Get to know all the characteristics of Obaluaê’s children now!

Tradition and characteristics of Obaluaê

Obaluaê is the Orixá of healing in African-based religions practiced in Brazil. In both Candomblé and Umbanda, he can also be known as Omulu, the Lord of Spirits, who mediates between the material and the immaterial. Powerful and feared, he has the power to spread a pandemic or heal the sick.

According to the Yoruba narrative, Obaluaê is the son of Nanã and Oxalá, but he was born with his body deformed and covered with wounds. Desperate, the Lady of the Lama (given to Oxalá to model the human being), abandoned her son by the sea, as he would not survive. However, Yemanjá could not bear the baby’s suffering and took him in, healing his wounds and raising him as her son.

As a child, Omulu lived in hiding, ashamed of his scars. It was then that Ogun prepared a straw hood, which covered him completely, making him begin to approach the other Orixás. Oxalá and Yemanjá gave him the gift of healing and Iansã awakened his desire to see the world free from wounds.

Called Obaluaê when he was young, in charge of the evolution of human beings, sustaining and leading the world, he is Omulu when he is older, the one who heals and mediates the passage between life and death.

Your children tend to be more closed and serious, even as children, but they have many other characteristics. Find out what they are and find out if you are the son or daughter of this powerful Orixá!

Differences of Obaluaê’s children by gender

The daughters and sons of Obaluaê have their own characteristics, although they share many of them in general terms. However, both the more feminine and the more masculine energy can cause the personality to change in each case.

See what are the differences between those who recognize themselves as more masculine or feminine.

■ man

Normally, you won’t find an Obaluaê child with a bodybuilder’s bearing. In fact, they tend to be quite thin and fragile-looking, including their features. But make no mistake, as they are tireless workers and messing with what is theirs, they are very temperamental.

Closer, even a bit surly, they have an air of mystery and introspection, but they are extremely friendly and generous with the few people they trust. It can take hours on a project to get it as expected, and they have a tendency to procrastinate.

■ Woman

Obaluaê’s daughters also have the most fragile appearance, but they are very resistant. Both your body and your personality are resilient, able to carry the world on your back.

Discreet, they don’t like to be around too many people and tend to lose their temper very easily. More conservative, they are born caregivers and their analytical bent makes their decisions more guided by the mind than the heart.

Positive trends of Obaluaê’s children

Like all people, Obaluaê’s daughters and sons have their good and bad aspects. They can show up at specific times or be a well-marked constant in the personality. Find out what the top positive trends are for them and see how many you can relate to.

■ Perfectionists

Obaluaê’s children may take much longer to complete a task, but it will certainly come out perfect – or close to it. And it is exactly this quest for perfection that makes them so demanding, both with themselves and with others.

Naturally, this leads to other characteristics such as being curmudgeonly, after all, it is complicated for a perfectionist to deal with people with a normal organization or worse, disorganized. Furthermore, it can also result in procrastination in some cases, as they are afraid of not achieving the sweet spot or not being fully prepared for the task.

■ Fragile appearance

It may not be easy to be one of Obaluaê’s children, as they can perceive all the pains in the world like no one else. Extremely empathetic, they bring fatigue and sadness in their eyes, reflecting the wisdom that hides under the cloak of flesh. Usually thin and with delicate features, they tend to walk looking at the ground and lean forward slightly.

■ Friendly

Friendly, serene and polite, Obaluaê’s daughters and sons are extremely friendly. Furthermore, friendship plays a key role in their lives.

This is because, as they are very reserved and have difficulty in relating, their few good friends allow them to be more active, expressing their personality as a whole. When they trust someone and add them to their circle, they are faithful friends for life.

■ Introspective

Extremely rational, Omulu’s children tend to spend more time occupied with their thoughts than with those around them. In this way, they are considered introspective, enjoying their books and research more than the company.

Not that he wants to be alone all the time, but he does need a few moments of solitude throughout the day. Quiet and inquisitive, they can spend hours delving into a subject – in research or in their mind – without noticing the world around them.

■ Generous

Though rational, Omulu’s children can be quite spiritual and detached from material possessions. Furthermore, they cannot see someone in need that they even share what they don’t have, in order to ease the pain of the other.

And you don’t need to be a friend or acquaintance, just touch your heart and your need to heal the world awakens. Willing to any battle, don’t want to irritate a son of Obaluaê, as they can be even vindictive.

■ Dedicated

If you need someone who is dedicated body and soul to a project, this is the right person. When they start something, they commit like no one else. They are analytical and introspective and unite these two characteristics, transforming idea into focus and result. In relationships, when they really trust, they give and try to do the best for their family, friends or partner.

