Gloria de la Cruz RIP | Selena’s double who was Brutally Murdered

Gloria De La Cruz, who lived in the community of El Rio, was last seen attending a party in Oxnard with friends on the night of April 21, 1996.

The next day, her burned body was found inside a garbage receptacle in the Wilshire District of Los Angeles.

Authorities believe Robinson, who once dated De La Cruz, raped her in the garage of his grandmother’s Oxnard house and then choked her to death before putting her body in the trunk of a car and driving to Los Angeles.

At the garbage receptacle, he apparently poured gasoline on the body and set it on fire. De La Cruz’s body was so badly burned, it took 17 days to identify, Giedzinski said. Robinson was arrested in January 1997.

Although he denied the killing, Robinson was convicted on circumstantial evidence that included his DNA and matching semen and blood found on the victim.

During the sentencing hearing, De La Cruz’s mother, also named Gloria De La Cruz, and her sister, Corina Arenas, addressed the judge.

Gloria de la Cruz found dead – Who is Leticia Miller?

Selena Quintanilla’s death happened in March of 1995, and in March 21, 1997, four days shy of the two year anniversary of her death, the movie was released.

The two finalists for the role of Selena were Jennifer Lopez and another woman named Danielle Camastra. Danielle looked a lot like Selena and was cast for the audition by Selena’s father.

However, Jennifer Lopez got the role.

There was a girl named Leticia Miller, but she was an actress from Monterrey who also auditioned for the role and looked like Selena and she is the one people have confused.

Gloria is preceded in death by her parents, Celedonio and Rafaela (Navarro) de la Cruz and her brother, Dr. Celedonio de la Cruz. She is survived by her brother, Homero (Linda) de la Cruz and children Desidorio Emilio and Fiona Gloria of Austin, Texas; nephew Jacob de la Cruz of Charleston, SC and nephew Micah (Sherri) de la Cruz and children Jessica, Emilia, and Eliana of Columbus, Ohio. “Tia Gloria” was especially loved and will be missed by her nieces and nephews, as well as a large extended family including several aunts, many cousins and friends.

Gloria’s life will be celebrated with a graveside service at 1:00 P.M., Saturday, October 7, 2017, at Valley Memorial Gardens in Mission, Texas, with Rev. Francisco Gaytan officiating. Memorial donations may be made to Outreach Ministries of El Buen Pastor Methodist Church in Edinburg, Texas.

Casting for the movie Selena (1997)

It was 1995, and just a few months after the murder of the Texas-born singer, preparations began for her film, in which the details of her life would be told. They sought to capitalize on this tragedy and, incidentally, pay tribute to the woman who paved the way for other Latinas to enter the US market.

Production houses were planning to produce unauthorized versions, so Selena’s family, the Quintanilla’s, quickly took over the reins of the film, which was directed by Gregory Nava.

The casting was attended by more than 20,000 actresses and fans who wanted to embody on the big screen the interpreter of As the flower, so the selection was extremely difficult.

Before choosing one, then unknown, Jennifer Lopez, the participation of figures like Salma Hayek or Bibi Gaytán was contemplated, but there was another girl who stood out among all of them for her surprising physical resemblance to Selena Quintanilla: Gloria de la Cruz.

Gloria de la Cruz, the “double of Selena”

Gloria de la Cruz was a young woman from California (some media indicates that she was 18 years old) and was known locally as “Selena’s double.”

This young woman, who used the stage name of Leticia Miller, auditioned for the role and although her resemblance to the singer was evident and attracted everyone’s attention, she was not considered to advance the selection process (although she would have stated that she had stayed with the role) and the protagonist finally got it Jlo.

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