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Hank Salemi Death, Obituary News:

Very sad to hear the news that Six Flags Great America’s Park President Hank Salemi has passed away. If you have watched my reports from Great America over the last decade, you have likely seen Hank talking about the latest and greatest at SFGAm.

He was always available whenever I had a question – and trust me, I am one of the annoying reporters that has many weird theme park questions. Yet they were never weird to Hank because he was an enthusiast as well. I will miss hearing all of his stories about the latest and greatest attractions he had gone to see or everything that was happening at the IAAPA expo every year.

Great America has donated packages to many charitable causes over the years – Hank was always very supportive when it came to giving back.
Hank often talked about his family, I am so sorry for them and their loss, along with everybody who worked with him at Six Flags every day. He will be missed…..” Marcus Leshock posted on Facebook. 

All things considered with this lamenting spirit that we stretch out our sympathies to the household of Hank Salemi and everybody impacted by the passing. We miss you and we wish you were here with us. May the spirit of the deceased, through the kindness of God find happiness in the hereafter.

We know doubtlessly that we never lose our loved ones, even to death. They keep on partaking in each act, thought and choice we make. Their adoration leaves a very solid scratching in our memories. We notice solace in understanding that our lives have been advanced by having shared their love.

We discovered concerning the death of Hank Salemi on all social media stages. We likewise, genuinely keep his family in our petitions. The details of the circumstances surrounding his death is yet to be revealed at the present time.

RIP Quotes and Rest in Peace Status:

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  • “Treasured in my heart you’ll stay until we meet again someday. Rest in peace.”
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  • Life is stressful dear. That’s why they say rest in peace
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  • Gone, but never forgotten. Rest in peace

Hank Salemi Obituary

Subtleties of the deceased internments, burial organization, memorial service and other related capacities would truly be circulated by the household of the deceased on their selected internet-based stage.

Family security ought to be seen at this troublesome time. This piece of imperative information specifically is made from public worries and doesn’t fill in as a tribute assertion for Salemi. The tribute would be definitively conveyed by the family.

What is the intention of RIP?

When somebody passes we would say, may their soul rest in peace. The RIP is usually used in Christian prayers and services. Nowadays it is been used widely while saying someone’s death.

May his soul Rest in Peace

It is a depressing moment when our loved ones leave us forever. Even though we understand they’re never going to come back, we wish they were always with us. While death can not be overcome, but we can wish the people who have left a peaceful afterlife.

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