■ Workers

As much as they appear to have a fragile body, Obaluaê’s daughters and sons have a lot of determination and focus on their work, especially when committing themselves to a cause. It can be the expected result of it, a secondary consequence, such as avoiding having to fire other employees, or even a personal reason, such as proving a point.

Persistent and even somewhat stubborn, they don’t rest until they’ve finished what they started.

Negative trends of Obaluaê’s children

Just as Obaluaê’s daughters and sons have many positive aspects, they also have some negative tendencies characteristic of their personality. They can appear in greater or lesser intensity, depending on the experience of each one. See which ones you fit.

■ Pessimists

Oulu’s children not only know but feel the pains of the world on their skin. Extremely empathetic, they cannot remain unscathed when understanding what is happening in the world and end up being more pessimistic than most people. Your rationality can also be turned to more negative aspects of existence, making it difficult to appreciate Creation like others.

■ Difficulty in delivering

With great difficulty in trusting people, Omulu’s daughters and sons can hesitate quite a bit before opening up completely – if that ever happens. Despite being serene, affectionate and caring, they are unable to experience overwhelming passion.

Tranquility is the word of this relationship, often with a certain distrust or lack of surrender, as they fear being abandoned, betrayed or other types of disappointment.

■ Grumpy

Because they have a rational and pessimistic view of life and find it very difficult to open up, Obaluaê’s children can often be considered cranky. But of course this is just a trait, however striking. Most of the time they are calm and friendly.

The problem is when they start to lose patience or get angry, not knowing how to express what they feel, they keep regurgitating the situation in their introspection, becoming more irritable.

■ Shy

Their nature is more shy and withdrawn, feeling more comfortable in their own presence than in groups of people. Also among friends and loved ones, you can loosen up more, without losing the more reserved way, with the spontaneity possible for Obaluaê’s children.

As much as possible, avoid social events where you have to interact with many people and crowds, needing to spend a lot of time alone to recover from situations that require great interactions.

■ Temperamental

Calm, calm, introspective and rational, they turn out to be very calm people – and they are. However, if you harm the children of Obaluaê, or someone you love, they will know the completely opposite side of the coin. They can be extremely explosive and vindictive, using their powerful rationality to demand what they consider right.

Children of Obaluaê in different aspects of life

The characteristics of Obaluaê’s daughters and sons are manifested in different aspects of life. Each of its traits leads to different behaviors in relationships, in the work environment and also in health. Find out how this happens.

■ Children of Obaluaê in love

Children of Omulu are not fond of high passions or sweeping expressions of romanticism and can frustrate the expectations of people with other personalities. On the other hand, they are sensitive, affectionate in their own way and caring for their peers.

They are usually empathetic and hate fights, but can close themselves off if they happen, with great difficulty in trusting again. Jealous, they can explode when they feel threatened.

■ Children of Obaluaê at work

Assiduous workers who deliver results, daughters and sons of this Orixá are persistent and disciplined. They like to work alone and have the independence to create at their own pace, always focusing on perfectionism.

Very smart, they need to find meaning in their work, because money is not what motivates them. They fit perfectly into professions that focus on helping, such as medicine and other sciences, volunteering in general, or any other where you feel useful.

■ Children of Obaluaê in health

Despite appearing to be somewhat fragile, they are physically resistant. However, they may have a tendency to develop psychosomatic illnesses, due to their pessimism, difficulty in being open and isolated.

In this way, gastrointestinal, heart, skin, allergy, and other problems can develop. Mental health should also be noted, as they tend to experience anxiety, panic or even depression.

What to expect from life if you are Obaluaê’s son?

Did you identify with the traits of Obaluaê’s children? So, what to expect from life, being ruled by this Orixá? Each has the power to chart their own path, regardless of their basic personality traits. However, in general, they tend to have a more peaceful life, with a job that brings them satisfaction and comfort.

In love, they are looking for someone to share their life with and try to open their hearts, but without falling in love or giving themselves up hopelessly. If they prosper financially, they are not looking for luxury, only stability. However, they are frustrated if they do not have the expected comfort, and may become even more closed.

Generally speaking, the children of Omulu can count on a healthy life, in body and mind. But that will only happen if you learn to channel the pains of the world and open up more with other people. Of course, it’s not a simple process, done overnight, but with persistence – which every Obaluaê child has to spare – it’s possible.

There are some things, such as practicing meditation and mindful breathing, that can help with this process. In addition, it is important to seek to understand more the positive points in life and enjoy your moments of solitude to not only think about existential issues, but also have fun and enjoy the days.

Of course, it’s also important to be among those dear ones, even if they’re not perfect. Allow yourself the lightness of being next to someone who is different, it brings more colors to your life. And remember if you love yourself exactly as you are, introverted, dedicated, trustworthy and unique.

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