Discover the meaning of Mirror Hours: 00:00, 01:00, 19:00, 20:00 and more!

Have you ever looked at your watch and found exactly the same numbers? Know that this could be a message from your guardian angel or your guide! This happens through spiritual numerology, formed by numerical symbols that represent the connection between the divine, sacred and human.

It is through these gaps, created by the connection of the incorporeal and translated in a limited way by the human mind, that you have the gift of communicating with your divinities. Thus, they find accessible means that can materialize communication.

Among the most common forms – and also ignored – are the exact mirror hours or, as they say, on the dot. These are whole hours, without minutes, and can be viewed digitally or analogically (like old wall clocks, with hands). Understand what is meant by 00:00, 01:00, 19:00 and all other exact times.

The meaning of seeing each of the exact times

According to spiritual or Kabbalistic numerology, numbers can point to trends, bring good luck, and even show answers. Everything depends on the interpretation and knowledge in its archetypes (concepts that represent impressions or certain models) and the geometric representations of each one.

Integers from 1 to 9, as well as 11, 12, 18, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, and 108, and others, are considered kabbalistic and are endowed with a unique interpretation. Each of them has its meaning, but their sum can also lead to a deeper analysis.

Created by pagans, studied by Christians, and perfected by Jews, Kabbalah is an inexhaustible source of knowledge and certainly a bridge of understanding. Then see what the numbers mean at the exact times and receive the message that your angel gave you.

■ 00:00

If when you look at your watch it says 00:00, either digitally or with both hands after the number 12, then place an order! It is the famous magic hour or witch hour, where wishes are more likely to be fulfilled.

Furthermore, it also indicates that there is someone who cannot stop thinking about you, for better or for worse. Anyway, protect yourself, pray to your guardian angel, and of course, pay more attention to your surroundings, to catch the signs that someone special can give you.

■ 01:00

When you see that the clock is ticking at 1:00 sharp, you should prepare for a major change in your life. Number 1 is the manifestation of the divine will of action and with it, new results. If you are waiting for a project or dream to come true, this is the sign.

Seeing that the clock reads exactly 1 hour can also mean that you need to let go of the past and start over. This is because this specific fact is hindering your growth and you need to learn to forgive in order to let go.

■ 02:00

Seeing that the clock is ticking at 2:00 is a sign of prosperity, meaning you can expect something really good to come in the next few days. It can come in the form of someone reaching out to you and helping you reach higher places in life.

The number two represents duality, so you should look to see the other side of the coin as well. If you are going through a conflict right now, then you should practice empathy and put yourself in the other person’s shoes before acting.

■ 03:00

When you look at the clock and it says 3:00, get ready to receive a blessing in your life. It is the confirmation of the manifestation of the sacred, through the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, or if you prefer, the Light, Life, and Love.

This may be the message you’ve been waiting for to start a project that’s particularly special. If you have all the resources available and were just waiting for the signal, the time is now – make it happen and manifest your purpose on earth.

■ 04:00

Seeing your watch read exactly 4:00, you are getting the message that everything is going to be fine, even though at this point everything seems confused and hazy. Breathe, look for a shoulder to lean on, and have faith that things will soon be smoother in your life.

Representing stability, the number 4 seen in the dot on your watch wants to indicate that it is time to take the next step in the relationship. So, if you still don’t feel like it’s time to trust and surrender your heart, analyze it wisely and make the decision that you think is best for your future.

■ 05:00

Looking at the clock showing 5:00 sharp means the need for more attention to your body, both physical and emotional. It is made up of the 5 elements – earth, fire, air, water and spirit – and needs proper attention to function correctly.

Invest more time in pleasurable physical activities, eat healthily and try to connect with your essence. Praying, meditating or looking for other ways to connect with your Sacred is also essential at this stage of your life.

■ 06:00

Your prayers will be answered in the coming days if you saw the exact 6:00 time. The number six is ​​represented by the 6-pointed star or David. It is composed of two triangles, which meet with the ends facing opposite sides, representing the manifestation of the spiritual over the material.

It can also be a warning that you need to balance your spiritual and material life. In other words, if you are very focused on the physical aspects, then you need to shift a little bit to the Sacred. On the other hand, if you are very spiritual, it is important to remember the practical aspects of life.

■ 07:00

Known as the sacred number, if you saw 7:00 sharp, it is a sign of good luck. This is because he represents divine power, or, according to Pythagoras, perfection. Full of good energies, it brings with it abundance, both material and spiritual, that you will soon be able to enjoy.

Another interpretation is a sign of expansion of your consciousness and an attempt to connect from your guardian angel or spirit guide. Try to reconnect with your essence and, if it is your beliefs, say a prayer or light a candle for him.

■ 08:00

You’re going to get some signal from the universe about a subject that’s been taking up a lot of your time lately. Pay more attention to what is happening, connect to the present moment, and notice these signs.

If you find your watch at 8:00, then it could also be that something or person that marked your past comes back into your life. This will happen slowly and beneficially, in a way that will help you to face a current challenge.

■ 09:00

If you saw this exact time, then it is a sign that it is time to invest part of your life in community work. Symbol of altruism, fraternity and spirituality, when faced with 9:00, you should try to think in a broader and less individualistic way.

Your next days will be more conducive to the state of creativity, so take the opportunity to put into practice any project, be it artistic or even business. The number 9 represents creation, illumination, the union of the abstract and the concrete.

■ 10:00

When you see 10:00 on your watch or another device, it means that a big problem or troublesome situation in your life will be over in the next few days. Known as the Pythagorean Tetraktys, the number 10 is the sum of the first 4 numbers and represents the closing of a cycle.

It is also a signal for you to listen to your intuition more as part of your decision-making. After all, you are a dual being and cannot rely on only one of your aspects to act in the face of life’s challenges.

