Dreams About Saint George’s sword | Meaning, Interpretation and Symbolism

Meaning of dreaming about St. George’s sword

Saint George is a holy warrior who wins demands and slays the dragon. Dreaming about St. George’s Sword reveals that you are looking for your inner strength to solve the problems that arise in your life. In addition, dreams of a Saint George sword also reveal a need for protection, or that you are being protected by someone special.

Check out the different meanings that dreaming about the sword of St. George can have, from good omens to signs that you should be alert to new missions and people around you.

Dreaming of the sword plant of São Jorge

The sword of São Jorge is a plant widely used to protect the home and the spirit, linked to the saint most related to victories and progress, São Jorge.

Check out the most diverse scenarios that involve dreaming about the sword of St. George, like a vase of it or your tea, and what are the different meanings that allow you to look deeper into your own life.

■ Dreaming of a vase of the sword plant of São Jorge

When dreaming of St. George’s sword in a vase, you demonstrate a need to be protected by someone you trust. There is probably something in your life that creates a lot of discomfort and drains a lot of energy, needing this protection so that you can focus on your tasks without feeling so overwhelmed.

Therefore, it is essential that you take time out of your day to be with the one you love, or to immerse yourself in some introspection. Try to relax with activities you enjoy doing.

■ Dreaming about the seed of the sword plant of São Jorge

Dreaming about the seed of the sword plant of São Jorge reveals the need to protect your home or work environment against bad intentions. You want these places to be more comfortable and safer so that your day isn’t too heavy.

In this scenario, there is always a person with bad intentions, it is important to shield yourself from negative energies. Avoid getting into gossip or acting in a way that hurts you. Always try to maintain a good behavior and stay away from people who could harm you.

■ Dreaming of tea from the sword plant of São Jorge

Dreams of St. George’s sword tea reveal an insatiable thirst for wisdom and self-knowledge. This saint, syncretized with the orixá Ogum, represents progress and victory in complicated situations. For this, it is necessary to have a lot of wisdom and persistence.

Dreaming of tea from the São Jorge plant represents this desire to get to know oneself better, before achieving the desired success in fulfilling a goal.

■ Dreaming that you cultivate the sword plant of São Jorge

To dream of cultivating the sword plant of São Jorge represents a desire to take care of others and protect them from any harm that might be around. Therefore, this dream is very common in protective parents or grandparents, but it can be applied to anyone.

Analyze which are the special people in your life who need help and try to do what is within your limits to support them.

■ Dreaming of watering the sword plant of São Jorge

When dreaming of watering the sword plant of São Jorge, you receive the signal that you must balance your emotions, so as not to consume too much with the problems of others or ignore them.

Do not do what is beyond your limits, because although empathy is a very beautiful virtue, too much can make you somatize the pain of the other, which can immobilize you in front of the missions you must fulfill.

■ Dreaming of Saint George’s sword plant in a ritual

Dreaming of the Espada de São Jorge plant in a ritual is a sign that a loved one is going through a transitional phase. This phase could be a child entering high school, a loved one in college, or a family member taking a new job.

These changes are also remembered on milestone anniversaries such as 40s and 60s. Related to this process, there is also the fear that the other person will suffer from many difficulties, demonstrating a willingness to help them. It is important to remember that it is not always possible to help someone and that it is natural that there are limits to how you can collaborate with someone.

■ Dreaming of the dried and aged sword plant of São Jorge

Dreams of the dried and aged Espada de São Jorge plant are a warning sign so that you are not harmed by the evil of other people. Be careful not to reveal your plans before you can carry them out, as other people can steal your ideas and drive you away from new opportunities.

So, dreaming of the dry and aged Espada de São Jorge plant demonstrates that it is important to avoid alienating the people who protect you and take care of you. So, take the time to cultivate relationships in which you have complete trust, as these are people who are worth having on your side and who will support your projects, while also offering constructive criticism.

■ Dreaming of planting a sword in São Jorge

When you dream of planting Espada de São Jorge, you are having a great omen, as it indicates that there are several people by your side to support you in difficult times.

Quests seem less painful and you feel more confident to face life’s challenges, with the support of your faithful legion, who will give you a hand when life temporarily brings you to your knees.

■ Dreaming of seedling of the sword plant of São Jorge

Dreams with a seedling of Sword of São Jorge indicate that good relationships are being cultivated by you, and that the people involved will help you fulfill future demands. You are guarded and protected by others, and you will also help them when they need you.

Dreaming of seedlings from the Espada de São Jorge plant indicates reciprocity and care in the relationship, being a great sign that good people are surrounding you.

Dreaming of Saint George’s Sword

In addition to the scenarios already seen, there are other possible symbolisms in dreaming about the sword of Saint George. See the meanings below and try to understand how the symbols behind these dreams indicate certain aspects of life. Understand which ones represent future transition phases or even a big win.

■ Dreaming of Saint George’s sword crossed with another

Dreaming of a Sword of Saint George crossed with another is a scenario full of symbolism, because as can be seen in the Orixá syncretized with this saint, Ogum, his swords are crossed and represented by this plant. Therefore, the meaning of this dream is that you will be prepared to face a battle that is very close to happening.

This demand has a figurative meaning for missions that are part of life, such as job interviews, dating proposals and other attitudes crucial to your life. You feel ready to act and must cultivate this willingness to get better results in your battles, not letting yourself be shaken by negative points that interfere in your life.

■ Dreaming of Saint George’s sword on fire

The representation brought about by dreaming of the Espada de São Jorge on fire is that difficult times are about to arrive and that you should be prepared for them. Take care with your financial life and try to save, as it is possible that new expenses will arrive soon. Do not view this situation with fear, but rather as an opportunity to progress into new cycles.

Furthermore, this dream also means that a new stage is coming, and that you are carrying out an internal renewal. It is not necessarily a negative meaning, as it is linked to self-knowledge and the relentless pursuit of progress in everyday life.

Analyze your thoughts and emotions, renewing yourself from the strains of the past and facing them head-on, but being careful not to hurt yourself.

■ Dreaming of Saint George’s sword slaying a dragon

Some people let huge problems in their life build up so that they are overwhelmed by them. Dreaming about Saint George’s sword killing a dragon shows that you have overcome a big problem and that you are ready to move towards new challenges, without getting stuck in what has already been overcome.

Do not get stuck on this victory, as it is normal to celebrate the overcoming of a great challenge, but looking at it all the time and for a long time will only fuel your vanity. So, use this feat as a motivation for you to continue killing more dragons. After all, it’s only natural that new problems, as well as blessings, come into your life and that you have to experience them over and over again.

Does dreaming of Saint George’s sword mean protection?

Yes, dreaming of Espada de São Jorge also means protection, whether from the family or from oneself. Dreams of this plant also signal potential problems and people who want you harm, in a message so that you don’t reveal your plans recklessly. However, it is also an indicator that there are good people who will help you when needed, as in the dreams of plantations at Espada de São Jorge.

Furthermore, dreaming of Espada de São Jorge indicates other meanings, mainly associated with the cultivation of good relationships and the search for progress. Therefore, the ideal is to try to identify the context of the dream with this symbol, then analyze how your life is going and what needs to be fixed or cultivated.

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