How to conquer an Aquarius man: profile of this sign and more! Look!

How to conquer an Aquarius?

When knowing the characteristics of the sign of Aquarius, some people are afraid to relate to those born under this constellation. When you know how to deal with the peculiarities of an Aquarius, they make excellent love partners. Before starting to conquer an Aquarius man, it is important to know the characteristics of the sign and know how to avoid certain situations.

Aquarians are rebellious and free men by nature, they are open-minded and interested in everything that is modern. They are people who care for humanitarian causes and participate in social projects whenever they can. They have some downsides that it’s good to be aware of so you don’t get into unnecessary conflicts.

These are some characteristics of an Aquarian man. Want to know more and rock out on the date? Throughout this text, we are going to detail the main characteristics of this possible partner, everything they like, value and things to be avoided at the time of conquest. Check out now everything you need to know to conquer an Aquarius sign man!

How to Conquer an Aquarius: The Aquarium Profile

Before thinking about conquering an Aquarius, it is important to know the main characteristics of your sign. They are men who like to feel free, are creative and rebellious. Furthermore, they are attuned to everything that is modern and technological. These peculiarities are present in your personality and it is important to keep in mind before starting your conquest.

Below are detailed the main characteristics of the Aquarius sign that you need to know before investing in an Aquarius. Certainly, having this card up your sleeve will help you in this first moment of your conquest.

■ Features

Aquarians in general are known for their love of freedom and rebellion. They are creative people who need constant changes in their lives. They are interested in humanitarian causes and are almost always involved in some social project. Original, bold and versatile are part of the most eccentric house of the zodiac.

They are known as cold people, who don’t care about the feelings of others, just for the simple fact that they are detached. They like and need changes in their lives, they can’t get involved with anything that doesn’t stimulate their creativity. In love, they are partners who are interested in the intellectual they are getting involved with and who like creative people like them.

■ Regent Planet

The ruling planet of the house of Aquarius is Uranus. This planet has a great deal of influence in shaping the personality of those born under this constellation. Uranus is a somewhat complex planet and makes those who rule it eccentric, independent, rebellious and supportive, characteristics that make the 11th house of the zodiac famous.

Furthermore, Uranus is totally linked to modernity, so it is very common for people governed by it to be interested in matters of technology and modern objects. Other than that, Uranus boosts in Aquarius versatility, originality and an open mind to new ideas.

It is also important to point out that some outstanding aquarium characteristics can be seen as defects if they are manifested in an excessive way. Uranus can contribute negatively in this aspect, for example, in rebellion.

When it becomes excessive it can end up bothering the people around them. Finally, another point to be highlighted is the sudden change in mood, which can end up hindering your interpersonal relationships.

■ Element

The element of the sign of Aquarius is air, which is the same as the houses of Libra and Gemini. Air makes people born between these 3 signs to be born idealizers. People with the ability to see beyond others and plan amazing projects.

Furthermore, they are more objective individuals and act more rationally when faced with any problem. They tend to have difficulties understanding and dealing with their feelings.

People with the air sign have very fertile minds, they can often concoct outlandish ideas. They are good-natured people and love to cultivate light and fun relationships. Adaptable to any type of situation that is imposed, they manage to have an enviable resourcefulness in groups. They need certain changes throughout their lives to feel alive.

Positive Trends of an Aquarian Man

Aquarians have positive tendencies to consider. These men tend to care about social issues, are idealistic people and manage to come out of different situations with creative solutions. Innovators in all areas of their lives, including their relationships, love to have creative encounters.

His detachment and rebellion have a certain charm there! Next, we will detail the positive points of the Aquarius man, which end up winning over the people with whom he relates.

■ Humanitarian Values

For the Aquarian man, the humanitarian cause is very important. He is a guy who, whenever he has the opportunity, is in the middle of social projects, taking the lead or just volunteering.

In addition, he usually invites people he trusts to contribute to the social cause and they are very happy when they do. Don’t be surprised if in the future he invites you to go with him in some projects he participates.

■ rebellion

Aquarians are rebellious beings by nature. They don’t like imposed rules, especially if they are not in keeping with modernity. It’s common for them to rebel against everything they bother with, whether in the family, with friends and even at work.

So if there’s something they don’t agree with, you can be sure they’ll fight it and even encourage people to rebel with it.

■ Detached

Aquarians are also totally detached people in all areas of their lives. They don’t really care if they’re alone for a long time. If they break ties with someone, they detach from that person in a practical and quick way, avoiding any kind of future reconciliation.

