Jordan Boudreaux Missing | Louisiana Jordan Bordeaux’s Kidnapping – Get Whole Detail

Jordan Boudreaux Missing Louisiana – In the Broad Daylight film 2021, the capturing of Jordan Boudreaux has turned into an intriguing issue. Is Jordan Boudreaux still alive? TV One is bringing certifiable bad behavior films the whole month as a part of their drawn-out record of Love, Lie and Murder film appearances, every Sunday night in July.

The film stars and is essentially conveyed by rapper Shad “Bow Wow” Moss, nearby Chyna Layne (She’s Gotta Have It – Series), and Curtis Hamilton (Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge and Michelle).

Based out of Louisiana, an energetic mother, Jordan Boudreaux (Lane), is abducted by her focused and estranged darling Steve (Hamilton). Jordan Boudreaux became absent.

Jordan’s family accumulates the neighborhood her closest cousin, Malik (Moss), makes it his own focal objective to find and bring her home safely. The family, neighborhood, police gather to track down Jordan before it’s too far to consider turning back

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  1. This family failed to keep her safe …well I can’t say they failed he got Malik a job that kept him busy and also where he’d know where Malik was practically at all times .This is my biggest fear of a delusional ex- lover child’s father kidnapping my child or killing me but first he’d manipulate my family gifts – we cool – jobs etc a no good man that doesn’t want me but also doesn’t want anyone to have me or me to be Happy


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