooled and is always one step ahead when it comes to planning. Subtle, they use their intuition combined with quick thinking to make the best decisions.

■ Jaguar

The jaguar is related to healing, the power animal being related to protection. Fierce, she does everything to ward off danger from her protégés. At the same time, it is silent, fast and careful.

■ Panther

To have a panther as a power animal is to be in connection with the moon, with the feminine. Brave and instinctive, she helps you deal with your shadows and traumas, eliminating fear and other things that might be blocking you.

■ Puma

Speed, whether in reason or physically, is the main word of this power animal. The cougar is also a symbol of resistance and adaptation to the ups and downs of life, through a unique determination.

■ Toad

Anyone who has the frog as a power animal knows what it is to be confused and wronged, being more resilient than most people. As robust as it appears to be, inside, there is delicacy and transformation, just waiting for the right time to emerge.

■ Tiger

Those who rely on the tiger as a power animal may find themselves brave, strong, and at times even a little temperamental. This is an animal that destroys any nearby negative energy, keeping its aura balanced.

■ Bear

Extroverted, cheerful, playful and wise, the bear is an animal of special power. That’s because, despite his outgoing qualities, he can be fierce with anyone who wants to harm him or harm his own.

■ Vulture

There is no power animal with more strength to drive away obsessors and evil energies than the vulture. Quick and with good team skills, he’s always around, warding off any hint of negativity.

■ Zebra

In a dichotomous view, the zebra represents exactly the balance between good and evil. She knows that both frequencies exist and transitions between them. Strong, respectable and cheerful, she is the power animal of extroverts.

How can the power animal be used in everyday life?

On a daily basis, you can pray for your power animal, drawing its positive qualities to life’s challenges. In addition, you can also visualize and call your name, in times of need and fear. He is a perfect ally to cast spells and coordinate efforts for your personal growth.

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