Dreams About Robbery | Meaning, Interpretation and Symbolism

Meaning of dreaming about robbery: being robbed, seeing a robbery, at home and more!

The robbery is an experience that no one wants to go through. Traumatic for those who have already experienced it, it is part of the greatest fears of those who live in cities. Sometimes this fear reaches the subconscious and surprises you in dreams. But urban violence is not always to blame. In some cases he wants to talk about deeper things.

Dreaming about the risk that a robbery represents leads you to question what is valuable to you. It draws attention to the threats that are haunting individual, professional and emotional life. It also makes people reflect on injustice, disharmony and insecurity, in the emotional and material sectors.

However, there are a variety of situations that a robbery can happen in a dream as well as in waking life. In this article, we will point out the meaning of dreaming about robbery in different places, situations and other possibilities.

Dreaming of robbery in different places

The belief that no place is safe is used by the subconscious when it comes to projecting some fears that inhabit the depths of the human mind. However, every time the robbery dream happens in a different place, he wants to communicate something. Follow here what each place says.

■ Dreaming of street robbery

Dreaming about robbery on the street tells you that you are avoiding exposure for fear of losing something of value. A feeling, a material possession, or anything else you hold onto. The situation of damage on public roads justifies this sense of self-protection.

However, something wants to convince you that you will only have what you want once you get out of your protective bubble. What tries to persuade you doesn’t have to be someone, it could be a personal will that gained voice in your thoughts.

The wise thing, in this case, is to focus on your current priorities and analyze what makes the most sense to you right now. Perhaps the feeling of loss you are afraid of will bring more satisfying gains. Consider risking stepping out of your comfort zone to experience other flavors of life.

■ Dreaming of robbery at home

If you dream of burglary at home, beware, your intimacy is being violated. It is not necessarily your physical home, it may be that someone has been able to access your emotions, ideas, opinions, and feels they are taking your privacy away from you. It is even possible for you to consent verbally, but deep inside you feel the discomfort of a loss.

Sometimes, people are driven to give something of personal value in order not to lose a friendship, a romance, or simply not to fight. However, not everything is available to everyone, and the unconscious will manifest through the dream to regain what is its own.

Everyone is entitled to private secrets and treasures. As much as revealing some can be healing, exposing others can hurt.

■ Dreaming of robbery at work

When someone dreams of a robbery at work, they are being impacted by a loss of opportunity, or even a job.

If you dream of a robbery at work, it remains to investigate, in you or in your context, whether what caused this loss came from you or from forces over which you have no control.

If you find that it was the result of an act of yours, cheer up. It is a sign that has a chance to prevent this from happening again.

■ Dreaming of car robbery

Dreaming about a car robbery indicates that you are not feeling in control of your life. You feel that your freedom of choice has been limited, and that you are at the mercy of someone other than you.

What you need to know is that you were never in full control of your life. Obviously, at some point, he felt free to take certain directions. But life is so much bigger than you are, and you only got where you are because she allowed it.

It is naive to aim for a destination without counting the unpredictable face of life and the endless twists and turns the world takes.

Dreaming of robbery in different situations

The subconscious is a fertile land for the imagination, in addition, everyday life offers rich material for him to exercise his creativity. Scenes from the day, from movies, from the internet, from television and stories that others tell are used as raw material in the dream when the inner world wants to reveal something.

Notice what each of these different situations symbolizes when you dream of robbery.

■ Dreaming of seeing a robbery

When you dream that you are seeing a robbery, you will realize that you are missing something. However, he has no notion of gravity, so he sees distance in this damage.

This dream mainly speaks of the imbalance between their priorities. Sometimes, one sector has too much attention, and other sectors are left unprotected. For example, there are people who take care of work too much and do not take care of their health, there are people who date a lot and forget about their friends.

Work, health, affections, material goods, hobbies and passions are all great in a person’s life. However, dividing attention between these areas is essential for achieving a more balanced life.

■ Dreaming of being mugged

If you dream of being mugged, it is because you are swallowing a feeling of frustration that you are being harmed in some way. A relationship, whether professional, personal or social, is taking your energy, and even your ability to reason and feel more fully.

Listen to your inner self. Keep an eye on the scale of your relationships. See if what you’re getting matches what you’re delivering.

■ Dreaming of being mugged with a knife

If you dream that you are being robbed with a knife, it is because you are aware that you are the victim of violence. It is likely that in a relationship, you are noticing the lack of harmony, and that you are the one giving everything to make it work.

The only thing missing is your attitude to stop this uneven flow. Maybe the other person doesn’t even know he’s your wrongdoer, and that attitude is just good, honest adult conversation.

