One Piece 1060’s First Teaser Hints At Straw Hat’s Next Big Challenge

The Straw Hat Crew may soon face a new threat, as hinted at by the first clue in One Piece 1060. As our heroes leave the land of Wano, they will return to the mainland, which has been engulfed in chaos since Kaido. was defeated.

The preview for One Piece 1060, contained in the yet-unreleased Chapter 1059, is the first hint given to fans as to what awaits our heroes. The editor’s note that fans were able to read in the full scans for Chapter 1059 hinted at the Straw Hat crew encountering a new enemy after they started sailing again. Keep reading to learn more about the first clue of the next chapter of One Piece.

Will the Straw Hats meet the Marines in One Piece Chapter 1060? What does the author’s note say?

The author’s note found in Chapter 1059 gives fans a warning of what the Straw Hat crew will soon encounter. The note points out that the world has been in a constant state of turbulence since the events of the Wano arc, while hinting that Luffy and his friends will come face to face with an undisclosed enemy.

A similar author’s note has been used once before in the franchise, in the Chapter 1058 preview. When fans last came across this post, it was accompanied by an image of Luffy in his Gear V mode. This transformation was only used against Kaido, which could imply that the Straw Hat Captain will have to maybe face yet another powerful foe.

What can happen in One Piece 1060?

The events of Chapter 1059, which will be released later this week, will be the first clue as to the direction Oda is taking with his manga in this latest saga. Blackbeard will once again announce himself as a major threat to the world. Not only is he always on the hunt for powerful Devil Fruits, but he’s also not afraid to abduct Koby, despite the Marines chasing him for it.

This clue could very well point to a fight between the Straw Hat Pirates and Blackbeard’s crew. Luffy is an individual who hates when someone hurts his friends, and Koby is one of his oldest comrades. If he finds out what Blackbeard did to the young Marine, Luffy will probably want to go save him, like he did to Ace in Marineford.

Final Thoughts

One Piece 1060 won’t be released for almost two weeks, as Chapter 1059 hasn’t been released as of the time of this article’s publication. Nonetheless, the hype fans have felt for the franchise lately has them looking for clues wherever possible. Such is the case with the author’s note that viewers will see in Chapter 1059.

The message is cryptic and we’ve seen something similar used before, but it could still be a major clue to what’s going on in the show right now. We will have to wait until next week before any hints or spoilers about One Piece Chapter 1060 are released. Only then can we tell if the note in Chapter 1059 is really hinting at something bigger.

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