Meaning of Odu 11, Owonrin: features, orga regent and more!

What is the meaning of Odu nº 11, Owonrin?

Owonrin, or Owanrin Meji, is the eleventh of the sixteen Odus that make up the Yoruba oracle. In the Yoruba language, “Wó-ri” can be translated as “turning or turning one’s head,” a metaphor for death. Its meaning, in this sense, points to a union between life and death, mutually representing the two dimensions.

The Odus are part of the Yoruba culture divination system known as Ifá. It is the most important oracle for this culture, based on the sacred texts of the Odu Ifá.

This oracle is made through the board of búzios by the Babalaôs, responsible for the cult of Ifá. Many African religions in different parts of the world work with this divination system, including in Brazil.

Each Odu is identified by the number of buzzards that, falling with the natural slit turned down, are considered open. Owonrin, therefore, is the destination that responds to eleven open buzis and five closed buzis. In this article we will discuss the characteristics of this Odu, and what the print run represents for your life.

Features of the Odu 11

If Odu 11 has been open to you during a forecast or if you are a child of this Odu it is very important that you know its main features and meanings to understand the paths of your destiny. Below, we will present all the most important elements for Owonrin’s understanding.

■ History

Birth Odus works in a similar way to our zodiac signs. It is a brand, a sign that is born with you and that brings with it all the charm of good deeds and more done in your past lives.

At birth, you are born with the mark of one of the sixteen main Odus who will be responsible for the outline of your journey in the world, in addition to your personal characteristics and behaviors.

Origins do not have the power to change the destiny and life of their children, they just release energy so that you fulfill your destiny within the path that you have already entered. In short, the Odu is the representation of his life as a whole: destiny, karma, personality, feelings, illness and existence.

If you choose different paths than those provided for in your Odu, it is common to say that you have a negative Odu, which will bring you a feeling of discomfort and non-belonging, precisely because of the deviation you have chosen to take.

All Odus have a good dimension and a bad dimension. The eleventh Odu, Owonrin, represents blessing and anxiety. The fate of the people ruled by this Odu is marked by fortune, conquest and wealth.

However, there is also a very harmful dimension marked by haste and anxiety, which can affect even your time on Earth.

■ Originally regent

The eleventh Odu is ruled by four different origins: Iansã (Oiá), the origin of fire, wind and lightning; Ogum, the origin of war, iron, and agriculture; Oxóssi, the origin of hunting, animals and forests; and Exu, the origin of language. Of all these origami, Iansã and Exu are the closest origami of Owonrin.

■ Cardinal Points, planets and days of the week

Odu 11 is equivalent to the western (W) and southwest (SW) cardinal points. In addition, Owonrin has Uranus as a planetary correspondence, a planet that is associated with rebellious behavior, revolutions, and sudden changes: anxiety about change and innovation are characteristics that surround them.

Owonrin rules on Sundays. Also, it is recommended that on the eleventh day of everything else some thanks be made for this Odu.

■ Item

In Odu symbolism, everything that exists on Earth is made up of four elements: water, fire, earth, and air. The symbolism of Odu 11, Owonrin, is that of one who has his head on the ground and his feet on the fire.

There is a predominance, therefore, of the earth element over the fire element in that Odu. This predominance is associated with the virtues of protection, help, admission, and acceptance.

■ Body parts

Odu 11 acts mainly on three parts of the body: the heart, the arteries, and the eyes. The heart symbolizes the courage and fighting spirit of their children who, because of their initiative and disposition, tend to turn away from religious faith.

The eyes, in this case, manifest the material, seductive, and attractive aspects of Owonrin’s children. They are people who give much importance to appearance and enjoy the pleasures that life can provide.

In both cases, these parts of the body need redoubled attention, as the voluptuous life that Odu 11 predicts can lead to health problems that directly affect the cardiovascular system.

■ Proper colors and numbers

Odu 11 is a sign closely linked to the material dimensions of human existence. Its link to wealth and financial prosperity is represented by the golden color. In addition, Owonrin is also known to be the Odu of love and seduction. Its voluptuous dimension is represented by the warm colors, such as red, orange, yellow and burgundy.

The favorable numbers for Odu 11 are: 09, 13, 29, 45, 61, 77 and 93. Of all these, its main numerical value is the number 13.

■ Vulnerable points

The vulnerable points of those who suffer from the influence of Odu 11 are the throat, the reproductive system and the digestive system. These vulnerable points are the result of the most common negative tendencies of your children.

Because they are materialistic people, attached to luxury and comfort, it is common for the organs attached to their sustenance (such as the stomach and intestines) to suffer an energy overload and become susceptible to developing diseases such as tumors and constant abdominal pain.

The lovely behavior of those governed by Odu 11 also negatively affects the organs attached to the reproductive system, due to their pronounced voluptuousness and attachment to the carnal dimension of love and their relationships.

■ Prohibitions

Quizzes are elements that do not have a favorable energy for a certain origin or odu. Because they negatively influence the lives of these deities, they also negatively affect the lives of their respective children. The quills can extend from food to clothing and can also involve the offspring of other oranges.

Children at Odu 11 should avoid wearing colorful, patterned clothing. We must also avoid the use and possession of objects that also have more than two colors.

