Dreams About Wigs | Meaning, Interpretation and Symbolism

What do dream about wig really mean? Blonde, Black, White and more types!

Dreaming about a wig can have a wide range of meanings. In general, this category of dreams is connected with the idea of ​​playing a certain role and, therefore, may indicate pretence and lies.

In addition, wigs have some historical meanings that also connect to their dream interpretation. In previous contexts, many people of the nobility only presented themselves to society wearing wigs.

This was because it was necessary to mark social status, and the long, curly wigs fulfilled that function. In a way, the use was linked to acting in the theatrical sense, something still associated with wigs today, as well as with the dreams that surround them. Next, more specific meanings of dreaming with a wig will be explored. Check out!

Dreaming of different coloured wigs

One of the factors that can influence the meaning of a dream with a wig is its colour. This is because each color has a specific symbology and, when associated with the wig, forms a new message transmitted by the subconscious.

So, if you want to have a really precise meaning, this detail becomes crucial for the interpretation. An interesting tip is that you write down everything you can remember about your dreams when you wake up so that the meaning can be researched later.

Below, check out some of the main interpretations for dreams with blonde, black, red or colored wigs.

■ Dreaming about blonde wig

Anyone who dreams of a blonde wig has real reasons to feel discouraged. The interpretation is that someone close to you is being false to you. However, it is not possible to determine exactly who this person is and if he is in your circle of friends, or even if he is part of your professional life.

Therefore, when dreaming of a blonde wig, you need to be alert to all behaviours, forming your suspicions about who does not treat you in a true way. However, avoid creating direct clashes, as these can be even worse for you.

■ Dreaming of a black wig

Be very careful when dreaming about a black wig. This kind of dream doesn’t announce good things for your life and, in fact, it’s trying to alert you to a disappointment along the way. Therefore, this moment will require you to be aware that being frustrated is part of life, and no one is free to go through it.

So, the advice is that you don’t give in to the temptation to be sad and look for ways to get back on your feet after the crash. A good tip in this regard is a direct dialogue with those who let you down.

■ Dreaming of a white wig

White hair is a symbol of maturation. Because of this, those who dream of a white wig are being warned that they will go through a phase that demands greater wisdom. In this way, it will be a period of evolution and learning, in which higher attitudes will be required.

Dreaming with a white wig also proposes a reflection on postures that may have been seen as childish in the past, as well as asking for them to be revised and abandoned. That way, you’ll be able to reach the maturity level you need.

■ Dreaming about a red wig

If you’ve dreamed of a red wig, chances are you’re missing something that used to be a part of your life. This longing, in turn, causes you a feeling of emptiness. So your subconscious is trying to warn you that it’s necessary to give more openness to people and experiences in general as a way to fill that gap.

However, remember that trying to solve the problem through material things is not an interesting path. They only work temporarily. So if you dream of a red wig, focus on finding permanent joy.

■ Dream about colored wig

While colorful wigs are fun, dreaming about them is an important warning. This is because, perhaps, you are not taking proper care of your appearance, much less the people who are close to you. Therefore, it is necessary to look at this with more affection and start to act in a more zealous way.

However, dreaming about a colored wig is not only linked to what is external and, therefore, this care should be extended to other areas of your life, such as mental health issues, which may be asking for your attention at the moment.

Dream that interacts with wig

In addition to coloring, other details that modify the interpretation of a dream with a wig are the actions linked to it. Therefore, how you interact with this object is important to understanding the communication your unconscious is trying to make.

This communication, in turn, can fluctuate a lot, denoting the need to pay attention to your surroundings, your interior, your friendships and even the possibility that new opportunities arise in your path.

So, as a way to go a little deeper into these meanings of dreaming with a wig, the section below will talk about the influence of interactions, such as dreaming of seeing, wearing, or losing a wig. Check out.

