Meaning of the Knight of Hearts card in the Tarot: for love and more!

What does the Knight of Hearts card mean in the Tarot?

The Knight of Hearts Tarot card is the one that comes to bring you the news that will revolutionize your life. But rest assured, they will be changes for the better. The news brought by the Knights – who are impetuous and courageous – is always good news.

This card symbolizes profound changes in people’s lives based on important news, both in their personal and professional lives. It also carries the message that your long-awaited wishes will be fulfilled. He also says that it is time to be honest with your feelings and understand what really makes you happy.

The appearance of this card in the Tarot reading suggests that a proposal linked to love or work could happen. In this text we will bring numerous indications of what the Knight of Hearts Card can bring as a message in your Tarot reading.

Basics of the Knight of Hearts in Tarot

The Knight of Hearts Tarot card has its foundations in an ancient mythological story. This story involves heroism, betrayal and love for women.

In this part of the article, we will deal with the history that gave rise to this Arcanum and also the symbology represented in the image of this letter.

■ History

Perseus was the son of Zeus by a mortal, Danae. Danae’s father, Acrisio, was informed by the oracles that Danae’s son would kill him. So he put his daughter and grandson in a chest and released them into the sea.

They survived protected by water deities and taken to the city of Serifos. There they were protected by King Polidectes, who fell in love with Danae. Because of this passion, the king pursued Danae and Perseus until the boy’s adolescence. As Perseus was against his mother’s romance with the king, because he understood that she deserved better, Polydectes decided to kill him.

So, the king gave Perseus the mission to bring the head of Medusa, because he knew that it would be impossible and that the teenager would be killed. However, on his way to fulfill the mission, Perseus was protected by Goddesses. The Greees, three witches, indicated where he would find Medusa, and Athena armed him with a mirrored shield. And so he got Medusa’s head and took it to the king.

On his return journey, passing through Ethiopia, he saved Andromeda from a sea monster and married her. Upon reaching Serifos, he killed Polidectes, who tried to seduce Danae in his absence. Then, taking his mother and wife, Perseus returns to his hometown, where his grandfather Acrisio had tried to kill him along with his mother.

Although that was not his intention, he ended up accidentally killing his grandfather, and thus became King of Argos. But due to the sad memories that the place brought him, he went to live in Toronto where he started a great dynasty.

Perseus, the Knight of Cups, is the representation of the real spirit of romanticism and the hero of women in distress. He is a strong, kind and idealistic personality. Therefore, the meaning of the Knight of Hearts in the Tarot is linked to messages referring to love and good news.

■ Iconography

Now let’s talk about the iconography of this card, that is, what each image contained in the Knight of Hearts represents. The rider is mounted on a white horse, and this has the symbolism of being the bearer of heroes, hence its grandeur and beauty.

The knight himself represents a messenger who carries romantic messages with him, which is the meaning of the suit of hearts. The fish that appear on its cover symbolizes the spiritual side, in addition to being the representation of the letter alpha in Greek, which means the origin of things.

On his helmet and feet are wings that represent freedom and intelligence, just as Hermes—the Greek god who was the messenger of the gods—also had them on his sandals. The river also appears in the card, representing the flow of emotions.

Meanings of the Knight of Hearts in Tarot

In this excerpt of the article we will bring the meanings of the Knight of Hearts card in the Tarot. It represents countless factors in our lives. Below you will find definitions of these meanings.

■ Messenger

The Knight of Hearts in the Tarot is a messenger who, by virtue of the suit of hearts, brings a message focused on romance. Your message also brings an explosion of feelings, which can leave you indecisive if there are unresolved issues in your life.

Therefore, try to make your decisions without letting emotion take over your reasoning. Do not seek perfectionism, as this will hinder your goals.

■ Changes

When you draw the Knight of Hearts card in the Tarot, it is a sign that profound changes will take place in your life. These changes will be positive, but it will be time to find a balance to assimilate them. It is important to carry out an independent and, at the same time, critical analysis of the moment you are living, as these changes could take you by surprise and destabilize you.

This is the time to look at what brings happiness to your life and what brings sadness, and let go of these situations to let go of what is not good.

■ Meditation

This letter brings the message that meditation is the best way to understand the moment you are living. You’ve struggled all your life to get where you are, but is this where you wanted to be?

This analysis is not easy to do, and that is why honesty with yourself is necessary, so put your reason to work. Assess your steps critically and make the changes that need to be made to make you feel happier.

■ Romance

The novel is the high point of the representation of the Knight of Hearts, as it indicates the emergence of a period of great passion in his life. It can also show that you need to make more room for passion if it’s not important to you.

This letter also brings the message of seduction, charm and conquest, and shows that it is time to use these tools. Furthermore, it means that it is time to express your feelings openly and freely.

■ Seduction

Seduction is part of the Knight of Hearts trajectory as it represents a hero who seeks to save women in danger. When it appears in the Tarot reading, it means that the person is at a time when seduction is at an all-time high.

It is possible that someone will come along who will fall in love with you, for your charm and seductive way of expressing yourself. Enjoy the moment and live this passion.

■ Creativity

The Knight of Hearts letter conveys the message of a journey of inspiration, and that it is time to dive into yourself and seek your imagination and creativity. If you are working on a new project, this letter says that you need to focus your creativity on a realistic vision and channel your imagination in a practical way.

This is important for you to put action on your dreams so that they come true. It’s a way of warning you not to get lost in romantic fantasies, keep your objectivity and put action in your ideas.

The Knight of Hearts in the Tarot for love life

This arcane, the Knight of Hearts, has its entire history based on love, achievements and heroism.

