Meaning of the zodiac signs: dates, elements, planets and more!

What are the 12 signs of the zodiac?

Everyone has heard of the 12 signs of the zodiac, but do you know what they actually are? As you may already know, the astrological signs are: Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn.

With their own qualities and limitations, signs are representations of the characteristics of subgroups based on the date of birth and the position of the stars in the sky. What is usually called a sign, refers to the rulership of the Sun. That is, when you read the horoscope, you are receiving information from the Sun in the house of your sign.

But did you know that your sign goes way beyond what is in the horoscope? See some important details, such as what the elements of each one are, their qualities, the dynamics between them, the ruling planets and, of course, the characteristics of each one.

Meaning of the elements of signs

Like all of nature, signs are divided into groups of four elements: earth, fire, air and water. Each element has its characteristics and represents a certain type of energy, which is imbued in everything. It is from the predominance of a certain element that the main characteristics of signs are formed. See the meaning of the signs based on each element.

■ Earth signs

Earth signs tend to be very close to the family and are sometimes emotional. A striking feature of the earth element is the tendency to feel very jealous, whether in romantic relationships or even friendships. Loyal and very companionable, earth sign people appreciate the small and big luxuries of life.

The earth element signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. They are signs that value stability and comfort, and can be quite conservative in many aspects of life. More realistic than the signs of the other elements, they keep their principles and seek to prove their truth with zeal. They are also extremely hard working and prefer more determined routines.

■ Fire signs

Like fire, people with signs ruled by this element tend to have a lot of energy and be extremely dynamic. In addition, they can be quite temperamental and passionate about what they do and the people they live with. When they love, they give themselves body and soul.

The main fire signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Just as they lose their temper very quickly, they also forget about the easy subject and move on. Generally, those of a fire sign have a healthy and strong physique, as well as being intelligent, creative and idealistic.

■ Air signs

Shrewd, quick-thinking and ever-changing, Air sign people can’t sit still. Extremely communicative, they are always willing to use every last argument to prove a point.

The signs representing this element are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Usually, they like to analyze the situation before making a decision, and they can even be indecisive or even a little fickle. People of this sign also tend to enjoy gossip.

■ Water signs

People who have water features in their signs are extremely sensitive to what they think or are told. Intuitive and with a certain air of mystery, they can adapt to any situation. In relationships, they like to connect before establishing a healthy, shared relationship.

The water signs are Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer. The natives of these signs have closer and more intimate relationships, in addition to loving conversations about deeper topics, which escape the everyday trivialities. They also tend to be very critical of themselves but patient with others.

Meaning of the qualities of signs

Another point of differentiation between signs is their qualities. Don’t understand quality as an adjective that enhances or diminishes a person. In this case, it is a set of characteristics that, when united with the elements, define the basis for the signs of the zodiac. Understand each of these qualities.

■ Cardinal quality signs

Cardinal signs are those most likely to start things, being represented by Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Innovative and full of energy, they always tend to seek new horizons and constructions.

Organized, courageous and even impulsive, they are always creating something new. Natives of these signs tend to lose patience more easily and have no problem keeping their word, being trustworthy and great leaders.

■ Fixed quality signs

Signs of fixed quality are those that help to give stability and continuity to what has been started, such as, for example, bull, lion, scorpion and aquarium. They appreciate routine and the preservation of habits and customs, and tend to be conservative.

With a lot of energy, they can be stubborn and incorruptible. They’re also great at solving complex and time-consuming challenges, not realizing when it’s time to stop and move on to something new.

■ Changeable quality signs

The signs of mutable quality represent the capacity for transformation, the change from the old to the new, and are represented by Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces and Virgo.

These are much less rigid energies, tending towards flexibility and adaptation. Aimed at constant growth and learning, these signs like to experience new experiences. Somewhat indecisive and dual, they are the drivers for change.

Dynamics of the elements of signs

The signs of different elements interact with each other all the time, however, they do not always understand each other. That’s because their characteristics can differ a lot from each other. For example, imagine running a business, having an earth sign on one side and an air sign on the other.

While one likes stability, the other craves for changes, which can generate some conflicts. This can happen with several combinations, in order to bring beneficial results and others not so interesting. See more about these interactions and how to get the most out of each one.

