Marcel Scott Video – Madison Police Video Goes Viral

Marcel Scott Video – A Madison police lieutenant recorded by a spectator having relations with a lady in his crew car in the parking area of a Farm and Fleet surrendered Wednesday, the Madison Police Department declared.

An interior police examination tracked down Lt. Reginald Patterson “disregarded various office arrangements” in the September 16 occurrence “and a partition from the administration was considered the suitable activity,” Police Chief Shon Barnes said in an assertion.

Police division representative Stephanie Fryer said the examination was finished Monday and Barnes was ready to look for Patterson’s termination before the city’s Police and Fire Commission, which under state law is answerable for the employing, terminating and discipline of police.

“A PFC hearing would require a full preliminary,” she said in an email, and that might have taken up to a year, during which time Patterson would have stayed on paid leave. She said setting Patterson on neglected leave was impossible under common help rules.

The Dane County Sheriff’s Office observed no wrongdoing had happened in the occurrence in a side parking area of the store at 2202 Stoughton Road. Barnes has recently said the lady included isn’t a whore.

Last month the one who caught the video, Marcel Scott, said he was in the store’s parking area when he saw “white legs spring up toward the rear of the squad car.”

“You could see the pictures of two bodies,” he said.

Scott said he strolled to the front of the vehicle and saw an individual on top of the lady. He portrayed her as in her 20s or 30s with blue hair. He portrayed the official as a more established, uncovered, Black male with a mustache.

At the point when individuals inside the crew saw he was taking video, they halted what they were doing and the lady started to cover herself. Patterson can later be seen momentarily escaping the driver’s side back entryway of the crew before getting back in once more. Scott said he accepted Patterson was intending to get in the driver’s side front entryway however at that point got back in the vehicle as Scott recorded him and moved over the front seat to move to the haggle away.

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