In this part of the text we will bring what predictions this card brings us when it appears in the Tarot reading, in relation to people in relationships and also to single people.

■ For compromised

When the person is in a relationship and the Knight of Hearts card comes up, it can have two different meanings. If the person is in a relationship where they feel happy and stable, this card demonstrates that there will be a time of great passion, growing love and romance.

However, if this relationship is not already in such a positive situation, if there are already doubts whether it brings happiness or not, then this letter will come to bring more uncertainty. Possibly a new person will appear who will delight you and bring more confusion to your mind. Again, it is time to seek balance and perhaps close cycles.

■ For singles

When the Knight of Hearts card appears in the Tarot reading of a person who is not in a relationship, it can mean that this person will meet someone involved, who will probably make you completely enchanted.

But be careful, because by giving yourself completely over to this novel, you run the risk of putting your interests aside. It’s important to take care that this doesn’t happen, as self-annihilation in relationships doesn’t do any good.

The Knight of Hearts in the Tarot for Professional Life

For work, the Knight of Hearts letter also brings some predictions, both for those who are already working and for those who are out of work. See below for these predictions.

■ For employees

For people who are already employed, the Knight of Hearts letter brings news of changes that may occur in this work. It is possible that you will receive a promotion, a change of position, or a new opportunity that is more interesting for your career. Whatever change comes, it will be positive and will bring you great professional success.

■ For unemployed

For people who are out of work, taking the Knight of Hearts card indicates that a new and good opportunity will soon arise. Usually, these will be jobs that will sharpen your creativity.

It also indicates that it may be time to put that idea of ​​yours that has been kept in the drawer for so long into practice. Certainly a new project will be successful and bring prosperity. Seek to carry out activities that further activate your creativity. The important thing here is not to lose hope, keep positive thinking and perseverance.

Combinations of the Knight of Hearts in Tarot

The Knight of Hearts can bring different messages when combined with other Tarot cards. These combinations can be positive or negative. Here you will find what these combinations are and what predictions they bring.

■ Positive combinations

Let’s go to the positive combinations of the Knight of Hearts with other arcane.

  • Knight of Hearts with the Hanged Man: The Hanged Man’s card is initially feared by the recipient, but combined with the Knight of Hearts it brings good news. This combination shows a moment of innovation, creativity, and actions that go beyond the standard. That is, it can be a constructive and beneficial time;
  • Knight of Hearts with The Chariot: This combination brings the message that it is time to love yourself, to seek your self-love;
  • Knight of Hearts with The Moon: The combination of these Tarot cards means that there will be an opportunity for spiritual and emotional growth, as well as being a creative moment in your life;
  • Knight of Hearts with The World: The appearance of the card The World with the Knight of Hearts indicates that there will be a journey to a distant destination, on another continent. It can also indicate the beginning of studies related to other cultures and places.

■ Negative combinations

There are also some card combinations with the Knight of Hearts that bring negative predictions. Below we will see what they are.

  • Knight of Hearts with Seven of Spades: This combination of cards says the time is for introspection, time to be with yourself. This will be a time that makes it difficult to make commitments;
  • Knight of Hearts with Nine of Clubs: These two cards, when they appear together, indicate a possible trauma from the past. It’s important to look at this fact, but let go and move forward in faith.

A little more about the Knight of Hearts card in Tarot

The Knight of Hearts brings numerous other predictions in the Tarot game. We’ll leave some more of these possible predictions for other areas of life. The following predictions pertain to the health and meaning of the reversed Knight of Hearts card.

■ In health

When you ask a question about your health and the Knight of Cups comes up as an answer, it is a sign that you need to pay more attention to the signals your body has been giving you. Despite being a letter with a positive message and not foreseeing any problems, she says that harmony is important.

Therefore, it is time to pay more attention to unifying your body and mind, and thus bring benefits to your health as a whole.

■ Inverted letter

When the Knight of Hearts card appears reversed it is a call for attention, as you may be letting your emotions control your life. Realize if jealousy, bad temper and over-sensitivity are preventing you from taking practical action in your life.

It is important to be careful and reflect a lot before taking action, a foregone conclusion based on fears and insecurities can have a harmful consequence. Another precaution to be taken is when this card appears about a new situation. Initially, it may seem very attractive and romantic, but it can turn out to be disappointing and hurtful.

■ Challenges

The challenges brought by the Knight of Hearts card in Tarot reading are its interpretation. It often comes with information that can be confusing if you are already having difficulty deciding on a problem.

It is necessary to have your eyes on reality not to enter a fantasy world and end up harming yourself for believing in illusions.

■ Tips

The Knight of Hearts is a card that can bring the message of passions, novelties and illusions, so here are some tips to avoid taking careless attitudes.

  • When taking this card in your Tarot questions, analyze the context you are living in at that moment;
  • Don’t take action on impulse, think realistically about the possibilities that exist;
  • In relation to romances, don’t give in completely right from the start, try to get to know your partner better.

Does the Knight of Hearts card in the Tarot indicate success in love?

The Knight of Hearts letter is literally the messenger of love, and it carries information about romance, seduction and passion. It’s important to be open to new things in life, but always keeping your feet on the ground so you don’t get hurt.

For a couple, it can indicate a moment of closer approximation and renewal of passion. For those who are alone, it brings the news that someone special is coming. However, it is important to be careful and not give in completely until you get to know the suitor better.

Now that you know the interpretation of the Knight of Hearts card in the most varied spheres of life, if you take this card in the game, follow the advice to finish this new cycle well.

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