■ 11:00

Perfectionism is often used to postpone activities and projects that could already be done. If you’ve encountered this signal – 11:00 – then it’s time to allow yourself to try and miss, after all, this is normal and allows for learning.

When you see a full 11 hours, you may also be getting the indication that you are a very idealistic person and that you should use this for the development of other people. Instead of just staying in the field of ideas, look for ways to collaborate with the world in which you live.

■ 12:00

A grand achievement is within your reach if you know how to find it. Viewing at exactly 12 o’clock on your device, you’re getting the signal for the greatest light, the apex, and the greatest achievements. For Astrology, it is at this time when the sun is at its apex, with greater power of achievement.

It’s also a great time to start a new hobby or activity that you want to add to your daily routine. In other words, if you saw exactly 12:00, it is the signal to start a walk, have healthier habits or even cultivate a garden.

■ 13:00

When you see 13:00 on your watch, it’s not a coincidence. In fact, it’s a sign that some area of ​​your life will soon break down and you’ll need to balance things out. For this, it will be necessary to reintegrate what was lost, even if in a different way.

13 is also the number of death and rebirth, so it’s a good time to let go of your addictions and start looking for a fuller and healthier life. It is a warning to leave in the past what no longer serves you and look to the future.

■ 14:00

Believe in yourself, your capabilities go far beyond those you know and the Sacred accompanies you, side by side. If you find the exact time 14:00, this is the message your guardian angel wants to give you right now.

It can also represent the law of return, especially against someone who has done you harm recently, with the intention of harming you. Somehow the harm she caused will come back, as it always does, 3 times stronger.

■ 15:00

If you feel that your financial life, or material as a whole, is impaired at this stage of your life, then it is time to look for new alternatives to deal with the situation. This is the message you need to hear when viewing 15:00.

On the other hand, it may be that your focus on the material is higher than it should be, so it is critical that you retrace your path inward. It can be through meditation, prayer or your favorite practice.

■ 16:00

Seeing this time can have two distinct but complementary meanings. First of all, it’s good to know that soon a storm will flood your life and things can get complicated. Hang in there, as it may be that no one from your family or friends will come to support you.

On the other hand, as much as you feel like you’re alone, know that your guardian angel will never leave you. In fact, this message was sent especially to let you know that he is always around.

■ 17:00

Expect something very good returning from your past to your life. It could be someone who was very important, an old job or even a material possession that had already been forgotten. Take the opportunity to share good times with your loved ones.

This time is also a reminder of the law of return, that everything you plant in this world returns to you. So, be more careful with your actions, words and even thoughts, creating a good energy field for your home.

■ 18:00

This is a moment of gratitude for life and connection with the Sacred. There are 18 blessings and prayers that make up the center of the Jewish liturgy. Also the gifts given in religion are multiples of 18, showing the importance of this spiritual number, whose meaning is life.

Seeing the exact time of 18:00 is also a reminder from your soul that you must remember your roots and seek the best for your family. You may receive a dubious moral proposal that seems very worthwhile, but the cost is much greater than you might think.

■ 19:00

When you see the number 19:00, you are getting a warning that one of your goals is about to be completed. Take the time to focus your energy, resources and willingness to wrap up the last details.

Maybe you feel like you’re missing an opportunity. Yet it is, in reality, a deliverance. That’s because this chance isn’t as good as it sounds and an even better one is to come, as long as you keep preparing for it.

■ 20:00

If you saw the number 20:00 it means that your life is stagnant and you need to make a bigger effort to be able to make the necessary changes. When energy doesn’t move, ideas don’t renew, things tend to lose their color. But do not need be like that.

Your guardian angel is giving you a message of encouragement so that you don’t get discouraged and don’t despair even in times that seem like there’s no going back. He is by your side and asks you to remember to go back to prayer and strengthen your faith.

■ 21:00

Inserting a little art and lightness into your life can be the solution for this phase you are experiencing. Seeing 9:00 pm is also linked to your ability to communicate, whether with your family, in relationships or at work. It’s worth paying attention to your words and how you’ve been acting lately.

Related to the social aspect, number 21 points to a need you are already feeling to be part of something bigger, more encompassing. Maybe it’s the right time to start participating or creating a social movement.

■ 22:00

Work harder and with higher quality and the fruits will come. Don’t give up, because even if your goal seems to be far away, you can reach it. Just prepare yourself, work hard and listen to what the universe signals to you, for example, when you see the number 22:00 on your watch.

You can persevere and put procrastination aside, as you are capable of great things, just focus your energy and resources in the right place. Embrace this message and remain optimistic even in the face of difficulty.

■ 23:00

This number represents movement, change, and if you saw exactly 23:00 on your watch then it means that something very good is about to happen, but it could change the way things are today. Practice patience and resilience at this time.

You may also need to travel soon, whether for professional or personal reasons. So, ideally, you start saving a certain amount of money every month, in case of an emergency.

Seeing exact times could be a sign of the universe

Certainly exact times can be a sign of the universe, being one of the ways it uses to get a message across. Typically, your guardian angel or guide looks for denser ways to pass on knowledge or signs, including numbers. Therefore, whenever you see exact times on your watch or cell phone, try to understand its meaning and prepare for the message received.

This must always be done with the conscious use of rationality, combined with intuition. Since our minds have a certain limitation, when compared to spiritual guides or angels who protect us, we have to look for new ways to interpret the immaterial. Codes, shapes and images that convey messages are ways these entities find to tell you what you need to hear.

That way, leverage accurate time interpretations so you can connect, and use your intuition to better direct your guide’s intent in getting the message across. Also combine the logic and draw your conclusions, always looking for a balanced and dignified solution to the content presented. After all, you are the one who will deal with the results of your choices later, whether they are positive or not.

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