■ Dreaming that an acquaintance is being robbed

Dreaming that an acquaintance is being robbed indicates concern for that person. You are seeing her being harmed in some way. Perhaps for another, for a situation, or even for herself. However, he finds himself unable to do anything to stop the damage.

In fact, if it’s someone you’ve tried to help but couldn’t because the person doesn’t cooperate, then there’s nothing you can do. It’s up to you to respect her decision and understand that everyone has their journey.

■ Dreaming that you are assaulting someone

If you dream that you are assaulting someone, it is time to start rethinking your attitudes and what is your idea of ​​a relationship. This dream means that you are pushing the limits with someone and leaving the relationship unequal and disharmonious.

Far beyond receiving more than what you are giving away, you have taken “by force” what you are not entitled to on the other person. Do you think no one is watching? Your intimate is.

Plus, he’s giving you away to yourself, who is the only person able to stop you from manipulating conversations and situations to your advantage. Start seeing the other, after all, a healthy relationship is made up of two people.

■ Dreaming that you are robbing a bank

Dreaming that you are robbing a bank symbolizes your insecurity about your professional life. If your job is your main source of income, you believe you won’t be able to rely on it for long.

Instability in the company, financial crisis, high competition and the distrust of those who work with you are things that accentuate your insecurity. Only a plan as big as a bank robbery could save you.

If what you’re doing now raises your fear to this level, it’s time to rethink your possibilities. Here’s your chance to consider what other means could make you more secure and satisfied with your career.

Other interpretations of dreaming about robbery

There are still other interpretations of dreaming about robbery, which allow us to believe in positive change. Some indicate your personal structure for dealing with internal and external conflicts. See below for what they are.

■ Dreaming that the assailant is being arrested

Your self-assurance to deal with difficulties is showing when you dream that the burglar is being arrested. This dream indicates that, no matter what happens, you are prepared to make the best of this situation.

This dream is a good omen, because it puts you in a situation of dominance in the face of adversity. In fact, it’s hard to have faith when trouble comes. That’s why your inner world comes to say in a dream that everything will be fine.

■ Dreaming that someone dies in a robbery

Dreaming that someone dies in a robbery indicates that a painful loss will be overcome. An old “me” that has been badly hurt, financially or emotionally, is being left behind. In other words, there is nothing to fear.

Feeling the pain of breaking even with that part of your personality that has been sacrificed makes you a human being. Respect your processes, but be hopeful that better things are to come.

■ Dreaming that you didn’t see the robbery happen

When you dream that you didn’t see the robbery happen, it’s because you have no idea what’s holding you back. You realize that your goals aren’t being achieved, and you can’t see why. It even distrusts people and situations, but nothing is confirmed.

It is interesting to look at your attitudes and thoughts, and try to understand what your posture is when chasing what you think is best. Some things are difficult in this inner search. One of them is to understand that whoever could be hurting you is yourself.

■ Dreaming of armed robbery

If you dream of armed robbery, there is something inside you asking for attention to your feelings. They are being the target of some violence and you believe that reacting will be worse.

If you don’t really have a gun pointed at your head in everyday life, if there isn’t a real risk to you and people, you have what to do. And sometimes it doesn’t require external effort, just looking at yourself. Don’t forget to try to understand if you are creating this threat.

■ Dreaming of robbery and police

When dreaming of robbery and police, you should consider two possibilities. In the first, if the police prevail, it indicates that they trust their structure to overcome problems. In the second, if the thief prevails, then you even believe you know what to do, you just don’t have enough self-confidence to do so.

So, if the thief is the “victorious” in the dream, you can look for ways to “arm” yourself to feel more secure. Asking for help is definitely worth it, or just believe in life and what it has for you, even in adversity. The achievement of your self-confidence may be in overcoming what you fear most.

■ Dreaming of attempted robbery

Dreaming of attempted robbery points to the risks that are surrounding you. However, fear not. The fact that this attempt does not result in effective damage means protection.

Your attitude now should be one of gratitude to life, your guardian angel, and your spirit guides. As much as there are forces trying to harm you, take what is yours, you are under the protection of the good.

Can dreaming of robbery signal difficulties in life?

Somehow, dreaming of robbery can signal difficulties. Whether these difficulties will be financial depends on what you value most in life. Where is your treasure? Is it inside or outside of you? By answering these questions, you will find what you are risking to lose.

This will also help you to know who the assailant is. Just don’t be scared when you find out who this villain is, this “scare” can prevent you from taking the right attitude. Get ready, because the thief that haunts your dreams could be you.

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