■ Complementary elements

In the same way that some elements may not get along very well, others fit together perfectly. As a result, relationships are smoother and work yields better. Some good examples are combinations of earth and fire or water and air. Understand better below each of these add-ons.

■ Dynamics between earth and fire

The union between people with earth and fire signs is certainly challenging, requiring a lot of dialogue and understanding on the part of both. On the one hand, the earth sign appreciates stability, comfort and long relationships. On the other hand, those of the fire sign need constant change in all aspects of their life, and may even have difficulties in staying in a relationship.

However, when it comes to the professional environment, this is a great combination, as there are different points of view working towards the same goal. They may eventually disagree, but it is through dialogue that powerful ideas emerge, with the strength and innovation of fire and the durability and security of earth.

Of course, both of you must be willing to listen and give in, which is a challenge, but absolutely possible.

■ Dynamics between water and air

People with water signs are caring, passionate, attached and somewhat jealous. On the other hand, those with air signs like freedom and have a less passionate love, despite the great companionship.

Their views on love are different, but perspective isn’t the only thing in a relationship. Both need to be well aligned with each other’s desires, in order to talk openly, for the relationship to work.

In the professional field, different points of view are always very welcome and, if they know how to harmonize the relationship, they can be very successful. The water element is more careful and adaptable, using its creativity to innovate in processes. Creativity is also a mark of air signs, however, it is a less intuitive and more analytical element. Amazing projects can emerge from this union.

■ Excessive earth and fire

The characteristics relevant to each of the four elements are present in all signs, but they can present some more striking than others, in this dynamic between earth, fire, air and water. It may even happen that an element stands out much more in a person, in order to emphasize some positive or negative characteristics.

When you have the earth element in excess, a person tends to become more rigid, inflexible, stagnant, stubborn, slow, skeptical and critical. In addition, the attachment also intensifies, and she can become a controlling and jealous person. If it is the fire element, the excess makes the person more aggressive, irritable, arrogant, proud and vain, leading to constant conflicts and daily wear and tear.

Meaning of the ruling planets of the signs

The planets are completely related to the signs, so that each of them rules one of the signs of the zodiac. All are present in your birth chart, but some are more influential than others. It is the amount of power each person has over your life that will outline your characteristics, in general.

In addition to the planets, there is also the presence of other important stars in your birth chart, such as the Sun or the Moon. Furthermore, there is Pluto, which today is not considered a planet, but continues to influence the signs. Understand each of them and their characteristics.

■ Sun

The Sun is the best-known ruler, as it is exactly the meaning and influence you normally find in horoscopes. It represents your essence and is related to luck in life, pleasure, victories and success. Your day of the week is Sunday, and your sign is Leo. In addition, the amount of energy to carry out activities is also related to the influence of the Sun on your birth chart.

Essentially masculine, the Sun is linked to impulse and ego. The conscious and active mind is designated by the Sun, as is rational creativity. When out of balance, these characteristics can represent an insecure, arrogant, dramatic, self-centered and fearful person. In excess, it shows a person who is proud, vain and who thinks he is superior to others.

■ Moon

Well known by the lay public, the Moon represents the emotional, feminine and protective aspect. She is linked to intuition, her day is Monday and her sign is Cancer. Related to customs and comfort zone, it represents the hidden part of your consciousness and a reactive posture of your personality. When conducting, the need to be safe and comfortable increases.

It is during moments of crisis that the Moon manifests itself in greater or lesser intensity, being able to expose the passionate side of the sign. When the star is in balance, empathy, bestowal and intuition manifest. However, when unbalanced, it generates a lack of stability in emotions, low self-esteem, dependence, negligence, passivity and even depression.

■ Mercury

Mercury is related to communication and intelligence. It forms a link between the unconscious and the conscious, governing everyday activities. Your weekday is Wednesday and the signs ruled are Gemini and Virgo. Extremely adaptable, Mercury plays an important role in learning and encourages a taste for travel and change.

