Number 3 in numerology: personal, soul, profession and more!

What is the meaning of the number 3 in numerology?

Number 3 interferes with positive and negative aspects of the personality. By unveiling them, it is possible to discover talents, which directly influence relationships and professional life. Number 3 reveals that they are creative and communicative people, so these characteristics must be taken into account when choosing to dedicate themselves to a project.

Furthermore, this number is related to intuition and the search for a purpose, making it necessary to detach more and more from limitations and insecurities. People connected to number 3 need to overcome a difficult challenge to achieve balance. Understand better how the number 3 influences personality, love, profession and much more!

Meaning of number 3 in numerology

The meaning of the number 3 in numerology is quite broad. Its symbology has a historical connection with different religions, gods and representations. Furthermore, it can point out positive and negative tendencies in the personality. Check out the symbology of the number 3, symbols assigned to it, and more.

■ Symbology of number 3

The symbology of number 3 refers to illumination and the sacred. It is linked to the image of an equilateral triangle, thus symbolizing union and perfection, as all sides have the same measure.

Number 3 is associated with creation, expressiveness, communication and luck. Furthermore, it is also related to cyclic progression, that is, beginning, middle and end. For that reason, it represents constant change.

In the book Sefer Yetzira, which is a very ancient philosophical treatise, the triangle constitutes the third path. This being the path of wisdom, that is, of sacred and true intelligence.

It is common to find representations of triangles with both the tip facing up and down, but the meanings are different. When the tip of the triangle is upwards it symbolizes fire and celestial powers. When the tip is down, it means water and inferior hosts.

■ Symbols assigned to number 3

Many symbols are linked to the number 3 through its connection to triangles, wisdom and holy life. One of the most common symbols in the West, due to Christian influence, is the Holy Trinity. This representation means the father, son and the holy spirit.

But there are still many other symbols linked to the number 3, such as the virgin Diana, who was considered in Roman mythology to be the goddess of the moon and hunting, the goddess Brigit, goddess of the forge, poem and cure. It still symbolizes Horus, Isis, Empress, and Venus Urania.

■ Positive trends

The positive trends motivated by number 3 are aimed at communication, sociability and enthusiasm, therefore, they are generally extroverted people who express themselves clearly. They are also creative, so they have artistic talents.

Furthermore, they are good company for being friendly. They also connect with wisdom, soul strength and commitment, characteristics that provide reflection and willpower to overcome barriers.

■ Negative trends

The negative trends in number 3 are related to anxiety and pessimism. This results in an excess of worry, in which often simple impasses can take the peace of people influenced by this number.

Because they are easily irritated, they damage relationships with those around them, as well as with themselves. Furthermore, they do not accept points of view different from their own, causing illusion and stagnation.

In addition, they like to show off, often overdoing it, wanting to show off too much. They can fall into habits of gossip, lying, conflict and ostentation. They are also susceptible to superficial relationships, disperse easily, and may feel very lonely.

The number 3 in different areas of life

The number 3 influences different areas of life-shaping the personality in search of freedom, intense loveual desires and clarity in communication. See what this number represents in love, relationships, among other areas.

■ in love

In love, people influenced by the number 3 seek freedom. This is not to say that they do not want deep relationships, but rather that they value their space. They are generous and like to be admired by their romantic couple, always seeking to be the centre of attention.

They are also bold and optimistic, which makes the relationship much more interesting. They are always wanting to try something new, so that socializing does not fall into a routine. Above all, the value for leaving responsibilities aside when they are dedicating themselves to their partner.

■ In relationships

In relationships, the number 3 influences providing a lot of energy, so they bet on daring and fun. For this reason, they have intense loveual desires, with a lot of good humor and emotion. They are happy people who are always excited.

But they can also feel insecure, this leads to situations of jealousy. However, everything can be resolved in conversation, as they are people open to dialogue. Also, when they are in a relationship they feel more creative.

■ In the profession

In the profession, number 3 brings the influence of communication. For this reason, they are people with the ability to pass a message, something difficult to be transmitted, it becomes easy for them.

Because of that, they do well in careers that need public speaking, being great speakers. Their creativity and talent with communication are very favourable in the artistic world, working as actors, musicians and writers. They still do well in careers as a teacher, salesperson and lawyer.

The number 3 as a personal number

Number 3 as a personal year reveals messages about socialization, creativity, social contact and even isolation. Check out what this number represents for the soul, personality, life path, personal life, among others.


To understand the path of the soul it is necessary to add the vowels of the full name, according to the table of letters in numerology. You can check this table below in the topic How to find my number in numerology.

The path of the Soul, influenced by the number 3, symbolizes socialization and communication. Therefore, it is linked to the need to learn to express oneself. They are people who have the gift of communication, but are not always able to use them, often negatively influenced by shyness.

It is necessary to be firm to make dreams come true, as they are people who tend to get lost in the face of many choices. Furthermore, they need to bring their dreams to life and not give up halfway.


To understand if personality is influenced by the number 3, you need to add the consonants according to the letter table of numerology. Check the table below, in the topic how to find my number in numerology.

The personality linked to number 3 is extroverted, but can withdraw from moments of seclusion. In addition, they are kind people, who enjoy calm and harmonious activities.

They are sociable and very creative, for that reason, they are fun friends and companions, always trying to make people happy. Besides everything, they like the arts, fashion, theater and literature, so they end up making friends with other people who like these subjects.

■ Path of life

To know the life path number you need to add the birth date. For number 3 the path points to patience to achieve goals. These are people who need to learn to be calm, because when they start a project, they want to see the results as soon as possible.

