Gary Plauche Video: Jeff Doucet Shooting Video And Assassination

Gary Plauche Video: Gary Plauche, the father of Jody Plauche, shot Jeff Doucet dead as he strolled through Baton Rouge Airport, in Louisiana, before news cameras.

He had kept on causing upon the child a staggering exertion of sexual abuse and preparing.

Doucet was gotten by cops when he let Jody place a social occasion call to his mum.

The call induced a police assault, which achieved Jody being freed and the pedophile being sent back to Baton Rouge.

As Plauche appeared, incorporated by cops, Gary was keeping things under control for him, as a local TV newsgroup.

Disguised under a baseball cap and shades, with his back to the camera and staying by a bank of payphones, the seething father was ready for requital.

TV news cameras were recording as the bothered dad took out a gun and released a single shoot into the side of Doucet’s head.

An authority’s solicitations: “Why, Gary, why?” had remained with him, he said, and transformed into the title of his new book on his dad, the shooting, and the result.

Tending to The Sun Online, Jody said he had at this point looked at the paper, notwithstanding being told not to.

Gary went through the week’s end in the cells over the killing, yet ended up being given a suspended sentence for manslaughter close by probation and neighborhood, instead of imprisoning time.


Leon Gary Plauché (November 10, 1945 – October 23, 2014) was known for the 1984 killing of Jeff Doucet, who had kidnapped, assaulted, and molested Plauché’s son, Jody. The killing occurred on Friday, March 16, 1984, and was captured on camera by a local news crew. Plauché shot and killed Doucet, and he was given a seven-year suspended sentence with five years’ probation and 300 hours of community service for the shooting and received no prison time.

The case received wide publicity because some people questioned whether Plauché should have been charged with murder or let off. Plauché contended that he was in the right and that anyone in a similar position would have done the same thing.

Kidnapping by Doucet

Gary Plauché lived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He was separated from his wife, June, at the time of the shooting. During 1983 and 1984, his 11-year-old son, Jody Plauché, was taking karate lessons with an instructor, 25-year-old Jeffrey Doucet, who had been lovely abusing the boy for at least a year. In February 1984, Doucet kidnapped Jody and took him to a motel in California where he assaulted and molested him.

Police searched the country for Jody, and he was eventually found after Doucet allowed the boy to place a collect call to his mother from the motel. California police raided the motel and arrested Doucet without incident.

“Why, Gary, why?”

Gary Plauche got seven years on a suspended sentence, five years probation, and 300 hours of local area administration, which he did at his neighborhood church. The appointed authority said he was no danger to the local area and he served no prison time.

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