When in balance, he is versatile, practical, persuasive, insightful and objective. Furthermore, it can help with communication, making it fluid and highlighting your cultural background. However, if unbalanced, tends to criticism, superficial relationships, lack of truth and need to defame. You can also become skeptical, cynical, calculating, and unyielding in your opinions.

■ Venus

Linked to affectivity, formation of values ​​and love, Venus denotes softness and tact in relationships, in addition to the avoidance of confrontation. His weekday is Friday and the signs ruled are Taurus and Libra. Some of its most striking features are well-developed affection, sensuality, attention to the small pleasures in life and a sense of cooperation.

If well balanced, Venus denotes characteristics such as gratitude for life, a delicacy intact with oneself and others, need for cooperation, tenderness, sophistication, and generosity. However, when there is excess in their presence, it can lead to lust, desire for excess – whether in material goods, food or even lovely -, possessiveness and vanity.

■ Mars

Related to initiative and aggressiveness, the planet Mars is linked to the ability to survive, act and also to relate lovely. Its day of the week is Tuesday and the ruled sign is Aries. Your energy is pure creative impulse, which leads to the desire for achievement and achievement. Furthermore, it confers strength, whether physical or emotional, precision in communication and a strong desire to grow.

Balanced Mars leads to an increase in characteristics such as strength, courage, persistence and courage. It makes the taste for adventure and conquest stronger, also leading to the desire for victory, defense and freedom. If unbalanced, it leads to recklessness, lack of patience, harshness, impulsiveness and irresponsibility. Violence and arrogance can also manifest themselves.

■ Jupiter

Jupiter is about growth – personal, professional and spiritual – and the appearance of opportunities or, if you prefer to call it that, luck. Your weekday is Thursday and your sign is Sagittarius. Energy is upbeat, expansive and leads to a greater sense of fairness and fairness. Free, generous and expansive, he values ​​freedom in its broadest sense.

Balanced, Jupiter fosters humor, leading to kind, wise, confident, receptive, and optimistic behavior. He is also linked to spirituality and abundance, having an outgoing, fair, generous and tolerant personality. If it is unbalanced, it shows a more compulsive, attached, proud and ego out-of-control face.

■ Saturn

Very connected to discipline, routine and limits, Saturn shows in the birth chart where the main difficulties and restrictions in life will be. That is, it points out where you will have to invest more effort to achieve what others do easily. Its day of the week is Saturday and the ruled sign is Capricorn. It’s about perseverance, patience and balance.

Having Saturn in balance leads to greater maturity and makes the person more resilient, in order to adequately control emotions in general, especially desires. Consequently, it has more lucidity, humility of prudence. When unbalanced, it leads to a feeling of inferiority or inadequacy, with low self-confidence and a lot of insecurity, pessimism and ostracism.

■ Uranus

Uranus is the planet of changes, revolutions, crises and freedom. It nurtures the inner drive for quick change and innovative action. With no day of the week in his honor, his ruled sign is Aquarius. Linked to technological development, it is focused on speed, electricity and paradigm shifts. It is the planet of transformations, innovation and independence.

When Uranus is balanced, its energy is independent, versatile, fast, free and creative. It helps to maintain non-conformism and to see beyond the obvious, finding new ways out of adverse situations. It brings the impulse of change, with the use of rationality. However, when it is in disarray, it leads to extremism, irresponsibility and recklessness.

■ Neptune

The planet Neptune is linked to intuition, the subtle and the arts. Creative and transformative energy is also related to it, but in a more introspective way. With a strong tendency to escapism – whether through thought or vices -, it helps to connect the material to what is superior. Ruler of the sign of Pisces, sensitivity is a key element, having a more mystical and fanciful vision of reality.

Having Neptune in balance is appropriating important qualities for life, such as compassion, sensitivity to the beautiful and to life, in addition to the search for transcendence. For this, it becomes extremely adaptable, idealizing reality and working for it. If it is unbalanced, the energy leads to apathetic, passive, naive and even narcissistic behavior.

■ Pluto

Related to slow and deep changes, Pluto is about progressive regeneration and the transmutation of what no longer serves. With great receptivity to what is different, it is an energy that leads to the desire to break paradigms and rebuild. Conducting in Scorpio, it is also linked to lovely, taboos, secrets and important material aspects such as money.