In this sense, know that when you have a relationship with an Aquarius, he will not be chasing you all the time.

■ Idealists

If there are people who live with their minds bombarding them with new ideas, it’s Aquarians. You can be sure they have ideas to solve just about any problem plaguing the world.

In addition, they are people who seek to improve whenever they can, in addition to trying to change the environment in which they live. They get out of tricky situations in the most creative ways imaginable and, for the most part, get positive results.

■ Innovative

Aquarius men are uniquely reasoning people. They are able to very easily understand the information that is passed and apply it in different situations.

In addition, they also have a lot of ability to think of creative ideas and get them put into practice. This is a great trait for the professional side of Aquarians, but also very beneficial for their love relationships.

Negative Trends of an Aquarian Man

Everyone has their downside and here it would be no different. Aquarians can have some negative tendencies that can create some friction in a relationship.

Something that he considers beneficial to his life, can cause discomfort when he has another person living with him. Next, we will detail some negative characteristics that an Aquarius can have.

■ Excessive rationality

Aquarians are men who have difficulty dealing with some situations that lean to the emotional side, so they always look for the side of reason. In this sense, using reason all the time can be effective for them, but for the people around them it can be a negative point.

In a romantic relationship, for example, it is common for the partner to expect the other to react more with emotion in some situations. The Aquarian man will do everything not to use his emotions to solve any problem, he will always look for the more practical, more rational side. In a possible breakup, he can end the relationship without even thinking.

Remember this before starting to get involved with an Aquarius man, whenever he can use reason, he will use it, mainly in his affectionate relationships.

■ Stubbornness

Stubbornness is a negative point to stand out in Aquarius. If you ask him not to do something, you can be sure he will do it just to spite you. This doesn’t just happen to you, it ends up happening in most situations in his life.

This stubbornness has been with him since his childhood and has already put him in several complicated situations. It is definitely a defect that you should be aware of.

■ Excessive rebellion

Everyone knows that a person with the sign of Aquarius tends to be rebellious. But this rebellion can be excessive in some Aquarians, especially in men. They will always question the imposed rules and whenever possible they will do everything to overthrow them.

Thus, this mania of wanting to be against everything that is imposed, all the time, ends up bothering the other people around the natives of this sign.

■ Changeable mood

Know that when relating to an Aquarius, you must be prepared for their mood swings. In one day he will wake up excited, loving, talking through his elbows. The next day, he will be in a foul mood, practically monosyllabic and wanting to be alone.

Thus, it is important to know how to identify these mood swings so as not to come into friction with him and respect his introspective moments.

What to do to conquer an Aquarius?

It is important to be aware of the characteristics of the Aquarius sign so as not to make mistakes while conquering an Aquarius. Some behaviors can take you away from him forever, other behaviors will be up your sleeve so they’ll be totally interested in you! Here are some tips on what to do on a date with an Aquarius.

■ Have smart and deep conversations

One of the main things that attract attention in an Aquarius is good conversation. The better the conversation, the more you will be attracting his attention. In this regard, anything goes, from discussing the theory of relativity or even talking about your favorite movie trilogy.

So, the important thing is to master the subject and be willing to talk about it for hours. In this sense, Aquarians are men who value deep conversations and, even more, their willingness to keep that conversation active.

If you exchange messages after the date and you manage to keep this conversation interesting, you can be sure that you will go out again. These endless topics will fuel his imagination and keep him thinking about you for a long time.

■ Demonstrate an open mind and maturity

People with little maturity or who are caught up in concepts that are considered archaic do not catch the attention of an Aquarian man. They value partners who are open-minded and mature, people they can trust when confiding in a secret or even in a more intimate moment.

Plus, they cherish partners who break free when they’re inside four walls. As they are open-minded people, they need partners who walk with them in this regard. Only then will they be able to explore some situations that require an open mind and maturity to face.

So, be open to the ideas that he might eventually bring you, for sure you will have a lot of fun together.

■ Demonstrate self-confidence and principles

Aquarian men like their partners to be confident and whenever they can they try to strengthen that idea. It is very good for them to share their lives with someone who is self-confident and knows how to value their essence.

In this sense, even if your principles are divergent, he is the guy who will know how to respect this difference and admire you for thinking differently from the things he believes.

■ Be original and creative

Don’t be afraid to use your creativity, Aquarians love that. The more different for them, the better. It doesn’t have to be something apotheotic, nor does it need to invest a lot of money in it. Propose meetings that are out of the ordinary, make that romantic dinner on the living room floor surrounded by candles, ask him to go to the beach in the middle of the week, these are the types of activities that they think are great.

