Moon in Scorpio in the birth chart: trends in this sign, in love and more!

What does it mean to have a moon in Scorpio?

Having the moon in Scorpio in your birth chart is, above all, synonymous with strong intuition and depth of feelings. Although it is not apparent, inside it overflows with sensitivity and emotional intensity. They are people who support any situation head-on, never seeming to be shaken in the face of the most complex situations.

They are usually stubborn and very analytical people about people and, even if they don’t realize it, they are always following their intuition, noticing behaviors and situations that for others are not clear.

For those who have the moon in Scorpio, the feelings are either intense and lived to the full, or they are treated coldly and neutrally. They are reserved individuals and therefore there are few who have the privilege of being able to enter their world full of emotions and mysteries. For them, the question of intimacy is of great value and difficult to achieve.

Meaning of moon in Scorpio

The sign of Scorpio has a strong connection with the occult, so whoever has it on their moon demonstrates a deep attraction to everything that is metaphysical, spiritual, and mysterious. Intensity governs individuals who have scorpions on their moon and middle ground doesn’t exist for them: it’s either all or nothing.

This intensity is often frightening, but the influence of the scorpion on the moon transmits a strong magnetism which favors the individual in terms of persuasion, influence over others and leadership over a group of people or work teams.

Follow below what symbolizes the moon in mythology and how it is interpreted in astrology to better understand what those who have the moon in Scorpio really look like.

■ Moon in Mythology

Mythology adds a strong feminine sense to the moon, being related, for example, to the Greek deities Artemis, Selene and Hecate that represent the moon in its phases. The instability of the moon in its different intensities is represented by each of these deities of ancient Greece.

In ancient times the moon was revered in Egypt as a protector of agriculture, children and as having supernatural power symbolized by the goddess Isis. For that culture, Isis had the power to transform metals into gold, to awaken the dead and was considered the mother adviser to the other gods.

These are just a few examples of how the moon was represented by some mythologies. However, she is revered by virtually all ancient cultures, always being a source of protection and occupying leading roles among other deities.

■ Moon in astrology

In astrology, we have the representation of feelings, emotions, habits, intuitions and the unconscious of the personality on the moon. It is considered a star with direct influence on the psychological aspects of an individual, observing drastic variations according to its position in the birth chart, as well as its different phases.

It is the moon that dictates the way we express ourselves in front of the world and how we position ourselves in situations. It is the star that governs our intuition, and those who have the moon in favorable positions in the astrological chart are privileged.

The feeling of motherhood and the feminine side are also under the influence of the moon according to astrology. It also dictates how we deal with our comfort zones and our past.

Scorpio Sign Characteristics

Those born with the scorpion as a sun sign are guided by their emotions and have accurate intuition, being able to recognize everything that is not clear or that has not been spoken. There is a strong connection with deep feelings, a tendency to internalize intense emotions, and an exceptional memory of people who have done you good or bad.

Generosity towards people you love, in addition to a strong ability to adapt, turning bad contexts into good ones for your own benefit, are also hallmarks of the Scorpio sign. For the natives of this sign there is a sense that all things have their end, resulting in intensity in everything that is experienced.

Below are the positive and negative tendencies of Scorpio natives, as well as the element and planet that governs this sign.

■ Positive trends

Scorpio is by far the most intense and sensual sign of the zodiac and these characteristics, if well worked out, are positive points. Scorpios and Scorpios are shrewd and intelligent and go to great lengths to find solutions to the most difficult problems.

Generosity is similarly intense resulting in positive and altruistic behaviors. The incessant search for the truth is also a strong point which leads the natives of this sign to have a strong sense of justice.

Another positive trend is fidelity in affective relationships, as the truth and intensity of the scorpion transmit to natives of this sign the ability to have long and solid relationships. In addition, they have courage and focus on any situation or project they embrace.

■ Negative trends

It is precisely the scorpion’s visceral intensity that can lead to negative behavior. For being firm in what they believe or feel, the natives of this sign tend to be intransigent, possessive and sometimes arrogant.

The natural ambition of this sign, if not worked on in a healthy way, can result in negative and exaggerated behavior in relation to material goals. In effective relationships, jealousy is one of the negative points of this sign, which is by far the most jealous of the zodiac.

Resentment is also a strong negative tendency of the scorpion. The internalization of feelings often leads to resentment, because, in the intention of protecting themselves, the Scorpio or the Scorpio hide within themselves situations that they didn’t like and, therefore, do not solve many of their emotional problems.

■ Water element

All signs are related to the primordial elements of life, and this characteristic is of great importance for the study of people’s individual traits in relation to their birth signs. Necessarily follows the sequence Fire (inspiration), Earth (materialization), Air (which diffuses) and Water (which dilutes).