This feature affects productivity and creativity. They can become stressed and frustrated when things don’t go as expected. They also need to master their shyness, this brings limitations to conveying an important message.

They are optimistic and open to change, this quality favors the end of the cycle. As such, they are always looking to outdo themselves and grow. This trait also enables the path of new friendships and loves.

■ Personal life

In personal life the number 3 symbolizes freedom and observation. They are people who pay attention to everyday details, that is, things that go unnoticed for others are noticed by them. This favors creativity and artistic activities.

They also don’t like to feel limited and out of space, they value freedom. Criticism can affect your creativity, for this reason, it is necessary to work on these issues, in this way, other people will not be able to affect your personal and professional life very much.

These individuals have an inner desire to communicate, so they need to express themselves in some way. Therefore, they must not limit creativity, they must always seek to be linked to creation and imagination.

■Social Life

In personal life, number 3 indicates friendliness, extraversion and social contact. Therefore, even in moments of isolation, they always seek to be in contact with other people, communication being their strong point.

They are cheerful and have a great sense of humor, so they manage to captivate everyone around them with smiles and words. In addition, they can choose to connect with others through art.


The challenges related to number 3 correspond to isolation. They are communicative people, therefore, they need to cross the barrier of shyness, not limiting themselves to expressing their qualities.

They feel like being alone, and they need to work on these points, so that this seclusion is not something negative, so they can build fluid and pleasurable communications. Furthermore, there may be a lack of effect in the speeches, that is, they may have important information to be said, but they do not know how to convey it.

A little more about number 3

Check out more information on number 3. See which numbers are compatible with number 3, promoting fruitful relationships. Also check number 3 as a personal year, as a message from the angels and many more.

■ Number 3 Compatibility

In order to have compatibility with number 3, the partner must be considerate, always being careful. Even with a loving partner, people influenced by the number 3 can turn out to be unfaithful.

They need partners who stimulate their creativity and set them free. The numbers that promote pleasurable relationships are 1, 5, 9 and 3. But expect incompatible relationships with numbers 2, 4, 6, 7, and 8.

■ Number 3 as a personal year

As a personal year, the number 3 represents energy to carry out activities in different areas, as well as the continuity of cycles. For that reason, it is time to pay attention to what has already started.

It is also a communicative phase, the energies of number 3 favor interaction. Thus, it is essential to get out of stagnation and put pending projects into practice. By planting goals to accomplish important goals, you can soon reap the results.

Furthermore, in relationships it can indicate deep dialogues, which are not always easy. But that tends to bring a lot of understanding. It still points to good energy in professional life, therefore, it is important to give priority to this area.

It is essential that relationships do not interfere with professional life and vice versa. It is also possible that new bonds are created, but it is necessary to filter the good relationships, as it is not the ideal stage to make friends.

■ Number 3 as a message from the angels

As a message from the angels, the number 3 symbolizes the spiritual world. So, one has to accept the connection with the divine. As well as aligning dreams with the gifts and purpose of serving on Earth.

It is essential to have passion and confidence to make dreams come true. Therefore, it is necessary to move away from negative thoughts. It also points to the manifestation of learning, which can help other people.

It is necessary to put creativity, art and communication into practice. To demonstrate what you’ve learned so far, knowledge is only useful when shared. It might also be a good time to start a new hobby.

■ When you see the number 3 everywhere

Seeing the number 3 everywhere is called synchronicity, it suggests that these occurrences are not mere chance. In fact, they are messages from the universe that need to be unravelled.

The message symbolizes the need to listen to intuition and take care of body, mind and spirit. It is a sign to do what your heart tells you, when in doubt, take time to reflect, but be careful not to deceive yourself.

■ Famous number 3 in numerology

Celebrities number 3 in numerology tend to be outgoing, communicative, and creative. Check out some names: Shania Twain, Hillary Clinton, John Travolta, Enya, Bob Vadas, Linda McCartney, Andrew Weil, Bill Cosby, Sonny Barger, Pierce Brosnan, Alec Baldwin, Barbara Walters, Jack Welch, Jimmy Buffett, Jodie Foster, Josh Grobin , Melanie Griffith.

■ How to find my number in numerology?

Unravelling the numerology is easier than many people think, just add up all the birth date numbers. See an example to make it clearer. Let’s assume that the date of birth is 03/15/1992, then the sum of all these numbers is done: 1+ 5 + 0 + 3 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 2 = 30. Now it is necessary to add this value found, or that is, 3 + 0 = 3.

The master numbers should not be added together, they are those that have the same numbers as 11 and 22. The path of each individual is revealed through the date of birth, but there are also numbers related to the name , which refer to the soul (sum of vowels) and personality (sum of consonants). Check below the table of numerology letters:

1→(A, J, S) 2→(B, K, T) 3→(C, L, U)
4→(D, M, V) 5→(E, N, W) 6→(F, O, X)
7→(G, P) 8→(H, Q) 9→(I, R)

Can the number 3 in numerology indicate an extroverted personality?

The number 3 in numerology indicates an extroverted personality. They are communicative people, who like to express themselves through speech. It’s like a natural talent, so they end up going to communicative areas like journalism, or artistic ones like theatre.

However, there is the challenge of overcoming the barrier of shyness and insecurity. Only then will you be able to place your gifts in the world. For this reason, use the information in this article to better understand these characteristics and seek to surpass yourself, moving increasingly towards growth and harmony.

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