Leticia Miller was never found dead

Leticia Miller tracked down dead – passing, tribute – what truly occurred?

There are UNTRUE reports via web-based media about Selena Quintanilla resembling the other same Letecia Miller being observed dead among trash containers in Los Angeles due to her ex.

As indicated by an update we recently got:

Indeed it is valid, a young lady who tried out for the job of Selena was killed. In any case, her name was Gloria de la Cruz, and NOT Leticia Miller, who was a Mariachi vocalist from Los Angeles.

Gloria de la Cruz was grabbed, ransacked, and killed by a likely ex, and her body was left in a garbage bin and consumed. Articles about Gloria de la Cruz’s demise can be viewed on the web.

The one who killed her was captured and viewed as blameworthy of the wrongdoing. The job was rarely given.

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