Like Cancer and Pisces, Scorpio receives the influence of the water element bringing a connotation of depth of emotions, intensity and deep intuition. Individuals whose Sun sign is linked to water are extremely adaptable and are considered to be kind and capable of great displays of empathy.

They may show little impulsiveness, which often makes them suggestible to others’ opinions or wishes. Just like water, they have sometimes changeable characteristics. Despite having a latent altruism, they can be resentful as they have the emotion surfaced and an exemplary memory.

■ Planet Pluto

In classical astrology the ruler of the sign Scorpio was considered Mars. However, in modern astrology, it was agreed that Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio and Mars is exclusively the star related to the sign of Aries.

Just as this star brings us a sense of mystery, as it is the smallest and most distant planet in the solar system in relation to the earth, Pluto carries to the sign of Scorpio a strong influence in terms of depth and fascination for all that is hidden and obscure.

Pluto is considered by many to be the densest and most charged among the stars and the reflection of this for the natives of the sign of Scorpio is a dark side that even they are unaware of and scared.

Moon in Scorpio in the birth chart

Moon in Scorpio is one of the most interesting and peculiar combinations that can appear in a birth chart. Generally, those who carry this junction in the birth chart arouse a mixture of admiration and fear for the singular and strong ways that deal with feelings and situations.

Follow with us the personality, emotions, relationships and partnerships of those who have the Moon in Scorpio in their birth chart.

■ Personality

The influence of the scorpion sign positioned on the moon translates into a strong, intense and very intuitive personality. Those who have this moon usually intrigue everyone around them because they manage to have a refined and almost supernatural view of other people and contexts.

This can also result in fear coming from others, as assertiveness about others’ intentions can be threatening to many.

Individuals who have the moon in Scorpio have a particular taste for a busy life, enjoying the ups and downs that life provides. A solid and true willpower, in addition to a total lack of fear in the face of change, are also hallmarks of the personality of those who have the moon in Scorpio.

■ Emotions

Emotion is the air that individuals who have the moon in Scorpio breathe. Weak or uncertain emotions are simply dismissed and treated with frightening coldness by these natives.

The expressions “all or nothing” and “eight or eighty” are perfect for individuals with the moon in Scorpio, which leads them to have a life full of ups and downs when it comes to joys or sorrows. Everything has to be very intense for them.

In this way, if everything is apparently calm in terms of emotions, they launch themselves in search of new adventures. This can make them difficult to deal with, after all, if this aspect is not worked in a positive way, it can lead to toxic and self-destructive behavior.

■ Relationships and partnerships

In relationships, whether affective, partnerships or any other nature, having the moon in Scorpio imprints a need for depth and intensity.

These are individuals who cannot relate to superficial people as their clinical gaze can see far beyond the surface. This leads them to always seek relationships and partnerships where there is complicity and intimacy on both sides.

If they embrace a project or actually accept a friendship, they become true friends for life. They are often emotional when they feel left out by family members but, if accepted, convey a very strong and true family sense.

Moon in Scorpio in different areas of life

The Moon as a representation of the unconscious personality directly influences many aspects of our lives. Having the most intense and striking sign of the zodiac on the Moon in your birth chart leaves strong marks in different areas of a person’s life.

See below what characteristics the Moon in Scorpio brings to individuals in love, friendships, family and work.

■ Moon in Scorpio in love

These individuals are ardent lovers when they are in love, being capable of the most incredible follies to demonstrate their true, deep and intense love. Another striking aspect is the sensuality that this Moon in scorpion brings, leaving individuals with loveuality at the surface.

People with the moon in Scorpio tend to emotionally manipulate their peers, often demanding that the person give up many things for the sake of the relationship.

They may also exhibit obsessive and jealous behaviors as they unconsciously enjoy controlling any context, especially emotional situations.

■ Moon in Scorpio in friendships

As in love, individuals with the Moon in Scorpio see friendships as truly deep and sincere relationships. If there is no real reciprocity and surrender, they cut the friendship and break the relationship, becoming resentful and often vindictive.

They are supportive of friends and do the possible and impossible for those they let themselves know intimately. In reality, they have few friends, as it is rare for people to get to know each other in a truly intimate way.

■ Moon in Scorpio in the family

Because of the intensity, they deal with their own emotions, people’s family relationships with the Moon in Scorpio tend to be turbulent and difficult. The almost paranormal sensitivity they have makes them easier to hurt.

The strong intuition that they have ends up being harmful because they end up seeing the smallest mistakes of family members, generating resentments that are sometimes unnecessary.

Speaking of rancor, those who have the Moon in Scorpio carry this feeling for many years within them. They avoid revealing what they resented, which makes family relationships precarious over time.

