Dreams About Pomegranate | Meaning, Interpretation and Symbolism

What do dream about pomegranate really mean? Eating, seeds, foot, tree, and more!

Pomegranate is a fruit associated with wealth and prosperity. In the dream world the meaning also applies depending on how your dream happens. Whether the interpretation is positive or negative depends on the way the pomegranate appears during the dream and how you will interact with it, whether eating, planting or harvesting.

Dreaming about pomegranates, most of the time, represents a future of riches and prosperity in your destiny. Your actions, after receiving this message, will determine whether you will be able to achieve everything that the dream symbolizes. Curious about what the pomegranate in your dream means? In this article you can discover the different meanings!

Dreaming that interacts with a pomegranate

The type of interaction you have with the pomegranate during your dream will be the starting point for you to start unraveling what it means. Were you eating this pomegranate? Selling? Below we will list the different possibilities of interaction with this fruit. Check out!

■ Dreaming that you are eating a pomegranate

Dreaming that you are eating a pomegranate is a sign of healing. If you are sick and dreamed of eating this fruit it means you will feel better soon. If someone special has eaten the pomegranate, or someone you know, that person will be blessed with the improvement of an illness.

Another meaning of this dream is the message of good omen for your life. If you are going through some troubled time, rest assured that soon a period of peace and tranquility will come to your life. This moment will be full of achievements and joys, leaving you and the people around you enveloped in good vibes.

■ Dreaming that you are selling a pomegranate

If during the dream you are selling a pomegranate, the meaning is entirely linked to family ties. One of the interpretations is that you’ll meet a family member you haven’t seen for a long time and that meeting will bring fond memories that you’ll carry for the rest of your life. Another possibility is that that long-awaited family trip will take place soon.

Finally, another meaning of dreaming that you are selling a pomegranate is the union of your family. This bond will be stronger than ever and this approach will benefit everyone involved. This union will help you to go through difficult times, with lots of support and love, not to mention the good times, which will bring memories for a lifetime.

■ Dreaming of planting a pomegranate tree

Dreaming of planting a pomegranate tree is a sign that you will soon prosper. The pomegranate has a symbology of wealth and prosperity. If you have made an investment, you can celebrate, as it will give you profits. This good vibe will also extend to your work and you could be promoted or even get a job with a higher salary.

If you don’t have any investment, this is an ideal time to get started. Study the available possibilities, seek help from trusted people and take advantage. This investment will contribute to your future success. The fact that you plant the pomegranate tree during your dream means that everything you invest now will bring positive results.

■ Dreaming that you are picking a pomegranate

Safety is the main message of dreaming that you are picking a pomegranate. This security is present in many areas of your life. In the family environment, you are surrounded by people who want you well and who keep you safe. At work, your team works together with you, thus managing to execute any project confidently.

The reception of all these people makes you face any situation with confidence and with the certainty that everything will end well. Take good care of your relationship with the people who make you feel that way, because then you will strengthen this bond between you and will be together not only in bad times, but also in times of celebration.

■ Dreaming of stepping on a pomegranate

If you dreamed of stepping on a pomegranate, it’s a sign that you don’t take things for granted. Everything you’ve accomplished so far is not to be scorned, let alone belittled. You’ve achieved everything with a lot of effort, so you should value even your small victories. Reflect on how you are treating your achievements.

Your friendship, family and love relationships also need attention. Maybe you’re not valuing these people the way they deserve. It’s great to feel welcomed and loved, but you also have to be that way with the people you’re in a relationship with. Pay attention to them and everything will be fine soon.

Dreaming about pomegranate in different ways

Remembering if the pomegranate was on the tree, mature, if it was big, among other details, is essential to discover the true meaning of your dream. Follow the different ways to dream about pomegranate below.

■ Dreaming of a pomegranate tree

Dreaming of the pomegranate tree is a sign of bad omen if it is full of thorns. If she looks like this in your dream, it means that you will have to face problems soon. These obstacles can be in your work, in your family and even in your love relationship. Be prepared to handle the situation.

A positive meaning of this dream is that you will have a positive financial return. These gains come from some very well-made investment that has generated profits or even a positive turnaround in your business. It’s a great time to plan new applications, as everything started now will bear positive fruit.

■ Dreaming of pomegranate seeds

Pomegranate seeds in a dream are a sign that your financial life will take a turn, be it for the good or the bad. This will depend on the color of the seed. If it appears white, it is a sign that financial problems are on the way. If it appears in red color, it means that you will make a considerable profit.

If you eat the seed while dreaming, it is a sign that you will earn an amount of money in an easy way. This money can be derived from an inheritance from a distant relative, a bonus on your job or even an amount won in a lottery. Avoid spending everything just because it came easy and try to save that money.

■ Dreaming of spoiled pomegranate

Dreaming of a spoiled pomegranate is a warning sign for you. Be aware that a long period of problems will soon arrive and you must be ready to deal with them. You need to stay alert and calm to get through this difficult time, making decisions wisely, so you can get through this turmoil.

This spoiled pomegranate can also symbolize that you are not satisfied with the life you are leading. You are unable to put your plans into practice, resulting in your goals not being achieved. This frustration is not good for you, so try to get out of it by prioritizing your goals and putting them into practice.

■ Dreaming of ripe pomegranate

The ripe pomegranate in the dream is a sign that you will have a lot of security soon. Security in your relationships, with trusted people surrounding you and supporting you in all decisions. In the financial realm, you are safe to make investments yourself and even start a new business. Enjoy that security and prosper.

Another interpretation for dreaming about ripe pomegranates is that you are at the height of your well-being. All the activities you are doing for your health are paying off and you are feeling great. Continue with these activities that make you so good and don’t forget to thank you for this good time. You will definitely be rewarded.

■ Dreaming of big pomegranate

The meaning of dreaming of a big pomegranate is that your finances are doing better than expected. Everything you’re doing to make more profit is working, so don’t stop now. These efforts are having positive results, and if you continue, they will be even better in the future.

Beware of your ambition. It, in an exacerbated way, can harm not only your financial life, but also your family relationship. Don’t alienate your loved ones because of ambition, because you don’t live on money alone. Relationships are also extremely important for you to be a happy person.

■ Dreaming of pomegranate tea

Dreaming of pomegranate tea is an omen that you will soon be rewarded for your work. In your company, you will finally stand out, making your superiors look favorably on your results. Get ready because, soon, you may be invited to participate in a selection process for a better position.

If you have your own business or work autonomously, there will soon be improvements in work demands. More and more people will be interested in your services, thus resulting in a great profit in the near future. Be careful not to accept more work than you can deliver, as this can have a negative result.

Does dreaming about pomegranate really represent wealth and power?

The pomegranate carries a symbology of wealth, power, beauty and fertility. Depending on how she presents herself in her dream, it is a sign that riches are, indeed, in her destiny. But for this to happen, everything will depend on how you will use the meaning of your dream in your daily practice.

Pay attention to the details that the dream shows you. The more details, the closer you will come to its meaning. By understanding all the information, you will be able to fit the past lesson into your dream in your life.

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