How to Interpret Candle Flame Meanings

Messages in the candle flame: meaning of high, flickering flame and more!

Whether to ask a question, a wish or a spell, the candle flame can give you important signals and show you ways. Fire has been used as an oracle since before the Egyptians, whether in their rituals or even as a prophecy. It took years of improvement so that it could be used by a layman.

That way, not only is there a way for you to interpret the flame of a candle – or a bonfire – and have signs of what the next few days will be like, but also the fire can be used to answer questions. Furthermore, fire can also be used to guess the future. In addition to the oracle function, the flame can be an indication of how the answer to your prayer or spell is.

Find out what are the characteristics and meaning of each type of candle flame, what they are trying to tell you and much more!

Candle Flame Characteristics

There are some things about reading and interpreting the candle flame that you need to know before practicing the art of divination. Then find out what its symbolism is, what Ceromancy is about and what the possible interferences are – and how to avoid them.

■ Symbol

In addition to representing the connection with the Sacred, whether through angels, saints or deities, the candle flame is also a symbol of hope, life and strength. The candle flame is a symbol of light, it is moving away from darkness and, consequently, allows you to acquire a new look or perspective on the situation, life or the world.

The candle flame can be associated with several symbolisms, but the main one is the illumination and the presence of the divine, being often associated even as a link between the immaterial and the material. Exactly because of this, it can serve as a tool for divinatory art. The best-known form of divination that uses flames is Ceromancy.

■ Ceromancy

Ceromancy is the oracle through reading the candle, to answer questions, clear up doubts, receive signals or follow the effect of a spell or request. It can be done with candle wax – its shape, if it burnt out completely or if it cried a lot – as well as it can be done through the flame.

The candle flame gives clearer and more forceful signs than the wax, showing the paths and helping to find answers for the most varied situations. But be careful, as this reading can be interfered with by external factors.

■ Possible interferences

The candle flame tends to move if there is any draft in the place where it is lit. So it’s important to find a peaceful environment to practice with her. Likewise, the manufacturing time can also influence the way the flame burns the candle.

In addition to the date of manufacture and drafts, the quality of the candle will also interfere with interpretation. This is because, when the old candle is burned, it tends to fail, leaving room for mourning and introspection.

Candle Flame Messages

The candle flame can come in many forms, from small and delicate to even more imposing. Know what each of these cases means and understand the angels’ message for you.

■ Tall and strong candle flame

If, after asking a question, the candle flame is high and strong, then that means a resounding yes or positive message. This goes for when analyzing the effectiveness of a spell or prayer. If the flame is like this, it is a sign that your request has been heard and will be carried out.

■ High and flickering candle flame

Upon receiving a question from you, the flame may start to flicker and much louder than usual. That’s a positive sign, but you need more conviction. When it comes to a prayer or spell, the candle flame flickering, however high, indicates a high chance that it will be performed, however, you will encounter some instabilities.

■ High and still candle flame

When the candle flame is high and still, then the response is yes. It means that your question will have an adequate solution or simply say yes. If the flame is like this after a request, prayer or spell, then that is also a positive sign, that the result will come, even though it may take time.

■ Candle flame too low

Sometimes the candle flame may be too low, as if it were not going to light. If it’s not a problem with the candle itself, it’s a sign that you have to make a greater effort to make the request come true, representing a “maybe” or “it depends” answer.

■ Candle flame shaking a lot

If the windows are closed and there is no airflow and the candle flame is flickering too much, then your answer is not exactly a negative, but rather it indicates that your goal will take work. However, if the candle was used for a prayer, request or magic, then it is a sign that you need to clear the energies of the environment before proceeding.

■ Candle flame emitting sparks

The sparks in the candle flame are signs of resistance, difficulties. It could be that something has been holding you back lately. If sparks appear on the candle used in a spell or request, then it means attack, meaning some energy is contrary to what you are doing and acting to stop it.

■ Candle flame giving off black smoke

The black smoke that comes out of the candle flame means purification, the elimination of something that was harming you and opening to new paths. During a spell or prayer, it means that there are bad energies that are trying to stop you, but without achieving their intent.

■ Candle flame rising and falling

Instability is the response you are getting when the candle flame goes up and down after asking a question. It can also represent a lack of focus on your intention during the prayer or spell, needing to take care that your mind doesn’t jump between thoughts. Keep your intention focused.

■ Blue candle flame

It may also happen that the candle flame turns slightly blue after you ask the question and this means that the situation requires patience and perseverance. In the case of a spell or prayer, it can even be performed, but it will depend more on your efforts than on divine help.

■ Yellowish candle flame

When the candle flame turns yellow after asking a question, it is a sign that prosperity, abundance and happiness are on the way. When this also happens in spells or prayers, then it means that there are many chances that it will work, and that it can have prosperous and positive results.

■ Red candle flame

The candle flame, when reddish in color, represents vigor, passion, energy. On the other hand, it can also represent anger, so pay attention to the context of your question. The reddish flame in a spell or prayer can be a signal from your guide or guardian angel that everything is going to be okay, your request is being heard.

■ Bright candle flame

The candle flame may become brighter than normal, showing that your response is positive.
If used in a spell or prayer, it’s a great sign that it’s going to be performed soon, just needing more patience.