■ Dreaming of wearing a wig

If you showed up wearing a wig in a dream, be careful. This means that you are somehow lying to yourself. Generally speaking, dreaming of wearing a wig is a subconscious warning that you are going through a period of turmoil and therefore do not see reality with the necessary clarity.

Therefore, it is a phase in which you may end up presenting various wrong views, even lying to get what you want. Try to avoid acting that way and remember that you can be charged later.

■ Dreaming of seeing a wig

If you ever dreamed you were seeing a wig, you can be happy. This dream represents that new professional opportunities will arise in your future soon. In general, the use of wigs in dreams is linked to positions of power and is associated with the past, as judges, for example, wore white wigs in front of the courts.

Therefore, when dreaming of seeing a wig, regardless of your professional niche, try to earn it and be aware of possible job offers that may arise.

■ Dreaming of looking at yourself in the mirror with a wig

When dreaming that you are looking in the mirror with a wig, your unconscious mind is trying to warn you that there are some positive changes in your path, and all of them will bring you benefits.

So try to act confidently and try not to get anxious. Just keep doing your best in all areas of your life so that the good possibilities really materialize.

■ Dreaming of a wig falling off your head

A wig falling off your head can be seen as something embarrassing. In the case of dreaming of a wig falling off your head, it serves as a warning about people with whom your relationships are not good. So be aware that these individuals may try to do something against you soon.

So if you find yourself being provoked, for example, do everything you can to avoid a conflict and just walk away. Try to do what you can to keep your peace and don’t give in to attempts to destabilize you.

■ Dreaming of losing a wig

Without a doubt, dreaming of losing a wig demands double attention. This is a warning that your enemies will start to have even more contempt for you in the future. As a result, you may find yourself involved in a number of difficult situations.

Remember that there are two coping possibilities: in the first one, you ignore your enemies’ attitudes and go on with your life regardless of what they are doing. In the second, you choose the path of revolt and get deeper into confusion.

More ways to dream about a wig

There are several types of wig dreams that, although a little more unusual, have interesting meanings and are worth knowing. They bring very interesting alerts, ranging from your ability to perform tasks dynamically, to the good changes that may arise in your future.

Therefore, this section will be devoted to exploring these additional meanings. Read on to find out what your subconscious is trying to tell you.

■ Dreaming of another person wearing a wig

If someone else has appeared in your dream wearing a wig, you will soon undergo some change. If you were in some kind of situation that caused you fear and the feeling that you no longer wanted to be in the environment around you, this change will be linked to exactly that.

In that case, the environment in question can be an oppressive workspace. Dreaming of another person wearing a wig also indicates greater security for your future life and highlights that you will be able to get rid of fear, thus realizing the path you need to take.

■ Dreaming about a clown wig

Anyone who dreams of a clown wig is facing an extremely positive scenario for their life. This type of wig denotes success in several different areas: in love, in financial life and in the profession, among many other interesting possibilities for the dreamer.

So try to make the effort and do your best to ease the path of good things into your life. Make sure you work for what you want so that success is complete.

■ Dreaming of a wig being burned

If you had a dream in which a wig was burned, be aware of your ability to be dynamic in the activities you perform throughout your day to day. This characteristic may be absent from your routine and end up harming a number of aspects, such as your professional life.

Thus, dreaming of a wig being burned asks you to find ways to perform your tasks in a more agile way, always keep moving and, of course, try to ensure that the tasks set for the course of the day are fulfilled.

Does dreaming about a wig reveal a personality?

Dreaming about wigs can bring to light various aspects of your personality, which are connected both with the historical symbology of this accessory and with the details perceived in dreams. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the specifics to form a better overall picture of what your unconscious is trying to communicate to you.

Overall, wig dreams tend to be associated with traits such as lying and hypocrisy. This, however, is not always the case, and this type of dream can be indicative of the need for change or concern with one’s physical appearance.

Therefore, as in other types of dreams, details are crucial for you to discover what is being revealed about your personality, about your current moment and even about your possibilities for the future.

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