Pluto has the ability when in balance, to help with self-control and understanding of one’s thoughts and feelings. In addition, it improves willpower and resilience, as well as overall health. If it is in disarray, it leads to a destructive tendency, with obsession, coldness and a total lack of care in the attitude.

Dates and characteristics of each sign

It is essential to know how to identify the main attributes of each of the sun signs. They are the most important, as they generally outline what you are in essence, even though the ascendant and other stars influence how you manifest to the world. See what is the sign of each birth date and its characteristics.

■ Sign of Aries

Aries is a sign of the fire element and has a cardinal quality. It is the sun sign of those born between March 21 and April 20, with Mars as the ruling planet. Self-centered, Aryans focus on their goals and hardly give up on what they want.

People of this sign can be somewhat self-centered, demanding unattainable perfection from the other. They tend to thrive and are very competitive, motivating those on their side.

Creative and easygoing, they tend to enjoy a good debate and are usually quite direct in their opinions. They are great leaders, passionate about what they do, can start several projects at once and unintentionally get overwhelmed. They can act a lot on impulse and don’t run away from a challenge or a good fight, having to learn to control their temper.

■ Sign of Taurus

Taurus is an earth element sign with a fixed quality. It is the sun sign of those born between April 21st and May 21st, with Venus as the ruling planet. Persistent, strong, emotional, sensual and with a strong tendency to be stubborn and possessive, Taurus people are down to earth and don’t let themselves be carried away by any conversation. With a lot of energy, they tend to persist in their goals consistently.

Taurus people like luxury and stability can be very self-confident and have good control over their instincts. They know what they want and how to get there safely, albeit slowly. Jealous, they are not about losing control, but when they lose their immense patience, no one can hold them back. They don’t like changes and abstractions, being dedicated, disciplined workers, and they can even become excellent dancers.

■ Sign of Gemini

Gemini is an air element sign with changeable quality. It is the sun sign of those born between May 22 and June 21, with Mercury as the ruling planet. Communicative, Geminis know how to use words and their physical expressions to convince others of what they believe. They are great athletes and have a lot of energy to channel and perform, always looking for change.

With their rational and analytical aspect, they tend to learn quickly but often superficially about many different topics. In love, they are slow to trust, but when it happens, they surrender. But this only happens if the relationship does not create any kind of limitation, because, more than a partner, Gemini love freedom. They can be great leaders, inspire your team and adapt easily.

■ Sign of Cancer

Cancer is a water sign with a cardinal quality. It is the sun sign of those born between June 21st and June 23rd, with the Moon as its ruler. Emotional and nostalgic, Cancerians are resistant, sensitive, caring and endowed with a powerful intuition. They can also become manipulative and emotionally demanding.

Generous Cancerians tend to fantasize about their lives a lot, often suffering from reality. They like to keep family relationships healthy and expect the same commitment and care they give back. They can be traditional, patriotic and even a little fanatical, with great difficulty in letting go of an idea, situation or person.

■ Sign of Leo

Leo is a sign of the fire element and with a fixed quality. It is the sun sign of those born between the 24th of July and the 23rd of August, with the Sun as its ruler. With a magnetic personality, Leos have their presence noticed as soon as they arrive in an environment. Full of energy, they overflow with security and like to live different experiences, always with optimism and expansiveness.

The ego can be the biggest challenge for anyone who is a Leo, as Leo people tend to be self-centered and somewhat domineering. On the other hand, they are loyal, independent, creative, romantic and eternal optimists. They tend to fall in love with people they admire, because, without admiration, there is no love that resists for Leo. Professionally, they like to be in focus, being great speakers.

■ Sign of Virgo

Virgo is an earth element sign with a changeable quality. It is the sun sign of those born between August 24th and September 23rd, with Mercury as the ruling planet. Talented and with a certain focus on individuality, Virgos always want to make the best use of their abilities in order to promote growth. They see the world in a rational and pragmatic way, where even their instincts follow a certain logic.

They are usually dedicated and extremely capable workers, being judicious about the results achieved. They can be very critical, either with others or with yourself, striving for impossible perfection. Analytics have no patience for verbose people and may appear pedantic and insensitive, but at the same time they are often very tolerant.