■ Moon in Scorpio at work

As for professional environments, the combination of Moon and Scorpio makes these individuals excellent for leadership positions as they feel very good in command. If they achieve some superior position at work, they become stubborn about doing the best and most perfect job possible.

Leadership is something that, for those who have the Moon in Scorpio, comes naturally and makes them exceptional leaders, inspiring and positively influencing their professional peers. They are very persuasive and give themselves wholeheartedly to projects or companies they work for.

Moon in Scorpio by Gender

Such intensity of emotions and feelings that the Moon in Scorpio brings makes us question if it happens in the same way for both men and women.

We will analyze below how the influence of the Moon in Scorpio is in men and women and what are the main differences in relation to the individual’s gender.

■ The woman with a moon in scorpion

Scorpio moon women are especially active and very capable of planning and carrying out complex, long-term projects. They are women with strong attitudes and a tendency to be recognized by everyone around them.

The intensity and obstinacy make them decisive and appreciative of detailed planning, always weighing pros and cons well in advance. Generally, they are women who are in complete control of their lives, not accepting rules or behaviors in any way.

■ The man with the moon in scorpion

Men with the moon in Scorpio are more restrained in exposing what they feel and are assertive about the right time to express opinions about what they are thinking.

An air of mystery always surrounds them, which may seem to many a shy tone, but it is just the intuitive and analytical power they possess by nature.

They are companions at all times and do not run away if someone they love needs help or advice in difficult times. They value justice and honesty very much, and if they become parents, they exercise this function with great care and protection.

A little more about the moon in scorpion

Having the moon in Scorpio is having special intuitive abilities and experiencing feelings of an unusual intensity. Next, let’s look at the potential that having the moon in Scorpio brings and the challenges it entails. Also see how to find out what your moon sign is.

■ Moon potential in scorpion

With so much information about the impact of the strong and intense scorpion on the moon in a birth chart, it is natural to wonder what potential this combination can provide.

If this marked influence is actually understood, it can be channeled in a positive way and so the sky will be the limit as to the potentials that the moon in Scorpio can bring to the individual. Living the feelings and emotions viscerally, as those who have the moon in Scorpio, make them capable of loving in a true and selfless way.

The magnetism and sensuality that these individuals naturally emanate can give them transformative leadership positions and can be a catalyst for structural changes in societies and cultures. Transmutation is an inherent characteristic of the sign of Scorpio and is displayed in all its strength by the moon in the birth chart.

All this adds up to the stubbornness, determination and sense of justice that this moon in scorpion transmits to the individual and thus has one of the strongest potentials among the hundreds of combinations that the stars provide.

■ Scorpio Moon Challenges

The challenges for those with the moon in Scorpio are how to avoid the strong tendency to resentment, rancor, revenge and isolation that this influence causes. These are challenges that seem insurmountable, as those who have the moon in the enigmatic scorpion take their feelings so seriously that it is impossible not to resent or feel hurt with those close to them throughout their lives.

To face these challenges one must seek self-knowledge and knowing the specific details of the scorpion’s influence on the moon is already a big step. If this is your case, try to understand that, as beautiful as it is to have intense emotions and as incredible as your intuition is, you must be careful not to become cranky, spiteful, and alone.

When dealing with relationships between imperfect human beings and each one with their pains and their loves, disappointments and sorrows are normal and a constant part of earthly existence.

■ How do I find out what my moon sign is?

Unlike the Sun sign, which is easily known by its date of birth, the Moon sign needs more information to calculate. Remember that the moon changes phase very quickly in relation to the movement of the sun. Therefore, the exact time of your birth is essential to know your moon sign.

If you have the date, exact time and place of birth at hand, then the next step is to calculate and this can be done by a professional astrologer or by websites that make the birth chart for free on the internet.

We recommend the websites and which, in addition to producing the complete birth chart, also have good quality texts giving details about each moon sign and its influence on people.

Can moon in scorpion indicate an emotionally intense personality?

The moon, for its aspect of the expression of emotions, feelings, feminine and maternal side and also on the way we behave in life situations, is extremely important in astrological analyses.

The characteristics of the intense, mysterious and often obscure scorpion are expressed by the moon even more intensely than when you have this constellation as a sun sign.

Therefore, with all certainty, we can categorically affirm that the moon in Scorpio does indicate an emotionally intense, intuitive personality, often difficult to live with. However, it is also profoundly and really true about what you feel and about your intentions and actions.

If you have the moon in scorpion on your map, consider yourself privileged. With absolute certainty your intuition and emotional intensity will make you feel and live life with a force that most people will go through life without even having a clue what it is.

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