As for food, it is necessary to avoid the ingestion of popcorn, corn and angola chicken. Taking a bath and having love with Omolu’s children can also affect your life.

If Owonrin is your Odu, it is important that you know some important recommendations to be in harmony with your regent. First of all, give preference to the use of monochrome or two-tone clothing, at most. Always choose to use stronger perfumes and perform regular smoky rituals with Java incense.

Secondly, it is advisable that the children of Odu 11 have a guinea pig in their backyard. An Ossain tool (the origin of sacred herbs and leaves) must be buried next to the foot.

■ Legends

There are many versions of the original Odus legends. One of the most well-known accounts is that Ifá was an entity incapable of speaking even of his youth, when his father, advised by the priests, struck him with a stick in his head. Due to the impact, Ifá began to speak sixteen words and each of these words corresponded to a main Odu.

According to the sacred texts of Odu Ifá, Odu 11 is a feminine, nocturnal, incoming, cold, and dry Odu. Owonrin was spawned from a black and white cloth, water, cachaça, and honey, in a four-way cross.

Owonrin is the direct assistant of Ejonile (life) during the day, and Ologbon (death) during the night. That is why Odu 11 is credited with knowing the secrets of life and death.

Trends of the children of the Odu 11

Observing the symbolism of Odu 11, there is a very great resemblance to a cup standing with its mouth open to the high ready to be filled with all the blessings the world can offer.

However, Owonrin’s tendencies can be both favorable and unfavorable to those who are ruled by him. Follow the main trends.

■ Positive trends

The children of Odu 11 are attractive, excessive in all that they do, have assured success in all their accomplishments, and in all that they set out to do with dedication and will. There are no challenges that cannot be overcome by them.

They are totally optimistic and high astral people, they do not tolerate pessimism near them and no cowardly and fearful attitude. They are played in full in all situations and under all circumstances.

They are people who tend to develop nobility in their attitudes and have a successful life in work and love.

■ Negative trends

Because they are very blessed people, the children of Odu 11 usually have a short life. They are very susceptible to fatal accidents, sudden or premature death, as well as vision disorders and cardiovascular problems, such as heart attacks, hypertension and tumors.

Those ruled by Owonrin can also engage in hypocritical and disguised behavior, making them vulnerable to spiritual possessions and solidity.

The personality of the children of the Odu 11

The temperament of the children of Odu 11 is predominantly melancholy, marked by hyperactive, welcoming, impulsive, attractive, excessive and masculinized traits. Learn now the predominant personality of the people ruled by Owonrin in the dimensions of lovely, sensitivity and vices.

■ Sensitivity

Those who have the Odu 11 as the birth Odu are people with enough empathy and concern for their neighbor. Your good heart attracts many sincere friends and admirers.

However, his kindness and generosity can make you a person with great difficulty in denying help to anyone who asks for help. Such behavior can turn you into an easy target for malicious people.

One of your biggest challenges will be dealing with your emotional sensitivity, especially because you are a person who is afraid of being considered ungrateful or treacherous.

■ Addictions

People who are under the influence of Odu 11 are very susceptible to addictions, especially alcoholism. The ingestion of alcoholic beverages by your children should be done in moderation, otherwise this may jeopardize their development and even lead them to other drug addictions.

Odu 11 in different areas of life

Owonrin’s children have a specific destiny in the areas of love, work, and health. Knowing the characteristics of Odu 11 in different areas of life is very important for those who suffer from its influence. See below for the possible manifestations of this Odu in your life.

■ Love

In love, the children of Odu 11 are generous and dignified, knowing how to sweetly and kindly impose boundaries on the relationship between the two, who are usually accepted by their grateful partner.

In addition, those who have Owonrin in their destiny are extremely loyal people in their relationships, so they demand the same level of loyalty and dedication from their partners.

■ Work

In general, the children of Odu 11 are materialistic people and quite focused on material conquests and ostentation. They like what’s good, what’s expensive, and what’s weird. They are passionate about luxury goods and do not put in the effort to earn a living.

At work, Owonrin intercedes in his children’s relationships, leaving them surrounded by flatterers who admire them and do not give sincere praise, feeding their vanity that they adore so much. In short, they are people dedicated to reputation, to rising in life, and to gaining fame and fortune.

The most common occupations for the children of Odu 11 are ministers, presidents of organizations, business representatives, writers, ambassadors, and other important positions in the financial sector.

■ Health

The success of the children of Odu 11 in business and love is balanced by health problems. In general, anxiety is the most harmful element for your children, which can be reflected in a short period of life on Earth.

Health is constantly threatened by sudden illnesses that affect the cardiovascular system, digestive system and vision. Overeating can cause many children with Owonrin, such as hypertension, swelling of the organs, and alcoholism.

Can knowing the meaning of your Odu help in self-awareness?

There is a very simple way to know if Odu 11 is your head Odu. Just add all the numbers from your date of birth until it is less than 16.

For example: (24/07/1996) 2 + 4 + 0 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 6 = 38 = 3+ 8 = 11.

If the result is 11, you will know that Owonrin is your birth Odu. From here, things get trickier, and this is where the true meaning of life lies. This orientation includes caring for anxiety and haste, for at the same speed as you will conquer many riches on earth you will also be able to compromise your life time through vices and excesses.

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