Remember to maintain that originality and creativity if this relationship evolves. Aquarian men, when intimately involved with someone, like to put that creative side into practice.

Finally, they are adept at loveual fantasies, toys that enrich the relationship, and they hope that their partners are also open to daring along with them.

What not to do to conquer an Aquarius?

Some situations should be avoided when you think about conquering an Aquarius. Remember the main characteristics of the Aquarius sign and try not to go against them. These small conflicts can undermine trying to have a lasting relationship with this Aquarius, and you had better be careful.

In order not to make mistakes during your conquest, read below for all kinds of situations you should avoid when you are in a relationship with an Aquarius.

■ Avoid charges

Because they love their freedom too much, Aquarius men are people who don’t like to be held back by anyone. Try to respect their space, as if they feel trapped in any way, they will find a way to get out of that relationship.

So it’s not that you can’t talk about something that’s bothering you, you can. However, try to pass it on to him in a way that doesn’t sound like a charge.

■ Don’t be possessive

Don’t treat the Aquarius man with a sense of ownership, that’s one of the things that will drive him away from you forever. As much as they are in some kind of love relationship, they value the couple’s individuality.

In other words, each one can have their moment without the other being together. So don’t assume that it’s yours and that you’re going to drag it anywhere, it won’t happen.

■ Avoid conservatism

Aquarians in general are linked to modernity and abhor ideas that tie people to the past. Don’t come up with conservative ideas, as it will likely generate friction in you and consequently drive you away.

Remember, keep your mind open when dealing with Aquarian men, they are adept at ideas that older people would never approve of.

■ Avoid violating individuality

After talking to an Aquarius man, you have determined the activities that each will do alone. Take this very seriously as he needs that individuality to feel good. Don’t be fooled into agreeing with individuality, thinking that you will change it later, you won’t.

In this sense, individuality is very important to Aquarius and he likes it to be respected. If you respect this rule, everything will be fine.

■ Avoid being overly needy or emotional

Aquarians have a hard time dealing with their own feelings, and you being overly emotional isn’t going to help. This lack of attention makes them angry and with the impression that you are imposing this situation out of pure drama.

Furthermore, they are older people and cannot handle these emotionally charged moments. Try to talk at a time when you are calmer and less emotional.

Adjusting your look to conquer an Aquarius

In a general context, men are extremely visual beings. Aquarians are like that too, only in their own way. They are receptive people to eccentric looks and looks.

They value partners who stand out from what is considered normal and encourage them to always be original. Then see everything that catches the attention of these Aquarians when it comes to visual.

■ Original and modern clothes

If you’re the type of person who likes styles considered eccentric and extremely original, bet on these clothes when going out with an Aquarius. They are partners who value originality and are sure to find you amazing in the clothes you choose.

So, don’t worry about judgments coming from them, they like originality and modernity and will definitely encourage you to dress like that more often.

■ Innovate the look at every encounter

Aquarian men are very receptive to change, so if you like to change your look often, you will have full support from this partner.

So, dare the haircut, the paint and that hairstyle you always wanted to wear, he’s not the kind of guy who will criticize your changes, who preferred the way he was before. He will praise and encourage you to change more often.

How can I conquer an Aquarius being an emotional person?

By knowing deeply the characteristics of an Aquarius man, you have a good chance of making this relationship work. By understanding how it “works”, you will know how to handle certain situations and know how to avoid anything that will generate friction between you. Even knowing everything they say about people of this sign, don’t be afraid to get involved with them.

Some of the peculiarities of these Aquarians can even frighten you right away, but knowing each one deeply, it’s not a reason to be afraid and not to relate to one of them. They are complex people, yes, but knowing how to deal with one of them, you will gain a fun, creative partner who will never let the relationship fall into sameness.

Being an emotional person is not an impediment to relating to a man of the Aquarius sign. First, it is important that you control your expectations and understand your future partner’s needs. Forget everything that has been said about people of this sign and feel safe when starting to flirt with him.

Also, delve into all the characteristics shown here about this sign, the good and the bad. Try to put into practice the tips that were learned and that make sense to you. But never forget to be who you are and show your best side, rest assured that this will be a very positive point in building a possible relationship.

Finally, you can conquer an Aquarius, just know how to take the relationship in a light and free way. Apply these tips on your date and good achievement!

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