■ Sign of Libra

Libra is an air sign with a cardinal quality. It is the sun sign of those born between September 24th and October 23rd, with Venus as the ruling planet. Cooperative, diplomatic, extremely sociable and fair, Libras can be very tolerant and empathetic with what is different, always seeking harmony in relationships.

Companions, love having someone around and tend to be impulsive when they fall in love. In general, people of this sign weigh a lot and take time to decide, whether on important or trivial matters.

With a more dual personality, they try to adapt to whoever is by their side, not always expressing their real needs. They feel that they shouldn’t express everything they think and may even annul themselves in a relationship to keep the peace, which is absolutely not healthy.

■ Sign of Scorpio

Scorpio is a water element sign with a fixed quality. It is the sun sign of those born between October 24th and November 22nd, with Mars as the ruling planet. Stubborn, Scorpios fight to get what they want or to help a friend. They are not very affectionate, but they are always on hand to help. Extremely fond, they can dislike a person in the first second.

Grudging but truthful, Scorpio people live ups and downs in life, always changing. Intensity is a word that defines your personality, in any aspect experienced. However, they do not show themselves fully, even if they trust the person they live with. They are loyal, sensual and do everything to make the relationship work for both of them.

■ Sign of Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a sign of the fire element and with a changeable quality. It is the sun sign of those born between November 23 and December 21, with Jupiter as the ruling planet. Extremely outspoken, Sagittarians tend to be mistaken for rude people, but in reality they only speak their minds, not with the intention of hurting (which happens more often than they would like).

They are generous, fair and cherish freedom, both yours and those around you. Free thinkers, they like a good adventure and, when they set down roots, they need to have their space respected. Independent, they live with intensity and optimism, always trying to help those around them. They also have many friends with whom they celebrate life.

■ Sign of Capricorn

Capricorn is an earth sign with a cardinal quality. It is the sun sign of those born between December 22 and January 20, with Saturn as the ruling planet. Capricorns are almost synonymous with discipline and the pursuit of perfection. Stubborn, they are organized, practical, reserved, hardworking, and have a deep need to prove themselves to the world.

In relationships, they tend to be practical and not very attached, using a lot of rationality and less affection than expected by other signs. Capricorn people are slow to open up, but when they do, it’s for life. They can be inflexible, too conservative and adhere to hierarchy and meritocracy. Suspicious, they demand a high degree of obedience and correctness from those around them.

■ Sign of Aquarius

Aquarius is an air-element sign with a fixed quality. It is the sun sign of those born between January 21st and February 19th, with Saturn as the ruling planet. Full of good intentions, Aquarians can be misunderstood, having unusual behavior. They have to prove their point at all costs, and when they aren’t heard, they tend to back away.

Rationale, they are not very emotional in relationships, in addition to enjoying their freedom. As much as they have their physical preferences, what delights Aquarians is the mind. They can be conflicted in relationships and have constant mood swings. People of this sign love the arts and are always surrounded by loved ones, attracted by good conversation, aspirations and ideals.

■ Sign of Pisces

Pisces is a water element sign with a changeable quality. It is the sun sign of those born between February 20th and March 20th, with Jupiter as the ruling planet. Eternal romantics and dreamers, Pisceans can be introverted in large circles, but extremely communicative with those they trust and live with. They are usually naive and tend to sacrifice themselves for others.

Creative and dreamers, they do not leave the material aspect aside, managing their money very well. Despite this, they do not enter into competitiveness, having greed under control. Empathetic, they try to understand the other and give in easily, but they can keep a lot of grievances. When this happens, they end up exploding, and it can be very difficult to calm them down or reverse the damage done.

Can knowing the meaning of signs be an instrument for self-knowledge?

From the moment you try to understand what are the characteristics of your personality and why you act in a certain way, you are, yes, trying to understand yourself more. Consequently, understanding the meaning of signs can function as an instrument for growth.

Of course, to do this, you must use your judgment to see what is valid and what is not and why you came to that conclusion. So, stop to think about which of these traits you need to work best and which ones should be nurtured and be happy!

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