■ Very bright candle flame

If the candle flame you used to ask a question happens to be much brighter than usual, expect a positive answer to your question soon. In a spell or prayer, it is a sign that good energies are working in your favor, bringing much better results than you expected.

■ Candle flame looks like a spiral

If by asking a question, the candle flame starts to move in a spiral, then it means that there is no right answer, as things are still shaping up.

If it’s a prayer or spell, then notice whether it’s spiraling to the right or left. If it goes to the right you are getting outside help, if it goes counterclockwise then you need to do some cleaning before continuing.

■ Clear and rising candle flame

If, as you concentrate and ask your question, the candle flame becomes very clear and with increasing light, it is a sign of positivity, but it may take some time to achieve your objective. In a spell or prayer, it represents an increase in the force involved and a greater concentration of your intention on the process.

FAQs and tips about the candle flame

Every divinatory art has its specificities, and it is important to pay attention to them if you want to get a more precise answer. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding their use and interpretation, and some tips on how to better interpret the candle flame.

■ Can anyone interpret the candle flame?

Other forms of oracle usually require much more study, dedication and knowledge to be able to read. However, the candle flame can be one of the simplest and most effective ways to seek to understand the future, ask questions, have a tip for the day or even check if a spell is being done correctly.

That way, anyone can interpret the flames, as long as they are focused and try to listen to their intuition. Asking your guardian angel or guide for help can also help you interpret correctly, noticing nuances that without them would pass without you noticing.

For that, it is important that you have a calm mind and open to answers that are different from what you expect. This way, it will not direct the question to paths that are already pre-established. Remember that the idea is to find answers and be sure, not just confirm your point of view and your intentions about what was asked.

■ Can I interpret the flame of any candle?

If your question is regarding the type of candle – common, seven-day, toothpick or scented – the answer is yes, no problem. However, regardless of the type chosen, it is critical that she has gone through the consecration process first. After all, it will be a tool of communication with the Sacred, so it must be energetically ready for that.

To consecrate your candle, clean the base and candle with sage, rue, coffee or similar incense. Then attach the candle to the base and focus your energy, with both hands around it, mentalizing it as a link between the material and the Sacred. If you like, you can bathe in lavender oil, from the base to the top, without wetting the wick.

Never reuse candles that have already been consecrated for purposes other than prayer. In other words, if you use a candle for a spell or a specific question, don’t reuse it for an oracle. It must be eliminated, along with the other materials, as it is imbued with energy and intention. Consecrated candles used only for prayer work very well.

■ Other interpretations of candle flame

There are some other important points to pay attention to when using a candle, whether it’s for prayer or doing a spell. See some of them and their meanings:

  • Crying candle: if the candle is spilling a lot of cells on the sides – crying – it is a sign that external energies are trying to stop you or make things difficult. It’s worth doing a cleanup or even a banishment;
  • Disappearing candle: if instead of leaving all the wax around, making a terrible mess, your candle simply burns out without a trace, this is a great sign, with a good chance that it will work;
  • Candle that goes out: if you made the prayer, request or spell and the candle went out – without wind current and being new – then it could mean that either it is not the right time to make the request, or there are negative energies in the place and needs a clean first. Or, finally, that you received a resounding no for an answer;
  • Wax has melted, but wick does not go out: celebrate! This is a sign that not only has the request been accepted, it will also have a surprisingly better result;
  • Candle flame popping and sparking: this is a strong sign that energies are actively trying to harm you, it is worth doing a banishment. Attention: if you used oil to bathe the candle, don’t worry. Because, when wetting the candle’s wick, it is normal that the candle pops and sparks;
  • Damaged spark plug holder: If you are using the spark plug and the holder is damaged – whether it is cracked, latched or even popped – it is a sign that there was a ban at that time. Open the room window, if it’s still closed, and dispose of the broken candlestick;

■ Tips for interpreting the candle flame

Always look for a quiet, windless place to read the candle flame. In addition, it is essential that your pets do not enter the same room, to avoid accidents. Keep away from curtains – which can even be blown into the candle flame. Remove any tablecloths or flammable material.

In order to read the candle flames, it is essential that you are completely calm, both physically and mentally. For this, reserve an appropriate environment, where no one will bother you for at least 30 minutes. After booking and preparing everything, sit in front of the candle and practice mindful breathing and, if you prefer, meditate for a while.

Then feel the temperature of your environment, the sounds around you – without focusing on any specific one. Feel your whole body and the energy that surrounds you. Begin to expand this energy, forming a circle of light (white, violet, or gold) around you as a protective barrier. Then you can light the candle.

If you have another process to start your rituals, creating other forms of protection circle, follow the ones you already have. The idea is to create an enabling and protected environment so that your responses are not interfered with from outside. Remember to enlist the help of your guardian angel or guide during the process.

Is interpreting the candle flame an effective oracle?

Whether the reading of the candle flame will be effective or not will depend on the process followed, on the intention and, above all, on your ability to reconnect with yourself and the immaterial. Listening to your intuition is the right way to get more accurate answers, without so much interference from the objective mind.

In other words, yes, this interpretation can be an actual oracle, as long as the person carrying out the reading is open to listening, even if they don’t come to like what they received. It is important to remember to always thank both nature and your guide at the end of the process, and toss the remains in a separate bag and then in the trash.

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