Dreams About Thunder | Meaning, Interpretation and Symbolism

Meaning of dreaming about thunder: strong, with lightning, lightning, rain, and more!

Dreaming of thunder has the meaning directly linked to your relationships. It is an alert for you to rethink your actions in the face of dilemmas you may soon face. Therefore, it is important to think carefully before acting.

If you make thoughtful decisions, your bonds will be strengthened and you will be swept away by satisfaction and happiness. If you take conflict resolution too much and too much, minor problems can turn a storm and these bonds can be weakened.

Did you dream of thunder last night? In this article, we’ll detail the different meanings this dream can have!

Dreaming about thunder with some characteristic

Thunder is the sound that results from an electrical discharge. This loud noise tends to frighten and lead the dreamer to regard this sign as a bad omen, but it all depends on what appears next to the thunder in his dream.

Let’s check out several types of thunder dreams with different characteristics below!

■ Dreaming of thunder and lightning

Dreaming of thunder and lightning is a sign that tough decisions will have to be made soon. Some situations in your life are changing, and these decisions will need to be made as soon as possible. These choices will change your life completely, especially in the family environment.

If you are single, you will soon form a family with someone unexpectedly. If you already have a formed family, there may be an increase in members or even a separation. Ongoing plans will be refocused so that they are completed at that time.

■ Dreaming of thunder and lightning

Most of the time, dreaming of thunder and lightning represents the arrival of good results at work. You can be happy, because your effort, dedication and your good relationship with your colleagues and superiors will soon be rewarded.

Remember that you are in the spotlight, so act wisely and continue the good work you always have. Do not let the good phase go to your head, otherwise, you will have a negative result, jeopardizing all the effort you have made so far.

■ Dreaming of thunder and rain

Dreaming of thunder and rain means that the tide for business is good. You and the person who is with you in this endeavor will reap the rewards of this partnership soon. The harmony between you becomes essential for everything to work out.

If your plan is to start a partnership with a trusted person, whether it’s making an investment or starting a small business, now is the time. Make the decisions together and put all your plans on paper, a great successful partnership can be born.

■ Dreaming of loud thunder

If you’ve been dreaming of loud thunder, it may be time for you to help someone. This person may be in one of your inner circles and will need your support to get through this time.

It is good for you to observe your relationships, this person may be afraid to ask for help and is waiting for someone to notice their fear. If she comes to you, be receptive and patient, as you will help her get through a very delicate time. By treating everything lightly, that person important to you will be fine soon.

■ Dreaming of thunderstorm

Dreaming of a thunderstorm is a sign that problems that will make you sad are close at hand. Faced with this warning, you must know how to distinguish who you can really trust, as you will need someone to get through this turmoil. Friends and partners are essential at this time.

One of these relationships will be the key for you to get through this moment of sadness. Know how to receive this help and mentalize good energies, for together you will find a way to go through all of this and will strengthen the existing bond even more. When everything passes, both will reap good things.

More interpretations of dreaming about thunder

Just as the way the thunder appears, and what accompanies it in the dream has its meanings, so do the distance and place where it presents itself. Where this thunder appears, and how far away it is, can determine which relationship will be affected.

Then see what each of these points represents!

■ Dream of faraway thunder

Dreaming of thunder far away symbolizes the unhappy memories that still haunt you. These memories can be from your youth or childhood, and that’s why the thunder appears far away in the dream. This unsurpassed subject still bothers you, causing your mind to recall it in your dreams.

If that resentment is about someone, and it is possible to resolve it, do so so that you can get over it and move on. If this bad feeling depends only on you to be resolved, look for ways to alleviate it as soon as possible.

■ Dreaming of thunder very close

If thunder is close to you during your dream, it is a sign that there will be a small fight that could become something much bigger. This fight can occur in your most intimate relationships or at work, and this exaggerated proportion of what happened can harm you.

For the next few days, try to avoid any kind of situation that results in intrigue, especially those that arise from insignificant details. Take a deep breath and think carefully before making a decision. By taking the situation calmly, you will prevent a small problem from turning into something much bigger than it should be.

■ Dreaming about thunder at sea

Dreaming of thunder at sea is a sign that family problems will soon arise, and you will have to make decisions to resolve this impasse. The problem may be within your own home, or even related to relatives who live far away.

To get through this moment, be wise to make your decisions calmly so that you don’t come into conflict with other family members. With your head on straight, you will make the right decision and this will make your family progress in a very positive way.

■ Dreaming that you are afraid of thunder

If during your dream there is a storm and thunder scares you, that is an indication that you are confused. This confusion can be about any area of ​​your life, be it financial, professional or love. The fact that you don’t know what to decide will get in your way soon, and you could find yourself in tricky situations.

It’s time to choose what to do, and your mind is signaling to you through your dream. Try to decide on things like your relationship, investments or career changes. Reflect on whether all these changes will be beneficial and need to be made.

■ Dreaming about thunder close to home

Dreaming of thunder close to home is a sign that problems are surrounding your relationships, whether family or a romantic relationship. It’s time to be cautious, as financial problems, material losses, and betrayals can occur.

Poorly thought-out decisions can lead to financial difficulties and cause concrete losses, so be careful with unnecessary and unsubstantiated expenses. A betrayal can come from your partner or even a very dear relative, so be prepared as hard times lie ahead.

Is dreaming about thunder good for relationships?

Dreaming of thunder can indeed be a sign that changes will occur in your relationships. These changes can be positive or negative and it all depends on how you handle these situations. If you act abruptly and without thinking, these relationships can become fragile.

If you think carefully about what to do, calmly deal with potential problems in your relationships, and make wise decisions, these bonds will strengthen and you will have positive results.

Understand the signs that your dream brought you and apply the meanings to your life according to what makes sense to you!

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