Mars in the 8th house: How does this affect your personality and your relationships?

Meaning of Mars in the 8th house

The 8th house in the birth chart is the house responsible for relationships, passions, partnerships and everything related to these matters. Mars in the 8th house brings a number of unique characteristics to this placement due to the planet’s energy.

People with Mars in the 8th house enjoy learning from their relationships, studying, investing, creating a future, and getting to know their partners very well. In addition, they are very jealous people who like to be in control of the relationship and have difficulty sharing. Knowing this, learn more about the specific characteristics of Mars in the 8th house by reading this article.

Mars in the 8th house in Love and relationships

People with Mars in the 8th house are extremely energetic about their dating and relationships. They are natives with a great capacity for seduction, usually living a life full of lust.

However, for the luck, or bad luck, of their romantic partners, love is not the only interest of these people. When in love, people with Mars in the 8th house have a desire within them to know everything about their partners, their history and their secrets. So, because of this curiosity, these people do not do well with discovering lies, and they will always find out.

■ Needs freedom in the relationship

People with Mars in the 8th house are exploratory and energetic, but this has already been explained. What hasn’t been said yet is that, precisely because of this exploration energy, these people need a little space and freedom from time to time.

These natives need some time to themselves, a freedom to be able to explore the new knowledge they seek. There is no connection between this freedom and problems in the relationship, as they are just people who, just as they like to get to know their partner, also love to get to know the world better.

■ Intense in intimate relationships

The person with Mars in the 8th house has great intensity in intimate relationships. With a deep loveual desire, these natives are extremely capable of surprising their partners in their intimate relationships.

This intensity comes from the strong loveual energy provided by Mars in this house. Usually, these are people who will look for love frequently and are capable of becoming extremely loveually frustrated if their partner’s attitude fails to match their libido.

■ Need to know how to deal with jealousy

It shouldn’t be too surprising that people with Mars in the 8th house are jealous. This desire and need to know everything in the lives of your partners, the secrets, the present and the past, point to a great indication that you are dealing with someone with strong jealousy.

This desire to want to know everything the partner does quickly turns these individuals into obsessive partners, which can lead to a very controlling relationship. The best way to avoid these problems is to let these natives understand that if they need their space and freedom, so do others.

Mars in 8th house at work and in business

Although the 8th house represents intimate relationships and the changes in life caused by them, it does not mean that it is strictly related only to love relationships. The 8th house may have connections with other areas of life that are generated by the transformations caused by intimate life.

Changes can occur in professional life, health and also in other areas of life, as a relationship is capable of changing all personal aspects of someone, and, for better or for worse, life always changes a little as they progress. .

■ Likes to develop learning

Another characteristic of people with Mars in the 8th house is their willingness to learn and develop their learning. When in a relationship, these natives are eager to know more about their partners.

Because of this, a desire to acquire other knowledge naturally ends up emerging as well. The person with Mars in the 8th house enjoys pleasure in learning and reading, coming from the new energy found in their relationship. They are usually considered to be very intelligent individuals.

■ Quick and intuitive decisions

They are individuals who know very well what they want and when they want it, which leads them to have a good intuition regarding their choices. Because they have such great certainty, there are no ramifications in their path, just a straight line to their goal.

Almost like a sixth sense, the person with Mars in the 8th house has a very strong instinct and will usually be able to choose the best option to move forward. Whether to follow a dream or discover a lie, your intuition will always be accurate.

■ Lover of books

These natives love to read for the same reason they love to expand their learning: they are curious people who love to discover new things. This is true both for academic books, taking “learning” in a more literal sense, as well as for fictional narrative books, following a desire to know how the story will end.

This is generated by the natural curiosity of the person with Mars in the 8th house. All this search for the truth makes the native want, or rather, need, to know the end of the story and even unravel the secrets of the universe.

■ Reliable enough to handle other people’s undertakings

People with Mars in the 8th house are extremely trustworthy. Individuals you can always count on, whether to keep a secret, to make an investment, or even to have a partner. They are very loyal and will hardly try to deceive their partner.

Because of their advanced intuition, these natives are great with investments, especially in fields in which they already have some experience, being able to have a great overview of which areas would be a good idea to invest.

■ However, whoever has Mars in the 8th house has a controlled mania!

The natives with Mars in the 8th house are people with an enormous need for control, both in love relationships, as well as in business and investments. All the control in relationships that these people need, shown by their jealous behavior and need to know everything, is also presented in the professional field.

In your career or investments, they are people who, as well as in their relationships, will need to know about everything, to know every little detail. This makes them want to control everything that is happening, after all, for them there is no other way to be aware of everything that has happened.

■ May conflict of interest

Conflicts of interest are very common with these people, both internally and externally. Because they have this desire to expand and take control of things, natives with Mars in the 8th house easily find themselves in conflicts of interest.

Wanting to be ahead of everything, they can sometimes decide to be in control of two opposite things. Usually these natives will want the opposite of what their co-workers suggest. Because they have the feeling of being the owner of their projects, they don’t like to listen to suggestions from others. So, don’t even think about doing anything different from what was planned by this native.

Mars in house 8: life and health

House 8, despite being the main responsible for relationships, partnerships and dating, is also linked to health and other aspects of life. As love relationships and business partnerships affect basically everything in everyday life, especially in mood and feelings, the 8th house has a great importance for everyone’s lives.

That said, see now how Mars in the 8th House affects these other aspects of the lives of these natives, having as its main focus the field of health, both mental and physical.

■ Sometimes it is overloaded

As individuals who like to be in front of everything that is happening and to be in control of situations around them, people with Mars in the 8th house tend to be overwhelmed. For being ahead of many projects and living their love life intensely, this can be a recurring event in the lives of these natives.

However, it’s not as if they didn’t know how to enjoy life. Although they tend to be overwhelmed, people with Mars in the 8th house take the reins for their own pleasure. So there’s not a lot to worry about, just remind these colleagues that they also need to relax from time to time.

■ Who has Mars in the 8th house will have sudden death?

The planet Mars in the 8th house indicates a danger of sudden, unexpected death. The most common causes of these types of death for those with Mars in the 8th house are hidden illnesses, not discovered until it’s too late, or sudden heart attacks.

In general, these are people who are at risk of dying early, losing their lives at a very young age. The best advice to give these people is to make regular visits to the doctor and always know how their health is going, so as not to be caught by surprise.

Does Mars in the 8th house mean “I” challenges to overcome?

Having Mars in the 8th house means having to overcome some personal challenges. These natives have some features, as mentioned during the article, that need some attention to be improved. Jealousy and control mania are the two most problematic among them.

These natives are people who need their space, mainly to think and understand what is happening. They are people with whom it is possible to dialogue. Their challenges may seem a long way from being resolved, but that’s because, for these people, they’re not problems.

So all that’s needed is to tell people with Mars in the 8th house that they need to change when necessary.

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