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Nick Cannon is one of the shining stars of the United States. He is a television host, actor, rapper, and songwriter. He is one of the millionaires in America who made a lot of money by showing his talent in different fields. During his career, he achieved success in film, radio, and television, as well as being a producer and entrepreneur. He is a multi-talented star who showed his success in different fields of life by performing multiple roles. 

One of the notable programs hosted by Nick was “The Masked Singer”. Nick earned a heavy amount per year through this program. As a student, Nick loved athletics. He worked for the African Student Coalition as a president. He also showed his performance in Dope Bomb Squad in his teenage. 

Net Worth: $20 Million
Age: 41
Born: October 8, 1980
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Professional TV Host
Last Updated: July 3, 2022


Early life

Nick was born on October 8, 1980, in California, United States. Due to the separation of his parents, he was brought up by his paternal grandfather in Lincoln Park. His father James was an accountant and Beth Hackett. He was also a televangelist and hosted television shows so, at an early age, Nick’s passion for television performance arose and he started performing in different shows.

He also performed in his father’s show when he was just 11. At the age of 16, Nick used to go to Los Angeles and perform comedy on weekends. At high-profile locations, he also began landing gigs. Nick graduated in 1998 and later on moved to Hollywood where he performed in several comedies. 


Nick Cannon started his career in 1999 when he formed his rap group. In 2003, his first album was released with his name “Nick Cannon”. Nick also formed his record label named “Can I Ball Records”. Later on, he canceled it and started N’Credible Entertainment’s new record label. Then he released his debut mixtape “Child of the Corn”  in 2011.  

In 2010, Nick started hosting a radio show with Southern Nikki and Sarah Lee. Then he started his weekly program “Cannon’s Countdown”. After one year, he went to Las Vegas to record the comedy “Mr. Showbiz”. 

As he is a jack of all trades, he worked for the MTV series “Wild N Out’ in 2005. Nick created, produced, and hosted it by himself. He also hosted a show “ Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards. 

From 2009 to 2016, he worked as a host for the show “America’s Got Talent”. The television series “Incredible Crew” was created by him.  He also hosted many other shows including caught on Camera with Nick Cannon, Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, and The Nightlife. In addition, He acted in various movies. Nick Cannon also served as a chief creative officer of RadioShack. For nickelodeon, he worked as a creative consultant.


Net Worth $30 Million
Name Nick Cannon
Age 41
Height (1.8 m)
Weight 80KG (Approx)
Profession Actor
Date Of Birth October 8, 1980
Birthplace California
Nationality American
Income $5 Million (Annual)
Spouse N/A


Below are some of the achievements of Nick Cannon’s career:

Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards

Ensemble of the night, a Hollywood film festival.

NAACP Image Awards

Nick’s 3 rules for success

Nick Cannon is an outstanding person who made a lot of achievements in his career and has earned approximately $20 million till now. But his success and popularity don’t stop. He is becoming more popular across the world. He adopted rules in his life to achieve success which made him one of the richest men. Below are three rules we are going to mention here. You must read and follow if you also want to become a millionaire and popular personality like Nick Cannon. 

  • Make your dreams come true

Once you set your goals, do your best to achieve them. Do whatever your mission is. Your goal should be to achieve it in any way. Make the best use of your abilities, traits, and skills and make your dreams come true. Keep making progress and don’t let anything get in your way.

  • Always be ambitious

Always have ambitions and aspirations because they keep the man active and alive. Make a purpose in your life and achieve it at any cost. Without any ambition, you are just a hollow man with no thoughts and goals. Be creative, and utilize your capabilities for purposeful and fruitful works. Overcome all the hurdles and obstacles. In this way, you will become stronger. Get motivated and always focus on your aspirations to become successful. When you start work, be determined and devote yourself to it. Ultimately, you will gain fantastic success. 

  • Keep good company

Always surround yourself with loyal, sincere, honest, and energetic people who are always ready to do something good for the sake of others. Remember, your friends are the introduction to you. Their company should be fruitful for you where you can learn good things and get rid of bad habits. So, keep good people a priority and avoid those who have bad habits otherwise, they will spoil your life. In addition, you must choose your friends carefully who help you to become a good, enthusiastic and progressive person rather than those who make you lazy.

Famous quotes of Nick Quotes

Great people always speak great and are inspiring. Below are some of the quotes we are going to share with you. So keep reading the article to know more about Nick Cannon:

“Don’t worry about my life, worry about why you’re worried about my life!” – Nick Cannon

“You have to be vigorous. That’s the only way you are going to get it because everybody has dreams and everybody has goals, but the only people who achieve them are the ones that go after it and don’t take no for an answer.” – Nick Cannon

“I think it takes a strong man to be in a relationship with a strong woman. A lot of people hear the word “diva” and think of it as a negative. I see it as a positive. I want somebody who knows what they want out of life and isn’t afraid to show it.” – Nick Cannon

“The people who truly love me and loved me before all of this stuff. You can’t ever leave them behind.” – Nick Cannon

“Having children obviously changes your priorities, but when you start to see life through these innocent eyes and seeing everything for the first time, you appreciate the small things.” – Nick Cannon

Marriage and divorce

Nick Cannon was married to Mariah Carey who was a singer. They were married in the Bahamas and have two children. The children Moroccan Scott and Monroe are twins. Unfortunately, their marriage ended very soon and they announced their separation in 2014. After two years, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon finalized their divorce. After divorce, they sold their home for $9 million that they purchased in 2009 for $7 million. 

In 2016, Nick got admission to Harvard University and completed his graduation in criminology in 2020. More three women came into Nick Cannon’s life and he became the father of seven children including two sets of twins. Out of seven, the youngest child Zen Cannon suffered from a brain tumour and passed away. Now in 2022, Nick announced that he was expecting his eighth kid from a fifth lady.

Income sources

Being a connoisseur, Nick worked on-screen as well as off-screen and made different sources of income. He worked as a rapper, record producer, film producer, author, comedian, radio jockey, DJ, musician, businessman, investor, actor, and host. His annual income is $5 million.

Nick Cannon made his first income source while performing as a host and actor. For America’s Got Talent show, he earned $70K for hosting one episode. Nick Cannon invested money in real estate properties and made money. He got a paycheck of $4 million for the show “Husbands of Hollywood”. His music albums also became his source of income. Besides this, he worked for different brands to promote their products and earned a lot. 

Car collection

Nick Cannon likes cars most and always has a craze to have the best collection of cars. You will always see him with a collection of the most beautiful cars. The cars he owns include Rolls Royce, Cadillac Escalade, Mercedes Benz G-Wagon, Ford GT, Ferrari F430, and Ferrari 599. 

Wealth dependency

Throughout his career, Nick Cannon mainly made wealth for himself. He started his career with music at an early age. However, Most of his work is acting and hosting. 


So, in the end, we can conclude that Nick Cannon is a connoisseur and multi-tasker who has many talents such as hosting, acting, producing, music, comedy, and many more. It is through his struggle, hard work, and consistency that he became a millionaire and has earned $20 million in his career till July 2022.

But his income is continuously increasing because he is frequently doing work on different projects to get more achievements. In this article, we have also learned that to become a successful person, we should set our goals and keep struggling to achieve them. We should be progressive no matter how many hurdles are there in front of us. If you are consistent, you can overcome all of them and attain your aims. 


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